Play with your favorite streamers during the Reboot Online Games Week!

Do you remember the A1 Game Nights? You got to chance to play different games with your favorite streamers and players, and we all had plenty of fun. Well, good news for you – we have a similar concept prepared for you for the Reboot Online Games Week.

IGRAJ is a portion of the one-week long event that will cover three different games – Clash Royale, Brawl Stars, and FIFA21. Prominent names from the scene will play with or against you on three occasions. On Monday, right after the CS:GO 2v2 Wingman tournament, PvtMole will meet the regional FIFA21 players and play with you for THREE whole hours.

Next up, on Thursday, Lavvek and Inder45 will play Brawl Stars starting at 15 o’clock. Lavvek, Good Game’s star player along with our caster and YouTuber, Inder, will spend two hours competing with Brawlers from our region before the start of the A1 Adria League Brawl Stars playoffs.

The next day we will have the chance to watch Clash Royale. PvtMole will once again play viewer-games, this time, in Clash Royale’s arenas. Joining him will be Oak who has been an administrator for the League for a pretty long time. Oak and PvtMole will see whether they are able to defeat the upcoming Clash Royale talents or they are simply too old to compete with the young guard.

Ajdin and esad1memic qualify for the A1 Adria League FIFA playoffs!

After nine qualifying cups and three mini playoff tournaments, the FIFA portion of our league reached the final playoffs event. Today, the last mini final came to an end, and the last two qualified players are now known.

arminho0307 as one of the best players in the League finished the SWISS stage of the playoffs cup with a 30 score. The reigning champion followed suit and secured a spot in the cup playoffs with only suffering a loss in his match against arminho. HRVoje-95, unfortunately, couldn’t win a single game and ended the mini playoffs in the SWISS stage earlier than expected.

The fifth round saw Ajdin977 and DziDziAnlaki clash for the last spot and Ajdin took the W home. A round before that, Jasik advanced to the playoffs together with Esad, rounding up the list of players.

The semifinals were set to start. Ajdin and arminho played against each other, and in the second semi, Jasik and esad1memic met to decide the second finalist. Two fantastic matches saw the better player qualify for the playoffs – esad1memic and Ajdin will join brstimir and amke2001 in the single-elimination finale of this FIFA21 A1 Adria League season.

FIFA and Brawl Stars are back – these are the results!

We are back on track with the League after a one-week long delay. FIFA had its first FIFA21 qualifier played out, while Brawl Stars closed out qualifier number 11.

Brawl Stars

The eight best teams in the qualifier reached the quarterfinal stage without any difficulties. 09 Gang matched up with Noobs, while FA Deadly faced BadBoys. Noobs managed to win the game against 09 Gang and FA Deadly showed great individual skill versus BadBoys. Ekipa 69 and Code Lyoko had quarterfinal matches against Good Game Gold and Red, respectively. As expected, the GG teams managed to pass this obstacle and reach the semis.

The Good Game derby happened once again in the semifinals of this cup. After a couple of wins by the Red squad, this time, it was Good Game Gold that won the match and advanced to the finals. FA Deadly followed suit and joined the finals, but Sabasniper’s squad couldn’t stand up to Good Game Gold.

The Brawl Stars rankings after the 11th cup are as follows:


FIFA was back with the third trio of qualifiers. As FIFA21 came out, the remaining qualifiers will be played on the new version of the game. The seventh qualifier was dominated by Bosnian players with five out of the eight quarterfinalists being Bosnian. Ajdin977 was better than Erminjamak while esad1memic bested Bati.

Arminho and DziDziAnlaki secured the last semifinal spots after victories versus Stojanov_99 and Tana, respectively. In the Bosnian semifinals, esad1memic outplayed his countryman, Ajdin977, and advanced to the finals. DziDziAnlaki lost his match versus Arminho but managed to beat Ajdin in the third-place decider. Arminho was crowned the champion of this week’s FIFA qualifier as he came out on top against the current champion, esad1memic.

A1 Adria League postponed for a week – here’s why!

Every week we have the chance to see the best of the four titles that this A1 Adria League season features. CS:GO’s SWISS stage is looking more competitive than ever, while Clash Royale’s groups are halfway done. FIFA is slowly transitioning to the new FIFA21 title, while the Brawl Stars teams are consistently putting up great fights in the qualifying process.

In order to provide a bit of refreshment for our competitive teams, and with the COVID-19 situation in our mind, we have decided to postpone the A1 Adria League tournament for one week. In the meantime, our team will invest additional efforts into the situation concerning the Grand Finals stage that we are actively trying to tackle.

