This week in A1AL: Three titles are a step away from the next stage!

While Brawl Stars is done for the round, the remaining two titles in the SWISS round still have another playday to go before reaching Round 4 of this season’s group stage. League of Legends is a step away from the Regional Playoffs!


The second part of the third round will see the currently unbeaten teams, 4glory and ONYX, clash it out to see who will finish the group stage with a flawless 3-0 score. The reigning champions are facing difficulties as they recently parted ways with two key players in their roster, Filip “aVN” Belojica, and Petar “HOLMES” Dimitrijević. aVN proceeded to join his former rivals, 4glory, and HOLMES’s next step is still uncertain. Their match starts at 16h, this Sunday.

When the 2-0 duel comes to an end, it will be time for Good Game and Cobalt Esports to enter the server. Both teams suffered one loss and this round will change much in their approach to the League. The winner will be just one win away from the playoffs, while the losing side won’t get another chance if they lose again. The Macedonian squad is facing Lazar “Laza” Nikolić’s team at either 18 or 19 o’clock, depending on the length of the previous match.



While we will be skipping Brawl Stars this week because of all the matches being played last Thursday, FIFA21 will continue as usual with two derbies on the schedule. Firstly, Filip “FIFAFICO” Babić and Emir “Sulja” Suljović are going to play their match on the virtual stadiums of FIFA, and the better player will be put in the 2-1 bracket with Tarik “amke2001” Novo and Leon “Sardinho213” Šardi.

Armin “arminho0307” Hasanbegović will fight for his chance to stay in the League this week. His opponent will be Marko “klaic” Klaić, who is yet another player who hasn’t celebrated a win yet in this season of the league. While the winner will celebrate his survival in the League, the player who will fail to triumph in the match will have to leave the seventh A1 Adria League season.


League of Legends

The National Playoffs stage for League of Legends is coming to an end this Saturday, as the teams are close to finishing their respective brackets. Macedonia, Serbia, and Croatia will all have their teams in the upcoming Regional Playoffs stage.  In the Macedonian bracket, Harmony is the leading team, while Brotagonists1g and Reborn Esports will meet in the lower bracket finals. QSKE, Placeholder and Mental Boomers are the three Serbian teams still in play, while in Croatia, Split Raiders, Fantastic Esports and Fiko Izdaja are leading the charge.


League of Legends moves closer to the Regional Playoffs!

The three countries participating in this stage of the League of Legends A1 Adria League continue playing their brackets in the National Playoffs stage.


Fiko Izdaja had a great second League of Legends playday in the Croatian playoffs. They eliminated not one, but two teams in the lower part of the bracket and secured themselves a spot in the lower bracket finals against Fantastic Esports. The teams that they eliminated were RainDrop (2-1) and BL Gaming (2-0). Meanwhile, Split Raiders are currently waiting in the Grand Finals and their great form isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


Two matches marked the end of the second playday for Macedonia as well. FunTeam and Cult were the first ones to clash, with the former taking the win without losing a single round. After Cult, Brotagonists1g were ready to eliminate their Macedonian rivals but failed to succeed in their task. Instead, FunTeam got another 2:0 win, putting them in the lower bracket finals against Reborn Esports.


Serbia had a much more active playday than the rest of the countries. A total of four matches saw interesting changes in the bracket for all the teams participating and QSKE is currently having the best chances of entering the playoffs. Mental Boomers had the best success after QSKE, as they won two matches – one against SuppDiff (2-1) and one against OnlyFans (2-0). Currently, Placeholder and Mental Boomers are scheduled to play in the lower bracket finals for next week.


This week in A1AL: The break is over; it’s game time!

After we all took a week to relax and enjoy the holidays, it is time to begin the third SWISS round for Brawl Stars, CS:GO and FIFA21. League of Legends, in the meantime, is close to finishing the National Playoffs stage.

Brawl Stars

The beginning of the third round means that we will know the first playoffs participants when the round comes to an end. Currently, Noble Elite BLK and Mayoi are leading the standings, but their 2-0 duel will be played out in the second part of the round. This week, we will only be watching Omerta take on Tora Gold in hopes of reaching the 2-1 pool.

There should have been a second match played as well, but since QSKE Gaming were recently disqualified from the tournament, 09 Gang will get a default win in this round.




