Clash of Leagues

Omerta face OKA Gaming in the fifth round!

Round 5 of the Clash of Leagues will be played out today, with Omerta probably playing their most important match yet in the tournament.

The last playday featured a total of two rounds in one day. The leaderboard changed drastically after those two rounds as the top teams are steadily securing the first three spots. However, there is plenty of time to change the final rankings and Omerta will certainly give their best to do exactly that. The Serbian team needs to win every single one of their remaining matches to advance further in the Clash of Leagues.

Last time, Omerta showed great resilience in the two matches they played. Bulgarian Pros managed to outplay them in the end, but their victory against KMRGMR gave them a slim but existing chance to come back in the group stage. Today, their opponents are OKA Gaming. While certainly not the toughest opponent Omerta have faced, the match versus OKA Gaming is their most important one yet. If they lose this matchup, their chances of reaching the final stage are over. If they win, they will have to repeat this success two more time to join the top 8 of the Clash of Leagues.

Tune in at 18 o’clock and watch OKA Gaming vs. Omerta together with SupremeNexus (YouTube, Twitch, Trovo, Facebook).

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