The only exception is the Brawl Stars tournament, which will see its previously delayed qualifier be played out, the other three titles will sit out this week. On Thursday, the delayed Brawl Stars qualifier will be played out. Teams are gathering in huge numbers and we will once again see some great action from the regional Brawlers. We will see teams try to rise up to the Good Game squads once again, while the fight for the last of the eight spots becomes more fierce than ever.

Shock Bomb breezed through the SWISS CS: GO stage, brstimir and amke2001 secured spots in the FIFA playoffs, while BCBG is currently dominating in Clash Royale. We couldn’t be more excited to see what will happen next week, and until then, enjoy the upcoming Brawl Stars action and all the highlights that this season of the A1 Adria League can offer.

arminho, Good Game Red claim victories!

After being delayed during the previous week, Brawl Stars was here once again and the seventh qualifier was played out. FIFA finished the second trio of qualifiers, and the second playoffs tournament will start soon.

Brawl Stars

Even after skipping a week, things didn’t change much in Brawl Stars. The Good Game squads once again reached the semifinals and the Red team won the qualifier. Going back to the quarterfinals, Ekipa 69 fell short to Good Game Red, while Zabranjeni lost to the other Good Game team, Gold. Code Lyoko and LovciNaZMajeve, two interesting names that have been playing good during the recent qualifiers faced each other in the quarters. In the end, Code Lyoko bested their opponents and secured one of the four semifinal spots.

Alpha Predators met FA Deadly in the last match of the quarterfinals. The latter managed to slip past the Predators and proceed to the semis. Just like in any other qualifiers, the Good Game teams were destined to meet each other. This time, it happened in the semifinals and the second-placed team, Red, managed to beat the current standings leaders, Good Game Gold.


This weekend, we will not be hosting a FIFA qualifier. Instead, the best eight players from the previous qualifiers will once again be a part of the playoffs that will decide which player will advance to the LAN finals. arminho0307 secured the first semifinal spot after he managed to beat mhad10h, while Persunipzs outplayed RUR rob1. HarunNedim1921 and DziDziAnlaki met each other in the quarters, with the Bosnian coming out on top.

The last QF match saw Stojanov1999 and amke2001 clash. Heading into the match, amke was considered the favorite, but Stojanov managed to upset him and proceed to face Harun in the semis. Persunipzs was in great form, but even that wasn’t enough and he couldn’t get past arminho. Stojanov surprisingly advanced to the grand finals, while his opponent, HarunNedim headed into the third-place decider. arminho had a rough start in this trio of qualifiers but won the third edition after all. This week we will see who is the next player to join brstimir in the main FIFA playoffs.


brstimir secures a spot in the playoffs; CS:GO’s team list is completed!

The fourth A1 Adria League week saw the completion of the CS:GO team list for the upcoming season and the first FIFA player secured his spot in the playoffs.

Brawl Stars

Over 40 teams took part in the fourth A1 Adria League Brawl Stars qualifier. It seems that the only way to eliminate one of the Good Game teams before the Grand Final is for the bracket to match them together before. On-Fire and FA Deadly lost their respective games against Good Game Red and Gold. Troleri is a newer name that managed to enter the quarterfinals of the qualifiers. There, they lost to Blue Whales but they still managed to put themselves onto the regional Brawl Stars map. Code Lyoko’s win against Come Back rounded up the quarterfinals and we advanced to the semis.

Once again, the derby between the Gold and Red Good Game squads went in favor of ToDe05 and Good Game Red. Blue Whales managed to beat Code Lyoko and they proceeded to the Grand Finals of the qualifier. The Croatian-Bosnian trio couldn’t hold their ground versus Good Game Red, and they let the Serbian side grab another 100 points in the road to the A1 Adria League playoffs.

A1 Adria League S6 - Brawl Stars Standings 4

Clash Royale

The second group stage round started with a duel between Recast Gaming and Totem Esports. Even though Totem Esports won the 2v2 set, Recast Gaming managed to come back and win the following two sets. Crushers went into the match versus KFC in a dominant manner. Winning the 2v2 set brought them a step closer to a victory, but Team KFC weren’t ready to give up yet. The qualified team came back during the KotH games and closed out the game in the 1v1 set.

As the last match for the day, Tribe Academy faced Flayn Esports. Neither team won two consecutive matches before the final set. Both Flayn and Tribe were going back and forth during the 2v2 and KotH sets, but in the end, Tocilovac and Flayn Esports came out as the better team and closed out the second Clash Royale round.

