Watch the League of Legends playoffs of the A1 Adria League!

The four of the best teams in the League of Legends qualifier will compete on Saturday, 16th of April for the prize pool of 1000€! Harmony, GINYU FORCE, DZANGLERI, and Reroot Gaming are the teams we will watch as they battle it out on the Summoner’s Rift for the trophy!

Four teams in a battle for 1000€

Harmony had a convincing showing in the qualifier. The last year’s finalists managed to secure their spot in the playoffs with a 2:0 win over Prolom Voda. GINYJU FORCE bested Cloud Leopards in the same fashion for a spot in the top 4. DZANGLERI outplayed paraolimpijci while Reroot Gaming and Seraphine t3 subs had to play all three matches to decide which team is going to advance. In the end, it was the Reroot Gaming squad that came on top.

The playoffs will be played in the double-elimination format. Semifinals matches will be Best-of-1, while all of the remaining matches, including the grand finals, will be Best-of-3 series.

A1AL LoL Playoffs

Here is the schedule:
14:00 – Semifinals
15:00 – Upper bracket finals & Elimination match
17:30 – Lower bracket finals
20:00 – Grand finals

Where to watch?

League of Legends playoffs of the ninth season of the A1 Adria League will be streamed on YouTube,, and Trovo.  Well-known voices of SupremeNexus and Hakkinen will be bringing you all the action as we find out who will become the champion!

Watch Stream UŽIVO with SupremeNexus and giGOD!

Two two-hour periods of the Reboot Online Games Week will be dedicated to watching live streams of regional esport personalities.

Safet “giGOD” Čurić is one of the biggest CS:GO content creators in the region who is also a professional player in the game. He has played in a number of teams in BiH and in the whole region and is currently representing Marten Gaming in the A1 Adria League. Right before Mladen “juricM” Jurić will share his story in the My Story segment, giGOD will spend two hours playing CS:GO, having fun with the chat, and hopefully winning some ELO. His stream will run on Thursday, starting at 13 o’clock.

On Friday, it will be Vojislav “SupremeNexus” Perić who will be a part of the Reboot Online Games Week. The renowned YouTuber recently joined the A1 Adria League casting squad for two games – Brawl Stars and League of Legends. Those will also be the two games that SupremeNexus will be playing live on our channels a day later than giGOD. Starting at 13 o’clock. Vojislav will play Brawl Stars for one hour, followed by an hour of League of Legends.


SupremeNexus to cast Brawl Stars & League of Legends this season!

We are happy to announce that Vojislav “SupremeNexus” Perić will be a part of the casting talent for the upcoming Brawl Stars and League of Legends season!

SupremeNexus has been with the A1 Adria League since the beginning of the project. As one of the biggest YouTubers in the Adriatic region, his impact on the growth of the League has been incredible. During Clash Royale and Brawl Stars broadcasts respectively, he is always up to the task when it comes to casting A1 Adria League matches.

Coming into the eighth season, SupremeNexus will join Inder45 in casting the Brawl Stars SWISS stage and playoffs. The Brawl Stars group stage, which is set to begin this Thursday will see eight teams play a SWISS group to decide the four playoff participants. The duo of Inder45 and SupremeNexus will be here to cast all those matches for our followers to enjoy. Starting a bit later than other games, League of Legends will have a trio of casters, with SupremeNexus being one of them. They will mix it up every now and then, which means that two of them will always be ready to cast League of Legends.

Currently, the game ended two of its four qualifiers, and you can still SIGN UP and qualify for our League of Legends season!

Omerta face OKA Gaming in the fifth round!

Round 5 of the Clash of Leagues will be played out today, with Omerta probably playing their most important match yet in the tournament.

The last playday featured a total of two rounds in one day. The leaderboard changed drastically after those two rounds as the top teams are steadily securing the first three spots. However, there is plenty of time to change the final rankings and Omerta will certainly give their best to do exactly that. The Serbian team needs to win every single one of their remaining matches to advance further in the Clash of Leagues.

Last time, Omerta showed great resilience in the two matches they played. Bulgarian Pros managed to outplay them in the end, but their victory against KMRGMR gave them a slim but existing chance to come back in the group stage. Today, their opponents are OKA Gaming. While certainly not the toughest opponent Omerta have faced, the match versus OKA Gaming is their most important one yet. If they lose this matchup, their chances of reaching the final stage are over. If they win, they will have to repeat this success two more time to join the top 8 of the Clash of Leagues.

Tune in at 18 o’clock and watch OKA Gaming vs. Omerta together with SupremeNexus (YouTube, Twitch, Trovo, Facebook).

Reboot Online Games Week to help those in need!

We will spend most of the upcoming week together on stream, so we decided to use the time to help those in need. During the week there will be multiple chances to donate money to a charity, and we will be also hosting a charity tournament.

A1 Adria League will donate €500 to Dječji Dom Vrbina and you will be able to donate to this charity and help those that really need it during the whole Reboot Online Games Week event. Dječji Dom Vrbina helps kids and families all over Croatia on a daily basis and we feel that we should support their work. Their services are helping families look after their kids and they are playing an important role in shaping the next generation.

The charity tournament mentioned above will be a 5v5 event between ten streamers that will play three different games with €500 on the line. A1AL will donate the €500 to a charity that the winners’ team chooses. The two streaming teams will meet in three games – CS:GO, Rocket League, and VALORANT.

CS:GO’s portion of the event will consist of a BO3 match with modified rules. The squads will play eight-round halves – the first team to reach round no.9 wins the map (the starting round money will be set at $2,500). After one team wins two maps, we will advance to the next game – Rocket League. This time, we are talking about a Best of 5, with the first two maps being standard 3v3 matches, the second duo of maps being Rumble, while the final map will be played in the Hoops mode.

In the final part of the event, the ten streamers will meet in a VALORANT match. There are a lot of famous names that will be present at the event. Team A consists of SupremeNexus, DON MACI, Inder45, Zefyx, and Baba sWeDisH, while PvtMole, GALLASANDALLA, Tetka, Agent, and missDasmi will fight under the second team.

You can donate by clicking the following LINK.

The charity event A1AL HUMANITARKA will take place at the end of the second Reboot Online Games Week day – Tuesday at 20 o’clock.