Clash of Leagues

Crystal Gaming Red are Omerta’s next opponents!

While there aren’t any chances of reaching the final stage, Omerta are still more than eager to defeat their opponents until the end of the groups.

Today, Omerta are facing Crystal Gaming Red, a great, talented squad that has been a thorn to other teams throughout the Clash of Leagues. This team is placed second, six points behind the absolute favorites, BIG. They are tied with OKA Gaming, the team that destroyed all chances of Omerta qualifying for the final stages in the last playday. Seeing as these two teams are tied on the leaderboard, we can expect a match of similar quality today as well. Omerta are ready and able to defeat names such as Crystal Gaming Red, and they are going to give it their best tonight.

Make sure to join in the stream and support our squad in their match versus Crystal Gaming Red:

Watch omerta LIVE on A1AL channels!

Omerta are playing two matches today and can win up to four points which would place them amongst the top three teams on the leaderboard. Tune in at 18 o’clock and watch their matches together with SupremeNexus (YouTubeTwitchTrovoFacebook).

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