The Macedonian teams begin the season with a win!

PORTUGAL and BLUEJAYS have outplayed Marten Gaming and JESTE, respectively, in our second Round 1 playday.

Our first match was a real spectacle. Rescheduled to 13:00 as Marten Gaming had the finals of the CS:GO BIH League later today, PORTUGAL vs. Marten Gaming started off the day with a blast. Anel “NENO” Ceković and his team dominated Marten in the first half of Mirage, Marten’s map pick, having a nine-round streak before their opponents could win one round. The half ended 11-4 in favor of PORTUGAL, but what happened next was miraculous. An absolutely perfect T side from  Petar “HOLMES” Dimitrijević’s new team secured them every single round of the second half, along with the entire map (16-11).

On Vertigo, PORTUGAL was the team that managed to do a comeback, although this one was of smaller proportions. After losing the first stages of the game 5-1, the Macedonian team won the half 9-6. Marten took the lead on the T side again, but PORTUGAL weren’t ready to lose yet another lead. They gave it their best and closed off Vertigo 16-14. Just like their T side on Mirage, PORTUGAL’s Nuke T side was brilliant. Dejan “Katalic” Koprivica & co. won only four rounds on their CT side. Marten had a good run in the second half, but Alexander “br0” Bro successfully lead his team to victory in the final map.

Our second duel of the day wasn’t short of surprises either. We watched Vertigo once again, but the course of this match was vastly different than the previous one. Where both teams dominated halves in our first match, this time, both JESTE and BLUEJAYS kept winning rounds and kept the game tied the entire time. In the end, we went to overtime and Jane “aidKiT” Apostoloski and BLUEJAYS won Vertigo. Inferno was no different. BLUEJAYS reached 15 first but were unable to finish the game in regulation. We watched overtime again, and this time, the winning team was JESTE.

The final map of the day was Mirage. Even though both teams were exhausted from the previous two maps, we still watched a great game. We watched overtime for the third time, with BLUEJAYS taking the final map in their favor. You can watch today’s playday below:


brstimir unable to end amke2001’s winning streak in the fourth qualifier!

As today’s qualifier was the second-to-last one of this FIFA season, we already know some of the players that will participate and compete in the upcoming SWISS stage.

Last week’s runner-up, Esad “esad1memic” Memić faced tough players such as mrky2402 and Leon “Sardinho213” Šardi in his first two rounds. He managed to beat mrky, but couldn’t squeeze past Sardinho. Tarik “amke2001” Novo, one of our finalists, was a part of this half of the bracket as well. One of the players he faced on his road to the quarterfinals was Robert Peršaj, a player that hasn’t been active recently but played in previous seasons of the League. Amke managed to overcome Robert, breeze past Sardinho, and finally, defeat Harun “Hara” Parla in the semifinals of this cup.

Simultaneously as amke2001, Miloš “brstimir” Majdevac was fighting for his spot in the finals as well. Ranked fourth before the beginning of this qualifier, brstimir advanced to the later stages of the tournament over Petar_Puljic and Jelusic90. He met Hrvoje “HRVoje-1995” Čleković in the quarters before challenging Emir “Sulja” Suljović a round later. The Bosnian player gave it his best, but brstimir came out as the winner of this match.

FIFA Q4 Semifinals

The third-place decider ended earlier today and Hara managed to achieve a 2-0 victory over Sulja. The main prize of this qualifier went to amke2001, while brstimir earned 70 points, summing it up to a total of 180. Next week, the final qualifier will be played out and we will know who the eight qualified players are. It is your last chance to secure a spot among the very best FIFA players in the region.

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iNation and 4glory triumph in the first CS:GO playday!

In the SWISS stage debut for this season, iNation outplayed SKUAK, while 4glory defeated the second squad of their organization, Young Glorians.

