Salada de Frutas advance to the Brawl Stars playoffs!

Round 3 saw a total of three matches in which Salada de Frutas advanced to the playoffs, while QuickMind were eliminated.

Because QuickMind surrendered their elimination match versus Balkan Talents, they were disqualified from the league, with 0-3 being their win-to-loss ratio this season. That meant that Balkan Talents would get their first win, even though they didn’t play a match today. When talking about the lower half of the bracket, it is worth mentioning that Lightning Strike suffered a hard loss against Mayoi and are now a part of the 1-2 pool.

Lightning Strike’s player, sumke, recently stated that this would be their most important match this season, and it certainly didn’t end up well for them. In the meantime, as also stated by sumke, Salada de Frutas kept their incredible form and dominated Winx Club in the winners’ decider match. Omert4 ended their day with a win as well, and their opponents, Dominjo Carry, are now just a step away from being eliminated from the eighth A1 Adria League season. With this round behind us, Mayoi, Winx Club, and Omert4 have the highest chances of reaching the playoffs, where Salada de Frutas will be waiting for them. On the other hand, it is possible that two out of three teams in the 1-2 pool (Lightning Strike, Dominjo Carry, Balkan Talents) will leave the League in Round 4. Make sure to tune in next Thursday and support your favorite team – it will only get tougher and tougher!

These are the current Brawl Stars standings:

Brawl Stars

Winx Club and Salada de Frutas in the 2-0 SWISS pool

Two weeks in and we already know which two teams currently have the highest chances of qualifying for the playoffs. Here is how today’s Brawl Stars matches concluded.

Brawl Stars started out with a clash between Mayoi and QuickMind. With both teams losing their opening match, this was the match that would decide which team would fall down to the 0-2 pool. After the match’s conclusion, we saw that that team will be QuickMind, who lost the duel without winning a single mode. Unlike last week, we didn’t see four clean sweeps this time around. Even more, the second match between Omert4 and Winx Club went to the very last mode. In the end, Winx Club barely squeezed past their opponents and became the first 2-0 team for the season.

Back to the losers’ half, Dominjo Carry and BalkanTalents played a total of two modes. As one of BalkanTalents’ players was unable to complete the whole match, the team was forced to forfeit. This meant a 3:0 victory for Dominjo Carry who would have probably won the match anyway, seeing as the result at the time of the forfeit was 2:0 in their favor. In the final match of the day, Salada de Frutas outperformed Lightning Strike and closed out this playday with a win.

These are the current Brawl Stars standings:

Brawl Stars

Four clean sweeps in the first Brawl Stars round!

A quick playday is behind us, as all four Brawl Stars matches ended with a clean sweep for the favorites.

Our first match of the SWISS stage was between Lightning Strike and BalkanTalents. The former started the string of 3-0’s we saw this playday. Lightning Strike were better than BalkanTalents in every aspect and their opponents were unable to get even a single mode. The qualifier leaderboard leaders, Salada de Frutas, once again affirmed their favorite spot and their victims today were Dominjo carry. It seems like Dominjo wasn’t able to carry anyone and the team is now in the 0-1 pool.

Do you think two sweeps are enough? The other winning teams certainly didn’t think so. Omerta had a great time versus Mayoi and in the final match of the day, Winx Club were quicker to win the three modes than QuickMind and close out the first playday of this season. With these four matches behind us, the favorites have earned their first victories. You can watch this playday below:

These are the Brawl Stars standings after the first round:

Brawl Stars

Who can stop Salada de Frutas in the Brawl Stars group stage?

Six qualifiers ended and eight teams qualified. Who will be the Brawl Stars squads that will advance to the A1 Adria League playoffs?

Salada de Frutas are a class above the competition!

Salada de Frutas had an absolutely flawless qualifying phase this season. With a total of 410 points and four wins in the six qualifiers, the team had no competition during the qualifiers, with their only loss being a forfeit. We can all judge just how better they are by the number of points they got – 410. That is 110  points more than what our second-placed team earned, Omert4. Third on the leaderboard were BalkanTalents, a Brawl Stars squad that had a great start in the qualifiers but failed to reach any higher on the leaderboard. Winx Club, another team that has been putting up great results since the beginning is tied wti hBalkanTalents

Lightning Strike, Mayoi, QuickMind, and Dominjo carry complete the list

A name already familiar on the scene, Mayoi will be making an appearance in the A1 Adria League this season as well. Here we saw another tie and this time around, Mayoi and QuickMind couldn’t overcome each other and ended up with 130 points each. Lightning Strike are right in front of them with a total of 170 points next to their name. Last but certainly not least, Dominjo carry will be fighting for their spot in the playoffs in the upcoming month of SWISS playdays.

