The ninth A1AL season finale and ROGW are closer than ever!

As the group stages of the three main games in the ninth A1 Adria League season are coming to an end, we are slowly preparing for a grand finale. Brawl Stars, FIFA22, and CS:GO are yet to receive their champions, and that will be announced during the Reboot Online Games Week, as it was the last season.

A1 Adria League S9 finals

As it was last season the playoff stages in our games will be a part of Reboot Online Games Week that will be held in Osijek from 15th to 19th of June. Again we have prepared a lot of fun for the fans during the last week of A1 Adria League matches. From interesting streams and IGRAJ segments to many panel discussions, more information about this will be revealed soon.

Throughout the past weeks, we have seen many teams and players compete to reach this final goal of the competition. The difference between the last season and this is that the finals in the ninth A1AL season will have three, instead of four games. As it was mentioned earlier, LoL was one of the rotating games in this season’s new format, so only Brawl Stars, FIFA22, and CS:GO will have their time in the spotlight at ROGW.

Salada de Frutas has once again dominated the Brawl Stars regional scene. They have shown dominance and will to once again win the title in A1 Adria League. Their enemies will be Big F and Jazavci. While these two teams showed great performance, Salada once again enters the playoff stage and finals as a huge favorite. There is still one more spot left, and we are yet to see who will take it.

In FIFA22 this season we have many familiar names. Novo, esad1memic, and Brstimir are yet again fighting in the top 4, and they will be joined by Mrky, who was the first to secure this spot. It’s hard to say who will come on top as we have already seen tremendous talent from these players.

Last, but not least CS:GO playoffs are going to be a blast. As it was expected, the Macedonian squad BLUEJAYS without any trouble were the first to secure the top 4 in this game. They had a 3:0 score in the league, and are the biggest favorites for winning the title. Blink and Oto100 will make an appearance in the playoffs, as well as Zero Tenacity who eliminated one of the favorites team 4glory.

A1 Adria League S9 finals

All the finals will be played as a part of the Reboot Online Games Week in Osijek, and it won’t be long until we have our champions of the ninth season in the A1 Adria League. Follow our social media as more information will be revealed soon!

Big F and Jazavci are in the playoffs of the A1 Adria League!

Last round we have seen the first team advance to the next stage of the Brawl Stars competition. Salada de Frutas justified the role of favorite and secured the playoff. Last night two more teams did the same. Namely, Big F and Jazavci defeated their opponents and will now join Salada in the fight for the title.

Only one spot left

The Brawl Stars group stage in our A1 Adria League is soon ending. The round that was played last night didn’t have many surprises. And as a result two teams, Big F and Jazavci, advanced to the next stage, while we also said goodbye to two other teams.

The first match of the round was played between Jazavci and You Lose. This match was played off stream, but it was a quick one nonetheless, seeing that Jazavci secured a 3:0 win and a place in the playoffs. It was You Lose who lost in the end, and they now have a 2:2 score and will have one more chance for the last spot in the next stage of the competition.

DOGS were the winning team in the second match. They managed to defeat their opponent Balkan Kids with a 3:1 score. With this defeat, Balkan Kids are eliminated from this season’s Brawl Stars tournament. On the other hand, DOGS now have a 2:2 overall score and will have to take down You Lose to secure the playoff. This match will be the last in the group stage and it will be played on June 9th.

Big F came out victorious in the last matchup of this Brawl Stars round. They defeated 33 Esports who were also eliminated last night. Big F on the other side secured themselves a place next to Salada de Frutas in the playoffs. Daki was without a doubt the best player on this team, and thanks to him Big F is now safe in the next stage of A1AL.

BS standings



Brawlers, Clash of Leagues is back!

The best regional Brawlers will once again compete in the international event Clash of Leagues hosted by A1 which will take place at LEVEL UP – The Gaming Festival in Salzburg, Austria. Competing against the best Brawlers from Central and Eastern Europe is a great honor and opportunity. Especially at an event!

