Marten to replace BLUEJAYS in the CS:GO playoffs!

Instead of BLUEJAYS, it will be Marten Gaming who will try to claim the throne in the final playday of this CS:GO season.

Yesterday, one of the A1 Adria League participants managed to accomplish a great feat on the international CS:GO scene. Namely, BLUEJAYS, a team consisting of players that have been a part of the A1 Adria League for years won the 13. IESF World Championship. The tournament is one of the rare ones nowadays that incorporate a country-based system in the format. National squads from all over the world traveled to Eliat, Israel to try to claim the World Champions’ title on LAN. Team Serbia, Kosovo, and Macedonia represented the region in Israel, and Macedonia managed to claim the title after a dominant win against Romania in the grand finals.

Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts between the two tournaments will make it impossible for BLUEJAYS to attend the CS:GO playoffs. Damjan “kyxsan” Stoilkovski and his team qualified for the playoffs in Round 4 and unlike iNation, their traveling schedule won’t let them arrive in time for the final stage. Instead of BLUEJAYS, a chance to win the main A1 Adria League S8 prize will be given to Marten Gaming. The Bosnian-majority roster has been a force not to be reckoned with in recent times, so it will be a joy to watch them play the playoffs bracket.

The CS:GO playoffs will be played on Sunday, as a part of the last Reboot Online Games Week day. Four teams – Marten, 4glory, iNation and PORTUGAL will fight for a prize pool of €5.000 and the title of the best team in the Adriatic region. What do you think, who will become the new CS:GO champion?

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