Seeing as CS:GO ended its qualifying phase first, it was only natural for Valve’s FPS to enter the SWISS stage before our other titles. A long season is ahead of us. Every match in the SWISS stage will be played as a BO3 and only the very best will advance to the playoffs. Today, two of the four Round 1 matches were played out. iNation made their debut in the League in the first match of the eighth season. Their opponents were SKUAK, the only Albanian squad currently competing in the A1 Adria League. We watched two close maps and in the end, the Serbian powerhouse came out as the winners of this duel. Both Ancient and Dust2 ended after more than 25 rounds, and iNation deservedly earned their first point of the season.

4glory and Young Glorians started off on Nuke. While everyone expected 4glory to have an easy time against their juniors, Young Glorians had an amazing showing on the map. The match went to overtime, but in the end, 4glory’s experience reigned supreme and Miloš “dEE” Marčeta and his team closed off the first map with a victory. Inferno’s first half, however, was a whole other story. 4glory absolutely dominated their opponents in the first round, but later on, Young Glorians took the lead. Once again, the entire map was a nail-biter, once again, we reached overtime, and once again, 4glory defeated Young Glorians.



amke2001 outplays his Bosnian rival esad1memic in the finals!

With this third FIFA qualifier coming to an end, only two more separate us from the beginning of this season’s SWISS stage.

Esad “esad1memic” Memić began the long road towards the grand finals in the Round of 16 where he bested freezing gambler. His next opponent, Leon “Sardinho213” Šardi was in great shape after defeating Aleksandar “Zli Duh” Blaževski, but esad1memic had no trouble in defeating the Slovenian player. Next up, Esad faced a new name with the nickname lala13_13. lala13_13 won matches versus Stefan “StojanovFIFA” Stojanov and Luka Bukal before the semifinals and he had good chances against the Bosnian veteran. However, Esad didn’t let his opponent upset him and easily secured his spot in the finals.

Tarik “amke2001” Novo, our back-to-back FIFA champion, was the most successful player in the upper half of today’s bracket. His FIFA squad defeated various opponents throughout the bracket, including Hrvoje “HRVoje-1995” Čleković and Emir “Sulja” Suljović. His semifinal opponent was Harun “Hara” Parla, who had the same amount of points as amke2001 before the conclusion of this qualifier. Aydin_kmetas, Vukovarac999 and TopBoyFifa were eliminated by Hara today, but his streak came to an end after suffering a 0-2 defeat to amke.

Despite being one of the best players in the region, amke2001 and esad1memic didn’t manage to earn the main prize in our previous two qualifiers. This time, one of them finally had the chance to finish on top, and amke2001 made sure to do everything in his power to become that player. The third place this week went to lala13_13, while Hara finished in fourth.

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FIFA Rankings

Salada de Frutas take the lead after two wins in a row!

For the second time in as many playdays, Salada de Frutas destroyed everyone and claimed first place in our Brawl Stars qualifier of the week.

Half of our qualifiers are now finished. Today, the Brawl Stars players that have been eagerly awaiting the beginning of our new qualifiers jumped into the arenas to earn more points. We are slowly forming our leaderboard, with teams such as Salada de Frutas, Mayoi, and Winx Club slowly confirming their spot in the league. Lightning Strike also had a good day in this qualifier, but their victory celebrations after the match against Immortal Balkans were quickly shut down by Salada de Frutas. Last qualifier’s winners paved their way to yet another grand final appearance after winning their matches versus Night Alpha, Twisted Mind, the aforementioned Lightning Strike squad, and finally Mayoi.

On the other side of the bracket, QuickMind did even better than in the first qualifier. They went all the way to the semifinals, but Winx Club were there to stop them in their tracks. The two semifinal matches ended in favor of Salada de Frutas and Winx Club. The former defeated Mayoi with a dominant 3-0 final scoreline, and the same thing happened in the second semifinal match of the day. Finally, the grand final was played out. Salada de Frutas faced Winx Club, and they managed to hold their ground once again. One more 3-0 win put another 100 points in the bag for the squad, and they are now leading the Brawl Stars battle.