Brawl Stars

Salada de Frutas keep dominating the region!

After plowing over the competition for the third time, Salada de Frutas now have 300 points on the Brawl Stars leaderboard.

In this qualifier, we had great matches since the very first round. Omert4 and Mayoi met each other and the following match saw Omert4 come out as the winners. In the same part of the bracket, Winx Club bested FA Impact and then went on to defeat Omert4 in the Round of 16. Winx Club secured a top-eight spot, but that is all they managed to achieve this qualifier, as Salada de Frutas were in the upper part of the bracket as well. After outplaying Ultra Crnci and QuickMind, Andrey_ & co. were better than Winx Club as well and advanced to the semifinals. There, they met a newer team – BalkanTalentsEsport.

This squad defeated teams such as Reborn Legends Esports and Lightning Strike before reaching the semis, but they weren’t ready to face the level of play the Salada de Frutas players displayed in the arena. Even more impressive is the result of Interventna, another new team that hasn’t played a qualifier so far this season. Interventna eliminated Immortal Balkans Junior from the fourth Brawl Stars qualifier and also bested HELIHOPTERI and pop off in the following rounds. Their great streak came to an end in the finals when Salada de Frutas showed them who’s boss. Check out today’s stream below:

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Brawl Stars Q4

Salada de Frutas take the lead after two wins in a row!

For the second time in as many playdays, Salada de Frutas destroyed everyone and claimed first place in our Brawl Stars qualifier of the week.

Half of our qualifiers are now finished. Today, the Brawl Stars players that have been eagerly awaiting the beginning of our new qualifiers jumped into the arenas to earn more points. We are slowly forming our leaderboard, with teams such as Salada de Frutas, Mayoi, and Winx Club slowly confirming their spot in the league. Lightning Strike also had a good day in this qualifier, but their victory celebrations after the match against Immortal Balkans were quickly shut down by Salada de Frutas. Last qualifier’s winners paved their way to yet another grand final appearance after winning their matches versus Night Alpha, Twisted Mind, the aforementioned Lightning Strike squad, and finally Mayoi.

On the other side of the bracket, QuickMind did even better than in the first qualifier. They went all the way to the semifinals, but Winx Club were there to stop them in their tracks. The two semifinal matches ended in favor of Salada de Frutas and Winx Club. The former defeated Mayoi with a dominant 3-0 final scoreline, and the same thing happened in the second semifinal match of the day. Finally, the grand final was played out. Salada de Frutas faced Winx Club, and they managed to hold their ground once again. One more 3-0 win put another 100 points in the bag for the squad, and they are now leading the Brawl Stars battle.

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Salada de Frudas destroy the competition in the second Brawl Stars qualifier!

Salada de Frudas showed everyone that they are back and won the second Brawl Stars qualifier of this A1 Adria League season!

The teams that won the first points showed that their great performances weren’t a one-time thing. Omert4 outplayed and eliminated Winx Club, their opponents in the previous final, in the third round of this qualifier. Lightning Strike and Immortal Balkans faced off a round later, and in the end, Lightning Strike came out as the winners. There were also new names between the top teams. Namely, Mayoi EU defeated teams such as Uchiha Klan and Omerta Blue in the earlier rounds of the qualifier, while Reborn Legends Esports faced IamGang and Night Alpha. These two teams faced against each other in the quarterfinals and Mayoi came out as the winners.

Back in the upper half of the bracket, DzonDzon and Salada de Frudas also had a great run. They beat Dominjo carry, kowey., and in the quarterfinals, they managed to eliminate last qualifier’s winners, Omert4. Salada de Frutas reached the finals over Lightning Strike, and there, the final BO5 match of this playday saw Salada de Frutas overpower their opponents, Mayoi, with ease.

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The seventh A1 Adria League season wraps up!

The end of the final CS:GO playday marked the end of yet another A1 Adria League season as well as the second Reboot Online Games Week.

Reboot Online Games Week once again offered over 150 hours of gaming-related content to fans all around the region. From My Story and Panel to the live streams and the A1 Adria League finals, we couldn’t really ask for more during the last week. Wednesday was dedicated to the Brawl Stars teams, FIFA’s players entered the stadiums on Thursday and Friday, and League of Legends completed its comeback on Saturday. Sunday was the climax of a two-month-long CS:GO journey, as well as the end of this, seventh, iteration of the League.

Brawl Stars

Our Brawlers clashed on Wednesday. Noble Elite BLK and Point Gaming (ex-Lil Surprise) entered the arena first as the first semifinal match started. BLK’s victory sent Point Gaming to the lower bracket and they were later joined by Mayoi, who couldn’t defeat Noble Elite Red. The elimination match saw Mayoi lose to the aforementioned opponents, while the upper-bracket finals ended with a Noble Elite BLK win. The losers of this match, Red, bounced back against Point Gaming and returned to the finals, only to be defeated once again by the organization’s BLK team.

