PES21: Roksa upsets Kepa_PFC to win A1 Gaming Weekend!

PES2021, the first A1 Gaming Weekend game for this year, is now behind us with Roksa taking the title after beating his mentor in the grand finals.

A number of 156 players signed up for our PES2021 tournament. Players from all over the Adriatic region hopped on the field and played against each other for the grand prize of €200.

As the numbers thinned and the best of the best survived, the final rounds of the cup were a joy to watch. Pedjapedja16 beat Eduka1993, while boki_todor fell short to Roksa. On the other half of the bracket, Kepa_PFC, the reigning champion of the PES A1 Gaming Weekends bested Djole95 and in the other match, spora95 won against GRT_pipeGSW.

Even after a great win against Eduka, Pedjapedja couldn’t beat Roksa who managed to become one of the finalists and secure a match against his teammate from AS Roma, Kepa_PFC.

The final match between Kepa and Roksa was even better because of all of the history that these players have together. Namely, before playing for AS Roma, both of them were a part of FC Nantes so they had a lot of chances to play against each other and learn the tricks that each of the players had. Also, Kepa being the more experienced of the two is considered to be a mentor-like figure for Roksa who is newer to the scene.

Roksa pulled off an amazing win against his AS Roma teammate. The first match finished 3-2 in favor of the young gun which gave him an early advantage going into the second match. There, the match ended with the same result but this time, the winner was Kepa which meant that the match was going to a decider game. The third game was a spectacle – Roksa outplayed Kepa_PFC 3-1 and was crowned the champion of this first A1 Gaming Weekend.

A1 Gaming Weekend - PES2021 Bracket - Roksa

The first exciting A1 Gaming Weekend for this year is finished. The most skilled PES2021 players will split the prize pool in the following manner:

1. Roksa 200€
2. Kepa_PFC 100€
3. Pedjapedja16 50€

While we are waiting for the next season of the League to begin, make sure to sign up for our upcoming TEKKEN 7 tournament which will be played on the 13th of March!

Any PES or CSGO players out there? Let’s play!

The second part of the next week will mostly be dedicated to the playoffs of the sixth A1 Adria League season. While we are waiting for this year’s A1Adria League culmination, we prepared plenty of content along with Reboot for you.

We recently announced STREAM UŽIVO – five esports personalities from the region will be streaming their games of choice on our channels. But we have also prepared two great tournaments for you, our fans and players, to compete in and win some amazing rewards while having a lot of fun.

CS:GO 2v2 Wingman

The CS:GO playoffs will be played during the upcoming weekend, Saturday to be exact, but we have prepared a small competition for our CS:GO fans – to pass the time until the finals start. On Monday (23.11.2020), A1 Adria League will be hosting a 2v2 Wingman tournament on FACEIT. You and your best teammate will need to sign up on the platform and join the tournament.

The best three duos will get their share of the €300 prize pool. The tournament will feature Wingman maps such as Short Nuke, Cobblestone, Vertigo, Inferno, Overpass, Train, and Short Dust. 64 duos will be able to join the tournament so hurry up before all the spots are filled up!

The €300 pool will be split as follows:

1. €150
2. €100
3. €50

Join the CS:GO 2v2 Wingman tournament by clicking on the following LINK.

eFootball PES2021

Between the fifth and sixth seasons of the League, we hosted a PES2020 tournament together with PesExpert. We had the chance to see that our Pro Evolution Soccer scene is as big as ever and the e-football players that prefer PES are eager to play tournaments. PesExpert will once again help us with organizing a PES cup, with €300 on the line this time.

A total of 64 Croatian players will be able to sign up for the tournament. The cup will be played on the 25th of November and it will start at 17 o’clock. The knockout format and Home&Away rules will determine the winner of this PlayStation 4 PES2021 tournament.

The players will communicate with the admins and between each other on our Discord server. From the moment the Round of 16 begins, the remaining players may be asked to stream the matches that will be broadcasted on PlanetSport, GameBar along with other platforms. That’s why it is required for you to have the needed requirements for streaming matches from your consoles.

The best PES2021 players will split the prize pool in the following manner:

1. €150
2. €100
3. €50

Sign up for the eFootball PES2021 by clicking HERE.

Kepa_PFC wins the PES2020 A1 Gaming Weekend cup!

The final edition of our A1 Gaming Weekend tournaments came to a close recently, with Kepa_PFC claiming the main prize and becoming the A1 Gaming Weekend PES2020 champion.

We saw a massive turnout from the PES players in our region. Over 190 players were split into 32 groups going in into the tournament. After the group stage was finished, only 64 players remained in the BO3 playoffs. Kule and the PESExpert community did a great job of organizing the whole thing and running it without any problems.

Fast forward to the Round of 16, the top players of the tournament faced each other for a spot in the quarterfinals. pongpong_hr and DENDZAMIN outplayed Kaplijev_NS and Vojkec17, respectively, while StefanKure90 was better than Zeusinjo. Koso-93 slipped past PlantifulBat7 and the actual champion of the tournament, Kepa_PFC was better than Flegma_ST. Heading into the quarterfinals, Kepa continued his winning streak with a 2-0 sweep versus Aminzagreb32. MeGustaSrbija secured a spot in the semis, while Aca94dg ended the tournament after losing to the aforementioned player. The last two semifinal spots were filled by StefanKure90 and DENDZAMIN who managed to breeze past Koso-93 and pongpong_hr, respectively.