Lavvek, Adry, Andrey, and DzonDzon raised the bar high

Last year we saw Lavvek, Adry, Andrey, and DzonDzon make it to the semifinals of the LAN event. They lost to SK Gaming, the team that won the whole event. It was a great representation of the A1 Adria League and the whole region. “I think we put up a good fight against one of the best Brawl Stars teams in the world and that is a great experience which we’ll take back to the new A1 Adria League season”, said Adry back then. Can their result be bested? That we’ll find out this summer.

Clash of Leagues LEVEL UP - The Gaming Festival

Clash of Leagues 2022

A new year brings some changes to the tournament. It will take place on the 1st and 2nd of July. Media obligations will happen one day before the competition. Three leagues are participating: A1 Adria League (Adria), A1 eSports League (Austria), and Swisscom Hero League (Switzerland). As we’re waiting to find out who will win the ninth season of the A1 Adria League let’s remind ourselves how it went last year for Adry and Andrey and co.

A1 Adria League Season 9

There is still enough time and opportunity for teams to secure their spot in the Clash of Leagues. Brawl Stars playoff is scheduled for the 16th of June when we’ll find out who is traveling to Salzburg. In the meanwhile, you can follow all the Brawl Stars action on the official website.

Zidari win their second qualifier in a row!

The third Brawl Stars qualifier just finished and we can already see rivalry developing. Last year’s champions Zidari showed another amazing performance. The reward was another qualifier win and additional 100 points.

The second consecutive win for Zidari

After they showed inconsistent results with storming out early in the first qualifier but then winning the second one it seems like Zidari already managed to find their form. They came out on top out of 24 teams competing in the third Brawl Stars qualifier for the ninth season of the A1 Adria League. This time they had to overcome Dogs in the quarterfinals. They did it with a 2:1 victory. On the other side of the bracket, Jazavci outplayed Smetlari in the quarterfinals and Big F, another great team, in the semis. They won both of their matches with a 2:0 score.

Everything was building up to the great grand finals. Both Jazavci and Zidari have already won one of the qualifiers and it was set to be determined which teams will get a second one. Zidari was the better team on the day claiming another 100 points! The top 4 teams in the standings had great showing proving they are the best regional teams.

The fourth and last qualifier is on schedule for the 21st of April!


The fight for the first 4 places will be a legendary one, with only two qualifiers left.

The Brawlers are finished fighting for this week, while the next, third qualifier for this game is next week, on April 14th. You can sign up for it HERE.

However tomorrow we are continuing with FIFA qualifiers, while the first for the popular FPS game CS:GO will be held on Sunday!

Zidari took first place in the second Brawl Stars qualifier!

The second qualifier for Brawl Stars is officially over. Last week we have seen a couple of surprises. Last year’s champions Zidari, failed to reach the semifinals, while teams like Jazavci and Dogs really stepped up in terms of their gameplay. While we are halfway done with the qualifiers for this game, it still remains to be seen who will enter our A1 Adria League this year.

Zidari and Big F at the top

In the second Brawl Stars qualifier, we have seen even more teams compete than in the first one. As the first one was a bad one for the last year’s champions Zidari, today they have managed to beat everyone and reclaim first place. Andrey, DzonDzon, and Brankec (Lavvek didn’t participate in this one) showed why they lifted the trophy last season in the first place. They easily defeated team Big F with a result of 2:0.

Zidari received 100 points in this qualifier, while the second-place Big F got 70. Teams such as RaGaZZi and Smetlari did very well, reaching the top of the qualifiers, and both received 50 points each. With a great performance in both qualifiers, they now have enough points to rank in the first eight teams. As mentioned before, only eight teams will advance further into the next stage of the A1 Adria League.

The top two teams from the last qualifier Jazavci and Dogs still remain in the top eight. Here are the standings of the best eight teams of Brawlers after two completed qualifiers.

Brawl Stars standings after two completed qualifiers

The fight for the first 4 places will be a legendary one, with only two qualifiers left.

The Brawlers are finished fighting for this week, while the next, third qualifier for this game is next week, on April 14th. You can sign up for it HERE.

However tomorrow we are continuing with FIFA qualifiers, while the first for the popular FPS game CS:GO will be held on Sunday!