  Check out the current Brawl Stars rankings below and make sure to SIGN UP for our upcoming Brawl Stars qualifiers:

SKUAK, AIRLYA, and Young Glorians finalize CS:GO’s teams list!

With our second pair of qualifiers behind us, we have completed the CS:GO teams list for the eighth A1 Adria League season!

18 teams tried to secure the eight closed-qualifier spots yesterday. The second round was the deciding one this time around. Filip “MUFFY” Cvetić and endusty convincingly beat Defektasi 2-0 to join the qualified teams. Right next to them in the bracket, the second 4glory squad, Young Glorians, were better than Adonis “adon1s” Gashi and ELITE. SKUAK Gaming had no problems in their BO3 versus DONDA, and nije dolazio defeated Mario “Mariuchii” Grdović and KolindaVratiSe after a tough 2-1 marathon.

The best Macedonian team, AIRLYA, faced NoWin in their decider match. Daniel “dan1” Gligorov & co. didn’t let the opposing team upset them and closed out the game after only two maps. Sinking Ship did the same against 4glory Youngest, the second squad that the Serbian organization featured in this qualifier. The last two teams to qualify were SENKE and CKUKO, who did so over Team From Hell and Beograd Gaming, respectively.

CS:GO Teams Q2

After an intense open qualifier, the aforementioned eight teams joined the single-elimination BO3 bracket to fight for the last three spots in the league. Kujtim “gulito-“ Durmishi and SKUAK Gaming achieved the first victory in this phase of the qualifiers. Their opponents were Luka “brky” Brkanac’s CKUKO who suffered a 2-0 loss in this match. Next up, AIRLYA advanced to the semifinals after being the better team in their match versus nije dolazio. SKUAK and AIRLYA were joined by Young Glorians and SENKE, respectively.

Young Glorians proved to be tough opponents for the Albanian team SKUAK. Even though they gave it their best, this deciding BO3 match ended in favor of SKUAK Gaming. The second semifinal ended after two maps, with AIRLYA coming out as the winners. With these two matches completed, we got two of the three qualified teams. What remained was the third-place decider between SENKE and Young Glorians. This final match of this season’s CS:GO qualifiers ended up in a victory for Young Glorians – our last team to join the league.


Teams Q2

We present to you the two invited CS:GO teams!

Before the start of the second qualifier, it is time to reveal the two invited sides for the eighth A1 Adria League season – 4glory and PORTUGAL.

Last weekend, three teams secured their spots in the upcoming SWISS phase of this season. The former Anlaki players, which have now taken on the legendary name iNation by signing contracts with the organization, managed to be the first team to qualify for the league. Marten Gaming and JESTE followed, and along with the invited teams, we already have five squads in the A1 Adria League.


4glory finished the seventh season in fourth place, behind Good Game, PORTUGAL, and ONYX. Since then, they have continuously improved and achieved good results, including a first-place finish in the Esport Adria Championship Season 5. Now, Miloš “dEE” Marčeta and his team will try to improve their result from the previous season and take the title in the A1 Adria League. As ONYX now have their focus on the international scene, we decided that 4glory would be the ideal candidates for one of our invites. 4glory will feature the following lineup in the A1 Adria League:

Rs Luka “c0llins” Živanović
Rs Vladan “Kind0” Mandić
Rs Miloš “dEE” Marčeta
 Nemanja “sarenii” Šarenac
Rs Filip “aVN” Belojica


The Macedonian-majority mix team that seemingly appeared out of nowhere during the last season managed to reach the grand finals of the League. Andrej “Necrogenes1s” Mancheski and the rest of the team won the Macedonian derby against their rivals, Good Game (now AIRLYA), and advanced to the finals where they met ONYX. While ONYX dominated their opponents on Dust2 with a 16-2 win, PORTUGAL took Train to overtime but that simply wasn’t enough. PORTUGAL will field the following team last season:

Blaže “HEv1X” Hristov
Andrej “Necrogenes1s” Mancheski
Zoran “xicoz” Markovski
Anel “NENO” Ceković
Alexander “br0” Bro

The last CS:GO qualifier will be played out this weekend. SIGN UP and join 4glory, PORTUGAL and the remaining teams in the eighth season of A1 Adria League.