Miloš “brstimir” Majdevac and Tarik “amke2001” Novo will fight for the first spot in this season’s FIFA playoffs. Amke2001 successfully beat esad1memic in the second round despite the match being a nail-bitter until the very end. brstimir had an easier time with FIFAFICO, but this time, amke2001 is ready to put up a great fight against his opponent and make this match exciting until the last minute.

After these guys play it out, Sardinho213 and NKOS_esad1memic are next in line to show their abilities to the regional audience. The Season 5 player is looking to get back on track after suffering a loss to amke2001, and he will face Sardinho213 who is in form after winning versus arminho0307.



Midnight, PORTUGAL, Onlinerss, and Fullshock – four teams that will make the return of CS:GO after the pause. Midnight recently got a hard-fought victory against Onlinerss, and next week, they will have another hard challenge on their way to the playoffs – PORTUGAL.

Onlinerss and Fullshock haven’t had the best start of the season, and unfortunately, one of them will be leaving us after the third round concludes. The 0-2 match between these two teams will be played right after the previous’ match winner is declared.


League of Legends

League of Legends will continue its National Playoffs stage this Saturday. Reborn Esports and Harmony are currently the two Macedonian teams in the upper bracket. QSKE and Placeholder hold these two spots in the Serbian qualifiers, with two matches ready to be played out in the lower bracket before advancing further in the Playoffs. Last, but certainly not least, Split Raiders and Fantastic Esports will meet in the Croatian upper bracket final. BL Gaming are already in the third lower bracket round, and they are waiting from the winner of the duel between Fiko Izdaja and RainDrop.

This week in A1AL: No matches, enjoy the holidays!

Simple as that! In the previous week, we have received more than a few requests for teams asking to reschedule their matches due to either family holidays, FPL-C qualifiers, competitive tournaments and due to a large volume of proposals, of course – we had to approve them!

So, to cut things short, this week you won’t be able to enjoy the finest regional esports action and all matches will be postponed for next week. Whether you celebrate holidays or play games, use this opportunity to enjoy your time to the fullest and we’ll see you next week!

Stay safe and enjoy the holidays!


The first League of Legends playday is over!

League of Legends is BACK! On the first playday we watched teams from Croatia, Serbia, and Macedonia battle it out in their respective groups to become a part of the Regional Playoffs.


Split Raiders dominantly breezed past Zahmeljeni in the first Croatian round. RainDrop dropped two wins versus BL Gaming, while Fantastic Esports outplayed Intensity eSports 2-1. The second round of the upper bracket ended after just one match as Reroot forfeited their match against Fantastic. The only match saw Split Raiders sent RainDrop to the lower portion of the bracket.

While the teams played the second round, the lower bracket was going through its first one. BL Gaming were able to 2-0 and eliminate Zahmeljeni, and in the other match, Fiko Izdaja bested Intensity eSports in a great three-game duel.


In the Macedonian National Playoffs, the double-elimination bracket saw an interesting Day 1 filled with intense League of Legends action. Brotagonists1g managed to beat Cult, while Harmony advanced to the second winners’ bracket round over Shelco Esports. The other two teams that made the second round were FunTeam and Reborn Esports. In the lower bracket, Cult directly advanced to Round 2, while Dragon Force got their victory after playing Shelco Esports.

Reborn Esports and Harmony reached the winners’ bracket final after they successfully outplayed Brotagonists1g and FunTeam, respectively. Besides the upper bracket final, FunTeam will face Cult and the Brotagonists will meet Dragon Force next week.


QSKE and Placeholder were the most successful teams in the first Serbian League of Legends playday. On the other hand, ConnectnowEsports and Banished Esports were eliminated after suffering two losses in the double-elimination bracket. Sarajevo Five, Supp Diff, Mental Boomers, and OnlyFans are the other four teams that survived the first playday besides QSKE and Placeholder. Mental Boomers will play SuppDiff, while SarajevoFive will try to beat OnlyFans in the lower bracket round 2 which will be played next Saturday.

Due to Riot Games’ rules concerning tournaments of this character, the teams from countries that didn’t field enough teams in the qualifiers had to be excluded from the latter portions of the event. We are actively working to find a way to give these teams a chance in the next season if such a thing happens again!