Check out what happened in the third A1AL qualifiers week!

The third week since the beginning of the 12th A1 Adria League season is already behind us. Many interesting matches were played, and excitement wasn’t absent. We even crowned the first champion in this A1AL season in League of Legends. Read on to learn more about FIFA23, FIFA Mobile, CS: GO, and LoL tournament results.

Shaq wins the second FIFA Mobile qualifiers

Unlike the first qualifier in FIFA Mobile, our new A1 Adria League tournament, the second didn’t see many surprises and upsets. At the top of the leaderboard are currently Kayozz, the winner of the first qualifier, and Shaq. These two players bested their opponents on their side of the bracket and made it to the finals. There, Shaq managed to snatch a victory from Kayozz and claim 120 points.

This puts him in the second place, while Kayozz remains the first with 200 points. He obtained 80 points in second place in the second FIFA Mobile qualifier. Ivand and Nerko are sharing the third spot with 90 points overall.

There is still time to earn more points and secure the group stage by signing up for the third qualifier set on September 22nd. You can do it HERE!

Third FIFA23 qualifier without a winner!

In the third FIFA23 qualifier, Teo “Sibirski_Plavac” Radman was the one who reached the finals and won 100 points. However, we found out another player was playing on his account and climbing in his place. Harun “Hara” Parla, a known FIFA player in the region, was boosting Teo, leading to both players being disqualified from the league.

Since these two players are now out of the league, the leaderboard in FIFA23 looks a bit different. Novo and Marac are still at the top with 140 points each. Haris, who made it to the finals in the third qualifier, has 90 points, followed by Esad Memic and Brstimir with 80 and 70 points, respectively.

The last FIFA23 qualifier will be played on September 23rd. Sign up for it HERE!

Underdogs Salamander and Megnatos made it to CS: GO group stage!

Out of 36 teams, only two could secure the group stage in the last CS: GO qualifier. Those teams were Salamander and Megnatos, who bested some familiar CS: GO players in the region and wider. They are the last two teams to make it to the group stage and join 4 qualified and 2 invited ones.

GhoulsW made another appearance but couldn’t get past ZGOINGON in the quarter-finals with HOLMES-, aidKiT, and choiv7 in their roster. However, this team didn’t make it far from there. They lost in the next round to Megnatos. Some of the names worth mentioning that also couldn’t secure groups are cerber-, deb0, v1w, and vAloN9, who we know from Kosovo organization X, and gejmzilla, who returned to A1 Adria League after a couple of seasons. Unfortunately, he will have to wait for the next one.

DZANGLERI are the new LoL champions!

Out of 16 teams, DZANGLERI made it to the end and won the first mini-tournament of the 12th A1 Adria League season, League of Legends. Another title goes into the hands of DZANGLERI, who also came on top in the ninth A1AL season. Panj also took another trophy home after showing up in many A1AL seasons.

The champions defeated VoidEsport in the finals 2:0 and rightfully claimed the throne and the 750 euros prize.

Close to winning were HARMONY and Stara Garda, previous champions in the A1 Adria League in this tournament. Both teams made it to the semifinals but weren’t successful. They battled against one another in the match for third place, where Stara Garda celebrated with a 1:0 score.

More new games and mini-tournaments are coming, so make sure to check our social media accounts and follow us for the latest news!

Second A1AL Qualifiers week brought many exciting matches!

Players from FIFA23 and CS: GO have already finished their second A1AL qualifiers and are now closer to securing the group stage, while some already did. On the other hand, last weekend, FIFA Mobile saw its debut. The first qualifiers welcomed as many as 130 players, and the best was Kayozz, who took 120 points and first place.

Upsets in the first FIFA Mobile qualifiers

There were many upsets and surprises in the first-ever FIFA Mobile qualifiers in the 12th A1 Adria League season. Two Gaming Weekend finalists from the “Balkan Top H2H” organization didn’t make it past the second round. The winner of Gaming Weekend, Andrija06, lost in the first round, while Shaq, the second finalist from this event, only made it to the second round.

Another upset was the elimination of the second-best FIFA Mobile player worldwide, Suhopolja12, who also lost in the first round of the qualifiers.

Those players who made upsets and eliminated the favorites were Kayozz from the Bosnian organization “BHSMC Balkan,” who defeated Medinjo, Maglica, Nemanja, HajdukKryptoa, Benjamin and, in the best-of-five duel, bested Bojan is Back.