A1 Adria League S6 - Clash Royale Standings 2


There weren’t FIFA qualifiers during the weekend. Instead, we hosted the first playoffs tournament for the best eight players from the previous trio of qualifiers. The playoffs cup started with the SWISS stage. amke2001 passed the SWISS stage with a perfect record, while mickey_rrrox couldn’t get a single win before being eliminated.

brstimir kept his great form and secured the first A1 Adria League Finals spot. The Serbian player has had a great form during the previous weeks and he definitely deserved one of the four spots in the LAN finals.


We completed the list of teams that will be competing in the sixth A1 Adria League season yesterday. The closed qualifier saw the eight best teams from the last weekend battle it out for a chance to be a part of the €11.000 worth League. eSportsKosova and Good Game secured two of the three spots after their semifinal matches against GamerS1337 and MiKS, respectively.

The third-place decider match played between MiKS and GamerS1337 saw the Kosovar team outplay Filip “DEPRESHNN” Jarkić and GamerS1337 and enter the League as the last qualified team. All the matches in the SWISS stage of the A1 Adria League will be played as BO3 matches, with the winners advancing to a single-elimination BO3 playoff event.

Stevan Mačkić, FIFA: “It is a huge honor for me to be a part of this project”

With the beginning of the first round of qualifiers, the FIFA fans following our League had the chance to hear Stevan Mačkić be a part of the casting duo along with PvtMole. Inviting Stevan to be a part of our League was one of the things that the big majority of viewers wanted to see in the sixth season, so we listened to our community and made it happen. Stevan gladly accepted the offer and he will be a regular during the sixth season of A1 Adria League. Stevan is a famous name in the regional FIFA scene, but for those that haven’t heard of him, we decided to contact him and ask him a couple of questions about his past, present, and expectations for A1 Adria League.

Hey Stevan, thanks for taking the time to do this interview. First, could you introduce yourself to those that don’t know you?

Greetings to all the competitive FIFA fans in the region. My name is Stevan Mačkić, 25 years old, from Belgrade, Serbia. I am the inaugural Belgrade Games.CON 2016 FIFA champion. In 2018, I became the first FIFA team manager in this part of Europe when Red Star Belgrade Esports appointed me in that position. The 2018/19 season was huge for the competitive scene because the club signed the best ranked PS4 Serbian player Miloš Majdevac and the Slovenian Jean Ternik along with two other Xbox players and streamers. We went on to win all the major domestic LAN events, competed in the FIFA Global Series qualifiers, and became the first esports organization in the Balkans to secure a slot in the qualifications for the FIFA eClub World Cup 2019. After one year in charge, I decided to part ways with the organization and dedicated myself to FIFA casting and analysis. The biggest honor for me was when the official site of FIFA wrote an article about my career:

When did you start playing FIFA and how did begin with your casting career?

Back in 2001, having a PlayStation was a luxury for me so I basically spent a lot of time in the gaming houses. Even though PES was a huge hit in Serbia at that time, I was fortunate enough to discover several other football games such as UEFA Champions League Season 2001/2002, Football Kingdom, and of course, FIFA. The first title that I played was FIFA International Soccer on the Sega Mega Drive but the first game in the series that I actually bought for the PC was FIFA Football 2002 featuring Thierry Henry on the cover, and I never looked back since.

As soon as I started playing I was hooked, so the next objective was to find a proper competition. In that period the biggest tournament was the World Cyber Games national qualifiers held at the Belgrade Fair complex, but unfortunately I was too young to travel so the only thing I could do is watch and learn from the pros such as Predrag Đuričić, Aleksandar Sofronić, Goran Rebić, Nemanja Đurkić and Igor Kesar. In 2016. I managed to defeat Goran and Igor at the inaugural Belgrade Games.CON and become the champion at the same spot that I used to watch these guys as a kid, which was crazy for me.

Shortly after the victory, I was contacted by Partizan esports representative to become a pro-FIFA player, but I insisted that I needed a much better result than just one LAN event victory so we agreed that the best thing for me is to become a manager and caster, someone who will promote FIFA as an esport. The first commentary that I did was in April 2017, when I shot the pilot episode for eSuperLeague in the studio of the Arena Sport television.

Which tournaments have you cast so far? Which one was your favorite?

