League of Legends

Harmony enter the League of Legends grand finals!

The upper bracket final match saw Harmony outplay Metamoon and become the first team in the grand finals.

While our other three games had their respective SWISS stages decide the playoffs participants, after the qualifiers, League of Legends jumped straight into the playoffs. With a slower tempo, the eight teams have been playing the double-elimination bracket during the regular season, and now they are ready for the final stage.

We knew the top 3 teams before this playday. However, one more match was needed before the final playday. It was the upper bracket final duel between Harmony and Metamoon. The former finished Season 7 in second place and are now eager to take the title. Ghisou’s squad were more than dominant in the first game and won that match with ease. Metamoon weren’t ready to give up just yet and struck back on the second match. In the end, Harmony took them down and secured their spot in the grand finals. The League of Legends final matches will be played next Saturday. We will watch two matches – the lower bracket final as well as the grand finals.


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