Good Game’s squads eliminated in the quarterfinals; Ajdin977 triumphs in FIFA!

The second-to-last Brawl Stars and FIFA qualifiers were played out during the previous week. Both of these titles are nearing the main playoffs stage and the competition is as fierce as ever.

Brawl Stars

The twelfth A1 Adria League Brawl Stars qualifier was filled with surprises. For the first time, a team different than one of the Good Game squads has finished first and earned the 100 winner’s points. The quarterfinals saw two massive upsets happened. First, team Inder Bot bested Good Game’s Red squad. FA Deadly outplayed Ekipa 69 and Code Lyoko were the better team in their match against O9 Gang.

The last quarterfinal match saw Good Game Gold eliminated by Bogisha69 and his Zabranjeni trio. The semis were pretty interesting. FA Deadly and Code Lyoko advanced and fought for the chance to be the first non-GG team to triumph in this Brawl Stars season. In the end, Code Lyoko came out on top and secured the first prize of the twelfth qualifier.

A1 Adria League S6 - Brawl Stars Standings #12


The regional FIFA players have been busy recently. The first season of the Adria Prvenstvo league is on, and they are approaching the third FIFA playoffs cup. This qualifier began with two victories from discoluzer and Ajdin977 over Cano 1911 and Sivii7, respectively. JasikFifa was eliminated by FIFAFICO and esad1memic lost to Kalu R9.

FIFAFICO and Kalu R9 met each other in the semifinals. The Croatian player, FIFAFICO, lost the duel and in the other semi, Ajdin977 eliminated discoluzer. The third-place award went to FIFAFICO, while the winner of this qualifier was the Bosnian player, Ajdin977.

GameBar is now broadcasting the A1 Adria League!

Every week you get to see teams compete to show they can qualify for the LAN event. Up until now, you could’ve watched the games on our YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch channels. Just a few days ago, GameBar announced that they’re gonna broadcast A1 Adria League’s matches on their channel. That means you can now watch our games on your TV without a need to connect to the Internet.

So, how can you watch it? All you have to do is simply have a TV set, get a pay-TV provider (MaxTV, IskonTV, OptiTV) and you can freely enjoy the action from the most competitive teams and individuals. Gamebar TV channels, including A1 TV, will now be available for you to watch our CS:GO, Brawl Stars, and other games. We were told that FIFA will be the only game not watchable because of the issue with TV rights, at least in the current season.

GameBar is a platform that has a website, Twitch & YouTube channels, and a Facebook page under their name. It also expanded on TV by broadcasting gaming and esports matches. Its main goal is to bring closer together gamers from all over the region, get sponsors and introduce them to the esports world and opportunities that hold within.

It’s time for the fourth CS:GO SWISS round!

The third A1 Adria League CS:GO round has concluded. After Shock Bomb advanced to the playoffs in the first Round 3 playday, we saw two great matches in the second weekend.

EAGLES and Good Game clashed in the first game. Nuke saw an interesting match with Good Game coming out on top in the end. The game was pretty close, with both teams taking the lead at times, but Jasmin “JasmiNhs” Murič’s squad managed to take the victory. EAGLES had prepared for Inferno thoroughly. The Macedonian team won only two rounds in the entirety of the second map and the match was even.

The decider, Inferno, started great for Good Game – with a 4-0 lead. The Kosovar team quickly tied the game and proceeded to take the lead and finish the half 8-7 in their favor. Good Game started the second half with a great round streak, but EAGLES couldn’t let them complete the comeback. Serdar “cerber” Mahmuti and his team closed out the final map 16-12.

The second game was the 0-2 duel between GODZ1337 and Krsko. This match didn’t go to the third map, but instead, GODZ1337 closed it out in two. After an initial 5-1 lead for the Slovenian-Croatian mix, GODZ finished the half with a 10-5 scoreline. In the end, the Macedonian team managed to slip past Krsko who managed to come back and take the lead at 13-13. The match ended 16-14 in favor of GODZ who were a step closer to eliminating their opponents.

One more 16-14 loss for Krsko meant that Krunoslav “Salted” Katalinić and his team would be leaving the sixth A1 Adria League season in dead last. GODZ1337 are currently in the 1-2 pool and will be facing Good Game in the next round.

A1 Adria League S6 - CS:GO Standings 3-2

Team AMG get their maiden win!

Clash Royale is back after another week of break. Few changes have happened since our meeting last time. BCBG Esports’ roster is now under a different name  – Team LAZR. Fortunately, they only changed their name and not their playstyle.

Totem Esports and Team LAZR were the first ones to step on the battlefield. Totem was superior in the 2v2 set, taking the game without breaking a sweat. Both teams were trading blows in KotH, but LAZR edged it out so we headed into the last set – 1v1. LAZR’s Neki Lik managed to triumph over Totem’s Davorin and secured a seventh win in a row for his team.

Next up were Team AMG and Team KFC. Team AMG took the lead in the 2v2, but Team KFC quickly responded with a comeback. We then went into KotH, where AMG’s Oresti secured his squad a win. After a tough battle in the last set, Team AMG came out victorious and got their first win in this season’s group stage.

