Clash of Leagues

Omerta lose the deciding match against OKA Gaming!

Omerta have lost all chances of qualifying for the Clash of Leagues playoffs after yesterday’s defeat versus OKA Gaming.

Since the double playday when Omerta split the prey, winning one and losing one match, their chances of reaching the next stage of the Clash of Leagues were slim to none. After yesterday, however, even that slight chance is gone. The first of three matches Omerta would have had to win in order to qualify for the playoffs didn’t end in favor of the regional team. OKA Gaming proved too tough of an opponent to beat and Omerta fell to sixth place after the match came to an end.

BIG are the absolute best team in the group stage with a 12-0 W-L ratio. The runners-up team is Crystal Gaming Red, while OKA Gaming are tied with CGR but take up third place. Bulgarian Pros stand in fourth place, and after them, we can see KMRGMR and Omerta with 6 points each. The seventh place is occupied by FreeWin, while the disqualified side, papahellfans, takes the bottom place on the leaderboard. The teams have a break that will last a couple of days and we will be back with more Brawl Stars action on the 10th of August.


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