Andrey: We have an advantage when it comes to the new drafting

The qualifiers for Brawl Stars in season nine of A1 Adria League have already started. We talked with last year’s champions of Brawl Stars, Flow. They are now called Zidari, and the current champions Andrey and DzonDzon told us more about their experience in A1AL and Clash of Leagues, as well as their expectations for the ninth season.

You were big favorites last year. What influenced such good performance of the team?

DzonDzon: There are many reasons for it, but we as a team have been playing together for 3 years, and we have good synergy. Andreyy and me are in the top of European Brawl Stars tournaments so you could say we have a lot of experience.

How did it feel like to play regional Brawl Stars competition of this caliber? 

Andrey: The feeling is great, especially since we are at the top of the region. We also look forward to any new tournaments.

DzonDzon: Its a great feeling since this league isnt a small one, and being the best in the region is a big deal.

This year we are adding three additional games. What do you think about these changes?

DzonDzon: The change is a great idea because our region has a lot of talented players who play in the best teams in the world, so this is their chance to prove themselves and maybe enter the world stage.

Andrey: I think that for sure we should give chance to new games and new players to show what they can do.


What was your experience from the Pan-European tournament Clash of Leagues in Salzburg?

Andrey: COL (Clash of Leagues) was one of the best experiences of my life. It’s a truly special feeling to get up on stage in front of hundreds of people and represent your team.

Now, after some time has passed, what was your impression of Clash of Leagues, the Pan-European Brawl Stars tournament?

DzonDzon: A great tournament with the best European teams cant be bad. We hope that COL will be held this year too.

Andrey: The experience was great, it’s just too bad that neither DzonDzon nor Lavvek could be with us there. But I’ll do my best to be a part of the LAN again this year.

Are you also going to participate in the ninth season of the A1 Adria League, and if yes what are your expectations for the upcoming season?

DzonDzon: Of course, we will participate this season, we are more ready than ever so our expectations are high, which is of course first place.

Andrey: We believe we are going to take the first place because we have an advantage when it comes to new drafting in competitive. I believe that in this aspect we have more knowledge and more experience than others.


First qualifier for Brawl Stars went into the hands of Jazavci!

The ninth season of the A1 Adria League has officially started. The first open qualifiers for the mobile game Brawl Stars are over. We have seen a lot of teams sign up for the qualifiers and their chance to become the best in the region.

As we mentioned already, Brawl Stars this year will have four open qualifiers, where the best 16 teams will be scored. Eight teams with the highest number of points will advance to the group stage. These qualifiers will be played on FACEIT platforms.

Great start for team Jazavci and Dogs

Some teams had a great start to the A1 Adria League while others struggled to get points. However, we have seen great, intense matches in the first open qualifiers from this year’s Brawlers. We have seen more than 30 teams compete for the most points in the first qualifier for Brawl Stars which is 100 points.

Many familiar faces are again participating in A1AL. Many familiar teams from the region that we have seen in the past in our own A1 Adria League are back for more. The first playday was intense and we have seen a couple of surprises. Last year’s Brawl Stars champions Lavvek, DzonDzon, Andrey who had been competing under the Flow banner and are now called Zidari, have failed to qualify for the semifinals. They were eliminated in the quarterfinals by Dogs who advanced to the finals of this first qualifier. The second finalist were Jazavci, who made their way to the top.

The grand final ended in the favor of team Jazavci who have shown great performance and skill. Of course, team Dogs also sits at a great position with 70 points, and they will have an easier path to the group stage.

Brawl Stars first open qualifiers standings


Teams that reached the quarterfinals and further will have an advantage in the next qualifier and it’s a nice start to the season.

Our next Brawl Stars qualifiers will be played next Thursday, April 7th, and you can register for it HERE!

While the Brawl Stars qualifiers for this week are finished, tomorrow we expect a tense fight between FIFA22 players in the first qualifiers of this PlayStation game.

You can now stream the A1 Adria League qualifiers in Brawl Stars!

Qualifiers for the ninth season of the A1 Adria League are only a few days away and we have some important news to share! You can now stream the qualifiers of the A1 Adria League in Brawl Stars to your fans and viewers on your own channel! Just make sure to apply and follow the rules.