The last match of the day happened between Tribe Academy and Flayn eSports. Tribe swiftly went through the 2v2 and then Flayn did the same in KotH. The third 1v1 of the day didn’t disappoint. Flayn took the initial lead, Tribe responded well and we’ve had an amazing third game. Fortunately for Flayn eSports, they managed to return home with a full prize.

Who will join Shock Bomb in the CS:GO playoffs?

The third A1 Adria League CS:GO round began and we finally saw the first team qualify for the playoffs. Shock Bomb qualified after a stunning win against the Kosovar team Blink.

After a surprising loss against Shock Bomb, lvlUP were paired against eSportsKosova. eSportsKosova had a dominant start on Dust2. They managed to win seven rounds before lvlUP started coming back in the game. The result was soon 9-9 and Aleksa “Impulse” Stankić led his team to a 16-11 victory with a 4k and a clutch in the final round.

The BO3 headed into Vertigo where the Kosovar team once again had a solid start. The half ended pretty evenly with an 8-7 lead for lvlUP and it was time for us to see eSportsKosova’s CT side. Unfortunately, the Kosovar team disappointed and managed to secure only two rounds in the second half. lvlUP closed out the game with a 16-9 result and secured their second victory in the League.

Shock Bomb once again matched against one of the favorites in the League. This time, their opponents were Blink who finished the last season in second place. Just like the first BO3 of the day, this match started out on Dust2. The game was pretty close, with both of the teams taking the lead at times. In the end, the game went to double overtime and Blink came out as the winners.

Ivan “pTKKK” Popov and his team were 0-1 down so it was time for another comeback. An 11-4 half for the Serbian squad promised a quick map, but Blink quickly came back to 11-11. However, the Season 5 runner-ups couldn’t win any more rounds and lost the map 11-16. Just like every BO3 ever, the decider map in this match was Inferno. Shock Bomb had a 7-0 lead before Blink responded. This time, the map ended quickly. A 12-3 half for Shock Bomb perfectly described Shock Bomb’s dominance with the team ending the map with a 16-11 victory.

Shock Bomb have become the first team to qualify for the A1 Adria League S6 playoffs. These are the current standings:

Good Game’s Red squad can’t stop winning!

While the rest of the League was taking a break, Brawl Stars had it’s previously delayed qualifier played out. We are coming back with all four titles this week, but until then, take a moment to remind yourself of the previous Brawl Stars qualifier.

Over 20 teams once again joined the qualifier for the chance to earn some qualifying points. BadBoys continued with their good form from the previous qualifier and secured a spot in the finals. In the quarterfinals, they faced O9 Gang and managed to take the win. LovciNaZmajeve wasn’t able to overcome On-Fire and the latter proceeded to face the bad boys in the semis.

FA Deadly met Blue Whales in their quarterfinals match. The Whales weren’t able to pass this obstacle and were eliminated with a top-eight finish. FA Deadly had a hard task of going against a Good Game squad in the semis. When talking about the GG teams, Red were once again better than the Gold players.

On-Fire weren’t on fire enough against BadBoys and they left the qualifier as a top-four side. The second semifinal match between FA Deadly and Good Game Red had an expected finish, with the latter becoming a part of the Grand Finals once again. The same Grand Final matchup happened in the last qualifier, and just like then, the result was the same. GG Red won the match and now stands firmly in the first place with 760 points

The favorites are still going strong!

After a week-long break, Clash Royale is finally back. With one new name on the roster, the group stages are halfway done after favorites secured their wins. BCBG Esports still holds the throne, but with every game, it seems like they’re slightly slipping.

The first match of the day was between Totem Esports and Flayn eSports. Flayn pretty comfortably won the match after sweeping through 2v2 and KotH. Totem just wasn’t on the same level and they went home empty-handed.

Next up were Team KFC and Tribe Academy. A wonderful display of skills and power from both sides showed us that qualified Team KFC has what it takes to be on par with big guys. They took the initial round in 2v2, but Tribe managed to turn the tables and win the set. In KotH Tribe took the lead, but Team KFC responded well with a comeback, turning the tide in their favor. Unfortunately for them, Tribe Academy managed to pull themselves up by winning KotH and the match.

Last, but not least came BCBG Esports and Team AMG. Formerly Crushers Esports, but still with the same roster, Team AMG debuted in style against the leading team of Clash Royale’s A1 Adria League. The amazing performance each team showed took us into all three games with BCBG taking 2v2 and 1v1. Team AMG won KotH after being on the verge of early losing. BCBG won their sixth match in a row, while Team AMG will try to get its first win in the next round.

Good Game Red win yet another one!

The new FIFA game in the franchise is out now, so we decided to skip the FIFA cup for the previous weekend to let the players prepare their strategies in the new game. Meanwhile, Brawl Stars is still going all out, and yet another qualifier is now behind us.

