Clash of Leagues

Omerta skip a match; on the verge of disqualification in Clash of Leagues!

Instead of playing yesterday’s match against Crystal Gaming Red, Omerta missed it and are now facing disqualification from the Clash of Leagues.

Crystal Gaming Red and Omerta were supposed to play during Day 6 of the Clash of Leagues which was played out yesterday. The second-placed team had the favorite role in this match, but our Serbian team could have still held their ground and fought to upset the team. However, when the time to start the match arrived, Omerta were nowhere to be seen. Whether it was because they had technical difficulties, or they simply decided to skip the match because they can’t qualify for the playoffs anymore, the tournament administration is currently making a decision about Omerta’s future in the league.

If they decide to disqualify Omerta, it will be the second such decision in the group stage, after papahellfans were disqualified a couple of rounds ago. If not, we will watch Omerta during the remaining group stage matches where they will fight to earn the highest possible place on the leaderboard.

What do you think, will Omerta finish the group stage or will they leave a bit earlier than other teams?


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