The top four Brawl Stars teams:

1. rs Noble Elite BLK – 900€
2. hr Noble Elite Red – 600€
3. hr Point Gaming – 300€
4. rs Mayoi – 200€


Unlike the other three titles, FIFA’s finals were played out in the span of two days. During Thursday and Friday, we watched the four remaining players battle it out until the very end. Miloš “brstimir” Majdevac, Tarik “amke2001” Novo, Filip “FIFAFICO” Babić and Esad “NKOS_esad1memic” Memić played took part in the playoffs which featured a double-elimination bracket. In the end, amke2001 succeeded in defending his title and becoming the back-to-back regional FIFA champion.

The top four FIFA players:

1. amke2001 – 750€
2. rs brstimir – 500€
3. NKOS_esad1memic – 300€
4. hr FIFAFICO – 200€

League of Legends

They did it! Split Raiders were once again merciless and finished the League of Legends grand finals without losing a map (3-0). Before that match took place though, Harmony and Fiko Izdaja went at it in the lower bracket finals. There, Harmony outplayed their opponents and secured a rematch against Split Raiders. As mentioned above, Split Raiders dominated the final match and won the main prize of 1.600€!

The top four League of Legends teams:

1. hr Split Raiders – 1.600€
2. Harmony – 1.200€
3. hr Fiko Izdaja – 800€
4. rs Placeholder – 400€


One more CS:GO season is behind us! It seems that it has become a tradition to host an amazing season and in the end, crown the ONYX core as the returning champions. With yesterday’s triumph, Dimitrije “DiMKE” Veljković and Aleksa “Impulse” Stankić have been the A1 Adria League champions four times. Aleksa did it in seasons 2, 5, 6, and 7, while DiMKE did it in four consecutive seasons, starting from season 4. The runners-up for the season are PORTUGAL, Good Game came in third, and 4glory are fourth

The top four CS:GO teams:

1. rs ONYX – 2.000€
2. PORTUGAL – 1.500€
3. Good Game – 1.000€
4. rs 4glory – 500€


Who will be our new Brawl Stars champions?

Brawl Stars finals are here – let’s see the teams that will be competing for the main prize and champions title!

Noble Elite BLK & POINT.Gaming

Noble Elite BLK started the season with a default win over QSKE Gaming who were forced to forfeit their first match. In the second round, they managed to best Tora Gold and win with a convincing 3:0 win. With this victory, they were only a win away from the playoffs, and they did it – in Round 3, Mayoi fell short to BLK!

Their opponents in the first playoffs round, POINT.Gaming (Lil Surprise), had a much harder road to the playoffs. POINT.Gaming were a step away from elimination but they held their ground – their win versus Tora Gold secured them one of the final two playoffs spots. POINT.Gaming and Noble Elite BLK will battle it out on Wednesday, starting at 19:00.

Mayoi & Noble Elite Red

While Mayoi were a part of the 2:0 pool along with Noble Elite BLK, they soon came to play for survival in the fifth round. An intense SWISS stage for the team culminated in the last round where they faced 09 Gang for the final spot. The final match went to all five maps and in the end, Mayoi were victorious!

This Mayoi victory paired them up against Noble Elite Red, who already beat the former in the group stage. The 2-1 SWISS round saw Mayoi suffer a heavy 0-3 loss from Noble Elite Red. On the other hand, Red’s only defeat came at the hands of Tora Gold, in Round 1. Their road starts right after the first match comes to an end, so make sure to tune in on time!

Wednesday – 19:00:

Noble Elite BLK vs. POINT.Gaming
Noble Elite Red vs. Mayoi

We know the names of all four Brawl Stars playoffs teams!

In the final SWISS playday of Brawl Stars, Lil Surprise and Mayoi got their much-needed wins and qualified for the Season 7 playoffs.

The Croatian derby between Tora Gold and Lil Surprise was as fierce as anyone could have hoped for. Both teams were determined to clinch one of the two remaining playoffs spots, but only one of them could really do it. The match was played until the very last set, when Lil Surprise managed to hold their ground and beat Tora Gold in the fifth SWISS round.

The final match of the SWISS league saw 09 Gang and Mayoi give their all. Just like the previous match, this one went to all five maps too, and this time – Mayoi was the team that outplayed their opponents. With these two matches done, the final standings are known – Noble Elite BLK & Red, Mayoi and Lil Surprise will continue on, while Tora Gold, 09 Gang, Omerta and QSKE have ended their participation in this season of Brawl Stars in the group stage.

Watch the final Brawl Stars playday below:

Check out the current Brawl Stars standings HERE!