Salada de Frudas destroy the competition in the second Brawl Stars qualifier!

Salada de Frudas showed everyone that they are back and won the second Brawl Stars qualifier of this A1 Adria League season!

The teams that won the first points showed that their great performances weren’t a one-time thing. Omert4 outplayed and eliminated Winx Club, their opponents in the previous final, in the third round of this qualifier. Lightning Strike and Immortal Balkans faced off a round later, and in the end, Lightning Strike came out as the winners. There were also new names between the top teams. Namely, Mayoi EU defeated teams such as Uchiha Klan and Omerta Blue in the earlier rounds of the qualifier, while Reborn Legends Esports faced IamGang and Night Alpha. These two teams faced against each other in the quarterfinals and Mayoi came out as the winners.

Back in the upper half of the bracket, DzonDzon and Salada de Frudas also had a great run. They beat Dominjo carry, kowey., and in the quarterfinals, they managed to eliminate last qualifier’s winners, Omert4. Salada de Frutas reached the finals over Lightning Strike, and there, the final BO5 match of this playday saw Salada de Frutas overpower their opponents, Mayoi, with ease.

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brstimir takes the lead after the first FIFA qualifier!

In our first qualifier for this transitional FIFA season, we watched Miloš “brstimir” Majdevac outplay Tarik “amke2001” Novo and win the main prize.

Our regional FIFA players will get five chances to showcase their skills and earn points before the SWISS stage of the season. Today was the first one, and while brstimir finished first, he was not the only one to earn points. All players played incredibly which is a sign that a great season of FIFA is ahead of us. In the end, eight best players advanced through to the quarterfinals. Last season’s winner, amke2001, beat Nikola “paolimoc” Dobrković in his quarterfinal match, while Harun “Hara” Parla passed through to the semis over Stefan “HardiFifa” Stojanov. In the second pair of quarterfinal matches, the Serbian FIFA veteran, brstimir faced and bested Luka Bukal. The last semifinal spot went to Esad “esad1memic” Memić who was better than Mirza Hasančić in their duel.

brstimir protiv amke200

As always, the matches between brstimir and esad1memic are tough for both players as they are both brilliant FIFA players. This time, the winner was brstimir and he advanced to the finals together with amke2001. amke2001 won over Hara who was set to face esad1memic in the third-place decider, but the latter decided to forfeit the match and end his first qualifier on the fourth place. In the grand finals, brstimir achieved a 2-0 victory against his bitter rival and earned the main 100 points.

You can check out the FIFA leaderboard by clicking HERE. If you want to become a part of the A1 Adria League story and play FIFA, head over to THIS link and sign up.

OMERT4 stun WINX CLUB in the Brawl Stars opener!

The player break is over and the A1 Adria League is BACK! In our first Brawl Stars qualifier, OMERT4 and Wiinx Club finished first and second, respectively.

As mentioned in the announcement, this season will feature six Brawl Stars qualifiers that will be played on a new platform, Challengermode. Yesterday, our Brawlers entered the arenas again to fight for their first points in this season. Over 70 teams registered for this qualifier, but only eight of them advanced far enough to earn points.

Dominjo Carry, Night_Alpha, QuickMind, and Omerta Blue managed to reach the quarterfinals. Each one of these teams earned 20 points and will play the second qualifier with a small advantage over the other teams. Even further in the bracket, Lightning Strike and Ez Clappers ended their first playday in the 3-4. positions that earn them 50 points each. The grand final was a clash between Wiinx Club and OMERT4. A quick 3-0 victory secured the main 100 points for OMERT4, while Wiinx Club will have to be satisfied with 70. Our next qualifier will be played next Thursday, and registrations are already OPEN!

Brawl Stars is over for this week, but now is the time to see who will outplay the competition in FIFA! Watch our FIFA broadcast tomorrow, starting at precisely 12 o’clock.