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League of Legends moves closer to the Regional Playoffs!

The three countries participating in this stage of the League of Legends A1 Adria League continue playing their brackets in the National Playoffs stage.


Fiko Izdaja had a great second League of Legends playday in the Croatian playoffs. They eliminated not one, but two teams in the lower part of the bracket and secured themselves a spot in the lower bracket finals against Fantastic Esports. The teams that they eliminated were RainDrop (2-1) and BL Gaming (2-0). Meanwhile, Split Raiders are currently waiting in the Grand Finals and their great form isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


Two matches marked the end of the second playday for Macedonia as well. FunTeam and Cult were the first ones to clash, with the former taking the win without losing a single round. After Cult, Brotagonists1g were ready to eliminate their Macedonian rivals but failed to succeed in their task. Instead, FunTeam got another 2:0 win, putting them in the lower bracket finals against Reborn Esports.


Serbia had a much more active playday than the rest of the countries. A total of four matches saw interesting changes in the bracket for all the teams participating and QSKE is currently having the best chances of entering the playoffs. Mental Boomers had the best success after QSKE, as they won two matches – one against SuppDiff (2-1) and one against OnlyFans (2-0). Currently, Placeholder and Mental Boomers are scheduled to play in the lower bracket finals for next week.


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