PvtMole led us through the semifinals in which Kepa_PFC dominated MeGustaSrbija. The second semi was a duel between StefanKure90 and DENDZAMIN which saw the former secure the second spot in the Grand Finals without any difficulties. MeGustaSrbija managed to best DENDZAMIN in the third-place decider and claim his share of the prize pool. In the Grand Finals, we had the chance to see Kepa_PFC beat StefanKure90 after pulling off quite the comeback.

1.Kepa_PFC – €250
2.StefanKure90 – €150
3.MeGustaSrbija – €100

A1 Gaming Weekend - PES2020

This marks the end of the A1 Gaming Weekend tournaments which were a great way to spend the time between the seasons. The sixth A1 Adria League season begins soon, so make sure to sign up and be the best!

Kule, PESExpert: “The PES community in our region is really big”

While waiting for the third A1 Gaming Weekend cup to start, we decided to get in touch with the team that will help us organize the tournament and introduce their community to all of you following us. Just as the FBC, the PESExpert guys are constantly helping the players in our region with organizing a big number of tournaments and helping them in the development of their careers. I contacted Kule from PESExpert who was happy to answer my questions and make his community known to even more people.

Hello, Kule, thanks for taking the time to do this interview. Could you introduce the PES Expert community to the broader public? How long have you been developing the PES scene in our region?

The PESExpert community exists for over 10 years now, since 2010 – Playstation 3. It was at that time that the founders saw that Croatia has a lot of players that play the best soccer simulation, PES. Since that moment, a lot has changed, we switched to PS4, there were good and bad editions of PES, but the number of members and followers kept increasing constantly. In 2019, PESExpert split into two groups, with the first (12.igrač) focusing on Full Manual, Master League, and the casual side of the player base. Our community (PESExpert) consists of 15 leagues and over 300 players, some of which are between one of the best in Europe, and we can say that we are more focused on developing the quality of the overall scene. Players from all nationalities are welcomed here and we can proudly say that we are successfully working with members from Serbia, BiH, Montenegro, Slovenia, and Macedonia.

What are some tournaments that you organized in the past? Tell us about the PES Expert 1v1 & 2v2 tournament that boasts a 10.000€ prize pool.

From the bigger tournaments, we have organized the “Lumici Centar” tournament in Varaždin, with 80 players playing 1v1, we organized the Reboot 1v1 & 2v2 tournament with 70 players and we worked with Caffe Boeing, where we managed to organize two cups with a total of 90 players.

Our biggest project to date is happening on the 12th of September in Velika Gorica, the sports center Panadić to be exact. The tournament will have 256 players for the 1v1 part, and 64 2v2 duos. Players are showing massive interest in the tournament, mainly because of its €10.000 prize pool, which is the minimal prize pool and is likely to go up. Except for the main tournament, there will be a theme park for kids and adults and a 3v3 bubble football.

How developed is the PES community in the Adriatic region? Do you see this A1 Gaming Weekend tournament as a chance to even further help the players in their competitive careers? Are you looking forward to a great turn out from the players?

The PES community in our region is really big, with over 20.000 active players, we have Serbia that has the biggest number of players and they are really investing into esports with prizes and also bringing the scene closer to the mainstream media with a lot of leagues. We see this tournament [A1 Gaming Weekend] as a chance to show the people just how many players there are in the region that play PES and that it is really worth it. We also hope that people will recognize our organizational abilities and this project will help the PESExpert staff with further projects.

Do you prefer the LAN competition to the online format we have now because of the worldwide pandemic? Are you looking back to going back to LAN?

Online and offline competitions have a lot of differences, for example, when playing tournaments online, not everyone has a connection of the same quality, and that with the delays from the different TV-s can often be a disadvantage for one of the players. Those problems are nullified in offline competitions and the only things that matter are the mechanical and mental quality and capability of the player and that is why playing on LAN is much more popular in showing the real skill of the player.

Closing out the A1 Gaming Weekend series with PES20!

The A1 Gaming Weekend really helped us pass the time between the regular seasons of A1 Adria League while also helping the scenes of the featured titles grow. After Rainbow Six Siege and Rocket League, it is time to reveal the details surrounding our third game, Pro Evolution Soccer.

The eternal rival to the FIFA franchise, PES is making its debut as a game covered by the A1 Adria League, or in this case, A1 Gaming Weekend. We are really happy to give a chance to the regional PES players, and together with the PESExpert community, we are expecting a great turn out from the players. An interview with one of the members of PESExpert is coming soon, so stay tuned if you want to learn more about this amazing community of players.

Playstation 4 is going to be the featured platform and the best players will split the €500 prize pool accordingly. All the competitors will be split into up to groups, depending on the turnout, with 256 being the maximum number of players allowed to sign up. The group stage will begin at 15 o’clock on the 1st of August, with the best two players of each group advancing to the playoffs. The playoffs will be played on the next day, Sunday and they will be played in a BO3 format, with overtimes and penalties enabled. The matches are set to last 10 minutes each and on Sunday, all the Top 8 matches will be streamed on the A1 Adria League streaming channels.

Make sure to fill up the Google Docs sign up form here and follow the rules and decisions made in the Discord server that you will be invited to upon signing-up. The €500 prize pool for this Pro Evolution Soccer tournament will be split as follows:

1. €250
2. €150
3. €100