As manager of Red Star Belgrade esports, just a few months after I signed the contract, our best ranked FUT player Miloš „brstimir“ Majdevac participated in the Man City esports North America qualifier #1. I decided to make that tournament a series named „Road to Manchester“ for the club’s YouTube channel. The series consisted of 8 matches against pro players from North America such as Portland Timbers „X_Thiago_Silva_O“ and „BosnianMonster11“, pro player of Columbus Crew SC. The culmination of the tournament was the match against Remi Martinn, who is now playing for Los Angeles FC.

After Red Star, I casted several FIFA Balkan Community tournaments, with the most notable ones being the final of the FBC Cup 2020 between Miloš Majdevac and Esad Memić, and also the FBC Invitational 2020.

Did you watch the previous season of A1 Adria League? What have been some players that surprised you and what did you think of the organization behind the tournament?

I am a huge fan of the FIFA Global Series and the competitive scene in general so I tend to watch a lot of FIFA. The fifth season of A1 Adria is the closest thing similar to the Global Series and that is the direction that the regional community wants to evolve moving forward. After casting the FBC Invitational, I knew that the League would deliver some shocking results and new faces will emerge on the scene. Going into the competition obviously the favorites at the start were brstimir and FIFAFICO, and the first qualifier confirmed that, but as the League progressed, you could see that the key to success is consistency. If you look at the top 8 of the A1 Adria standings in the fifth season, you can see that the winner of the first qualifier hasn’t reached the playoffs which is a huge upset. The one player that showed the best form during the qualifiers is Robert Peršaj, but for me that is no surprise because I had the opportunity to watch him play and I knew that his form at that time was phenomenal.

What are your expectations going into the sixth season of the League? Are we going to see some new players rise up, or do you think someone from the old guard will take the throne again?

Week in and week out players need to deliver their best performances if they want to reach the finals in Zagreb. Of course, the whole situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic is a huge factor and I hope that things will get better with time so that the players can travel, but in any case, we will be ready to show the audience the best FIFA that the Balkan can offer in this moment. The season will be long and unique in many ways because we have FIFA 21 coming up, and also the release of the new generation of consoles.

Several players have a point to prove this season. Esad Memić will be looking to defend his title, Miloš Majdevac wants to dethrone him and show the community that he still is the best in this region, but the newcomers such as amke2001, Hara, arminho0307, Jasikfifa, HarisBL and Cano 19 11 will be looking to interfere and make a name for themselves.

Are you excited to be casting with PvtMole? What do you think of him as a caster? Anything else you would like to add?

It is very difficult to commentate competitive FIFA, especially Ultimate Team, because of the unique gameplay and the speed of the action on the field. I think that we will bring excitement to the fans but also add some interesting facts and things related to the global professional scene that you haven’t heard in the previous tournaments. I have a lot in store for the audience in terms of analysis, player interviews, and statistics. It is a huge honor for me to be a part of this project. I would like to thank the A1 Adria League and the whole admin team for this opportunity.

Sign up and compete in the FIFA and CS:GO qualifiers!

The first A1 Adria League day started with the Brawl Stars qualifiers. Clash Royale, unfortunately, got postponed because of problems that happened inside the game. We wouldn’t like the team that deserves the win the most to be eliminated because of a factor that they can’t influence. Until next week, it is time for FIFA and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to shine.


This season of FIFA will feature nine qualifiers. The first three qualifiers will see the best players face off in first playoffs for a spot in the LAN finals. The same cycle will repeat in the second trio of qualifiers, and at the end, two FIFA21 players from the last three qualifiers will secure their places in the offline playoffs.

The qualifiers will once again feature a single-elimination format and they will be played on PS4. Our regional FIFA players have been asking to see Stevan Mačkić as a caster in our League. We contacted Stevan and he will now be duo-casting together with PvtMole.

FIFA20 Qualifier #1 – LINK – 08.08.2020

Make sure to read the rules, join the qualifier, and fight for a spot in the finals!


Six qualified teams will join the two invited teams in the BO3 SWISS League. After each pair of qualifiers, the best eight teams will meet in a closed qualifier which will offer two spots in the main stage of the League. With both of the closed qualifiers coming to an end, we will have six new teams in the sixth season of A1 Adria League.

Blink and lvlUP received the invites to the League as they were the best two teams from the fifth A1 Adria League season. Familiar names and teams like Shock Bomb, GODZ1337, and Krsko have already signed up for the first qualifier.
We are expecting an incredible season filled with the best Adriatic Counter-Strike and we are looking forward to seeing the best of the best on LAN.

CS:GO Qualifier #1 – LINK – 08.08.2020

Who will win this season of A1 Adria League and bring home the lion’s share of the €11.000 prize pool?