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Amke wins the first FIFA 22 qualifier over almost 100 players

Despite a lot of players signing up for the first FIFA 22 qualifier for the tenth season of the A1 Adria League,  Tarik “Amke” Novo managed to secure the win.

Amke continues his domination

It’s always a pleasure to see a lot of new players joining the A1 Adria League community. Last Friday we had the opportunity to witness a lot of new faces competing for the points in the first FIFA 22 qualifier. In the end, most of the favorites did their job and claimed some points. It’s just the first qualifier, which means we still have three qualifiers left to determine who will be advancing to the group stage.

Standings ended up looking like this. Amke won over Harun “Hara” Parla and secured 100 points. That left Hara with 70 points after the first qualifier. Gruby won third place and 50 points by beating last Mrky2402 in the Croatian derby. You can check all the results on the qualifier page.

A1AL FIFA 22 Qualifier 1

The second qualifier will take place on Friday the 9th of September; you can already sign up for it!


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