How to co-stream A1 Adria League qualifiers?

Qualifiers for Brawl Stars are kicking off the new season of the A1 Adria League. The first qualifier for Brawl Stars is scheduled for the 31st of March. If you want to stream the qualifiers make sure to follow these steps:

  1. Fill out the contact form for the community stream. You will need to provide only your Discord handle, email, and link to your stream.
    A1AL S9 Community Stream Form
  2. Follow important rules:
    – No rights of third parties are violated (these include copyrights, trademark rights, etc.)
    – No content is shown that is racist, homophobic, defamatory, obscene, libelous, or glorifies violence
    – No applicable laws are violated (especially criminal law and youth protection)
    – No advertising for the following products or services is actively integrated: nicotine, alcohol, cannabis, and other addictive substances party politics, especially election advertising, pornography gambling, lotteries, casino, poker, sports betting, or comparable item or in-game currency trading outside of first-party platforms or official offerings online key sales, insofar as these do not involve licensed dealers automated pop-ups, upon which the streamer exercises no influence, are principally permitted and are excluded from the criteria for exclusion listed above.
  3. Make sure you add this image to your stream and include A1 Adria League or A1AL Qualifiers to your title (example: A1AL S9 Qualifiers // A1AL S9 Qualifiers stream today!). The image found on the link above should be visible on stream at all times, like in this example. (besides while playing ads):
  4. After you are finished streaming the qualifiers, send the following to the email “hours streamed”, “average concurrent viewers”, and “peak concurrent viewers”. It should look something like this:
    1. hours streamed: 5
    2. average concurrent viewers: 10
    3. peak concurrent viewers: 15
  5. You all are done! Streaming will be enabled for all the participants of the A1 Adria League Season 9 qualifiers.
  6. Your information and stream stats will only be used to improve the League and they won’t be published publicly at any time or for any reason.
  7. If you give your permission we will include your stream in the promotion post to notify A1AL fans where they can watch the qualifiers.

This way you will be able to stream all of your games during the qualifiers!

If you have any additional questions, feel free to ask them on the official A1 Adria League Discord!

Brawl Stars is waiting for the new stars!

The start of the A1 Adria League is just around the corner. Soon every gamer from our region will have a chance to prove themselves in a game of their choosing. The first game in our repertoire is the mobile game Brawl Stars. The qualifiers are already open and you can sign up to test yourself against the best Adriatic Brawlers.

Test your skills in Brawl Stars

The ninth season of A1 Adria League is bringing Brawls Stars once again, for the fifth time now. This mobile game proved to be more and more successful, so this year we won’t deprive our players of the fun of playing it. As mobile games are getting more and more attention nowadays, a younger community of players is getting even more involved in professional gaming and tournaments.

Over the years we have seen different players and teams winning the title of best Brawl Stars players, from Alpha Elite, Good Game Gold to Flow, and others.

Since this year the league is gonna last not three like before, but two whole months, anyone who joins A1 Adria League will have the chance to win the prize for even less playing time than in the past. The prize pool remains the same as last year, but with emphasis on the winner. The first place will get 1100€, while the rest of the money will be distributed accordingly.

The format for Brawl Stars will remain more or less the same as last year. We have 4 open qualifiers for this game, and it will be played on the FACEIT platform. Each qualifier contains a spot for 128 teams that will be filled with teams and players from eight different countries. The best 16 teams are being scored, while only 8 will advance to the next stage. The SWISS group stage will eliminate half of those teams, and the best 4 will fight in the finals.

Points will be distributed in the following way:

  • First place – 100 points
  • Second place – 70 points
  • Third and fourth place – 50 points
  • Fifth to eight place – 20 points
  • Ninth to sixteenth place – 10 points

Every qualifier is a single-elimination bracket, so focus and don’t make mistakes if you want to become the best Adriatic Brawl Stars player. The first qualifier for BS starts on March 31st. Brawlers sign up now with the link down below!