Good Game Gold didn’t even enter the quarterfinals stage because of their Red counterparts who beat them in the Ro16. FA Deadly managed to beat LNK and once again secure a spot in the semis. Klipani faced BadBoys but weren’t able to outplay them. BadBoys had an excellent showing against 2kmihajlo’s Klipani and made their way into the semifinals. O9 Gang and Ekipa 69 have met a number of times throughout the qualifiers and this time it was the Ekipa 69 players who managed to slip past O9 Gang.

Zabranjeni were the team that was picked to play Good Game Red in the quarters. After an expected loss for the aforementioned team, GG Red entered the semis as the clear favorites. FA Deadly were once again the victims of ToDe05’s squad and they finished the qualifier at 3-4th. Ekipa 69 fell short to the bad boys who surprisingly managed to go all the way to the finals. Even though they reached the finals, they weren’t able to beat the final boss – Good Game Red.

With this qualifier coming to an end, the A1 Adria League Brawl Stars rankings are as follows:

A1 Adria League S6 - Brawl Stars Standings 9

Shock Bomb upset lvlUP in the second SWISS round!

Two more matches brought the second CS:GO SWISS round to an end. GODZ1337 will now fight for survival, while Shock Bomb secured an upset and advanced to the 2-0 pool.

The first match of this playday saw the new Macedonian squad, GODZ1337 face off against EAGLES, who were playing the League as MiKS up to this playday. The Kosovar team started Inferno with a quick 5-0 lead, but Kristijan “kiLLeRa” Kukovski earned the first point for his team after a great 3k hold on the CT side. The teams were suddenly neck to neck at 6-6 and GODZ managed to close out the half with a 8-7 scoreline. GODZ1337 proceeded to lose a 15-11 lead and take the game into overtime. EAGLES were able to take four rounds in the first overtime and secure a 1-0 lead in the BO3 series.

After a great 7-2 start for the Macedonians, EAGLES came back and managed to win 6 rounds in the first half. GODZ however, quickly shut their opponents down and closed out the map 16-6. The BO3 headed into Dust2, and it was a bloodbath. The match was close until the very end, but a great B site defense secured the Kosovars the 15th round and let them secure overtime. Even though Blaže “HEv1x” Hristov was playing like a beast and got 38 kills, EAGLES won the BO3 and slipped into the 1-1 pool.

The absolute biggest upset in the past two seasons happened in the duel between Shock Bomb and lvlUP. lvlUP dominated the first map, Vertigo. Miloš “dEE” Marčeta and his team won 13 rounds on the CT side and quickly closed out the map with a 16-6 victory. What happened after Vertigo surprised everyone. The Click N Play 2020 champions, Shock Bomb, ended Dust2’s CT side with a 9-6 lead. The team’s great plan on the T side proved to work like a charm and they were a step closer to winning the BO3.

lvlUP won the first two rounds on Inferno, but Shock Bomb answered back with five. Ivan “pTKKK” Popov and his squad shocked everyone with a great T side half on Inferno. After a 9-6 lead, they managed to win three more rounds, but lvlUP tried to catch up to them. They were really close to bringing the map in their favor, but Shock Bomb beat the champions after all. A 16-11 victory meant that lvlUP will be heading into the 1-1 pool, while Shock Bomb are going to be a part of the 2-0 part of the table.

A1 Adria League S6 - CS:GO Standings 2 - 2

amke2001 advances to the playoffs stage; Blue Whales manage to beat GG Gold

We are more than halfway through with the Brawl Stars qualifiers. FIFA closed out its second playoffs cup, and just like always, both games showed us the quality of the competitive scene in this region.

Brawl Stars

Over 20 teams signed up for the seventh Brawl Stars qualifier. As we are reaching the end of the qualifiers, the leaderboard is starting to form itself and some of the best names in the region are already up there. One of the things that surprised us the most in this qualifier was that finally, someone other than GG Red was able to take down Good Game’s Gold squad. The team that managed to pull this off were Blue Whales, and they did it in the quarterfinals.

Two newer names, Gamer squad and Ready To Win also reached the quarters with the latter advancing to the semifinals of the qualifier. Code Lyoko bested Ekipa 69 on the road to a match against GG Red, who had just won their match versus Taktika baklava. Blue Whales continued with their awesome form in the semifinal match against Ready To Win as well. Good Game Red breezed past Code Lyoko, and in the Grand Finals managed to avenge Good Game Gold against Blue Whales.


Eight players once again faced off for a spot in the main playoffs stage of the League. The four players that managed to go past the SWISS stage were Robert “rob1” Persaj, Djordje “JasikFifa” Cumbo, Tarik “amke2001” Novo, and the reigning champion, Esad “esad1memic” Memić. Stevan Mačkić and PvtMole cast the most interesting playoffs matches and we had the chance to watch a couple of incredible FIFA games throughout the weekend.

The four players that advanced through the SWISS stage met each other in a single-elimination cup. amke2001 faced rob1, while esad1memic played against Jasik. esad1memic and rob1 were eliminated from the tournament after losses to Jasik and esad1memic, respectively. An amazing grand final saw amke2001 become the second grand finalist of the sixth A1 Adria League season. FIFA will be back with the last trio of qualifiers this Saturday, and in the meantime, esad1memic and brstimir can prepare for their opponents.