  • A1 Adria League Season 9 – Brawl Stars – Qualifier 1
  • A1 Adria League Season 9 – Brawl Stars – Qualifier 2
  • A1 Adria League Season 9 – Brawl Stars – Qualifier 3
  • A1 Adria League Season 9 – Brawl Stars – Qualifier 4

For more information about the upcoming season and what it has to offer, make sure to follow us on social media. All the links to our social media channels can be found below.


Flegma: “A1AL is the stepping stone for talented players”

As we are getting closer to the start of the new A1 Adria League we wanted to give you an insight into what it’s going to be like considering all the changes. We interviewed the project manager of A1AL Leonardo Bujas and talked with him a little about the new changes in format and games, what to expect from the upcoming ninth season, and his expectations of it all.


The new season brings many changes. What can we expect from the ninth season of the A1 Adria League?

In the ninth season of A1AL, we can expect a fiercer fight for the top than before due to the change of format and prize pool, as well as more games we are bringing this season. Because of that, we expect more interesting matches on the road to the finals.

Besides the standard games such as CS:GO, Brawl Stars, and FIFA, this year A1 Adria League is bringing four extra games? What influenced this change?

Annually A1AL format so far had four games in two seasons that spread throughout a couple of months. So for this season, we prepared something more interesting and more dynamic. Also by adding more games in the league we are giving a chance to less popular games and players of those games to show that their game deserves more attention and more tournaments.

In addition, with the end of the ninth season, you can expect Gaming Weeks in which we will have tournaments for less famous games in the region.

Flegma A1AL

What changes can we expect in Brawl Stars, FIFA, and CS:GO titles, the ones we have already seen in the league?

The biggest change is the duration of the league, instead of the standard three months per season, the league will last for two months now, while the prize pool will remain the same, with only small distribution changes. So basically the winners get more money for less playing time. We also have small changes in the playoff format of some games, such as the number of qualifier cups, the duration of the SWISS group, and so on.

Is the new season going to bring other changes, except in games?

Considering that the ninth season will be held online, we have made some changes in the distribution of our prize pool in all games. Our intention to divide the prize pool into players or teams has always come from the fact that those players that are coming from other countries can at least cover their travel expenses. But seeing that the league is gonna be held online it just made more sense to award the best, so we have increased the prize for first place.

What are the chances that this year in the ninth or tenth season we have a real LAN final? 

The last couple of finals have been held as a part of the Reboot Online Games Week, and the ninth season will also have an Online Final of the league. This final will be in Osijek during the Panonian Challenge. While the production and content crew will be in the studio, the players will, unfortunately, play from their homes.

However, we hope that in the tenth season we will have a LAN final at the Reboot Infogamer fair. We are already planning the event for the final of the tenth season, hoping COVID restrictions will allow it.

People often mistake Esport Adria for A1 Adria League, but those are two different things. What is the role of Esport Adria in A1AL?

Yes, we often get responses from players like “we are going to play Adria” whether it’s about A1AL or some other tournament that we organize. I am really proud that we get huge support, respect, and participation from the community of regional players.

Esport Adria is a “contractor”, it does everything along with A1 Adria League, while A1 Hrvatska is the owner of the tournament. We create content, work on the website, administer tournaments, discover new talents, all in all, we are responsible for everything good or bad that happens in the league.

Leonardo Bujas A1AL

In what way do projects like A1 Adria League affect the improvement and growth of the esports scene in the region?

We constantly follow formats and types of competitions in other world leagues and tournaments, and we implement them in A1 Adria League, so everyone who participates can gain experience firsthand.  A1 Adria League can be the stepping stone for every talented person in the region (players, analysts, casters, designers, news writers, producers…)

We have many examples of this, such as players who used to compete in A1 Adria League that now play for the strongest esports teams in the world. Hunter-, nexa, maden, Sacre, and Limit are just a few of the names who used to prove themselves in A1 Adria League. We also have med1cz who worked as an observer and in the production of tournaments who now works for Ubisoft on their Major tournaments.

What are your expectations for the upcoming season?

I am hoping for plenty of “wow” moments, a lot of good plays throughout the season, and a lot of satisfied players and teams. My wish is also a LAN event because I miss hanging out with the players, and everyone from the organization.