The second-best qualifier was Macedonian player IvanD from the organization “Ujedinjeni,” who defeated Shaq, Bule, Havertz, and Nerko in the semifinals. He went home with 80 points.

Nothing is over yet, as we have three more FIFA Mobile qualifiers in A1AL. Sign up for the second one, taking place on September 15th by clicking HERE!

Novo is back; CLA_marac90 still on top

The second A1AL FIFA23 qualifiers saw the return of the king! After failing the first one and losing in the first round, our five-time champion is back to defend the crown. Novo defeated many familiar names and won the most points and first place in these qualifiers. With 100 points, he is now second on the scoreboard, while CLA_marac90 kept his first place by obtaining 40 points.

The battle for the most points happened between two old rivals, Novo and Esad. Esad1memic didn’t manage to defeat Novo and received 70 points, while Tarik, in two games, won with an overall score of 8:3.

Sign up for the third FIFA23 qualifiers HERE!

Only two spots in the CS: GO group stage left

Two more teams have secured the SWISS group stage in the CS: GO competition of A1AL. Besides MBAPPEEK, Partizan, Jake Bube, and current champions Zero Tenacity, teams The Suspect and RUR Esports found their way into the top eight.

Many familiar CS: GO teams signed up for this qualifier and competed against the best in the region. The Suspect roster, who previously played under Blink, didn’t lose a single map. Gulito and his team once again secured the group stage and are ready for the battle for the crown.

On the other side of the bracket, another familiar name made it to the finals of the qualifier, RUR Esports. They defeated ghoulsW with 2:0, another familiar regional CS: GO team.

Two more places are left. It’s time to see which two teams will claim it next weekend. Sign up for the third and last qualifier scheduled for September 17th HERE!

Sign up for the first FIFA23 qualifier and compete with the best!

After Gruby broke Novo’s winning streak in the 10th A1 Adria League FIFA competition, Tarik Novo returned stronger last season and took back what was his. He is now the most crowned FIFA player in the A1AL with five trophies. I’m sure we will see him again with the start of the new FIFA23 season, but will we see a rival strong enough to take him down?

If you think you can claim the throne and compete with the best of the best, sign up for the first qualifier and start gathering points. Only those with the most points will get the chance to compete in the league.

Sign up for the first FIFA23 qualifier!

Unlike CS:GO qualifiers, or some other games, FIFA23 has its own qualifier format. Namely, you should compete in all four qualifiers if you want to secure your spot in the group stages of the competition. You can’t win only one and qualify, like CS:GO teams do. In FIFA23, each qualifier brings 100 points to the winner, 70 points to the second place, and so on. The highest chance of advancing has the players with the most points. In some cases, it happened that a player could qualify with only one win from qualifiers, but it’s better not to leave anything to chance as the competition is fierce every season. Sign up for the first one on the link below.

First FIFA23 Qualifier – September 2nd

After four Qualifiers Cups, the best eight FIFA players will advance to the SWISS group stage. At some point in the group stage, the competition will move from FIFA23 to FIFA24, so there is no time to lower your guard. Keep practicing, and the grand finale will be yours!

From eight players in the group stage, we will eliminate four, while the remaining four will advance further in the competition. The finals will decide who is the best. As you qualify for the finals, you are guaranteed to take money home. The prize pool for FIFA23 this season is 2,300 euros, where the champion receives 1,250, the second place 600, the third place 300, and the fourth earns 150 euros.


Novo: I believe that the finals will be very tense and uncertain!

FIFA23 finals in the 11th season of the A1 Adria League are just around the corner. This weekend gamers will be able to enjoy a lot of fun activities at Zagrebacki velesajam during the Reboot Gaming Weekend. A part of this event is the A1AL FIFA23 finals. In the finals for the title will fight Tarik Novo and Esad Memic. As a favorite, we asked Novo what are his expectations.

The finals of FIFA23 in A1AL are approaching. What are your expectations from this final?

I am very happy to finally attend the LAN Event after so many years of participation in the A1 Adria League. Finally, I will have the opportunity to meet and socialize with people I have only seen through the screen for years. I expect a lot, I believe that the organization will be at a very high level and I am looking forward to coming to Zagreb!

You lost the match against Esad in the upper bracket finals of the playoff, which would have given you a victory in the upcoming final. What happened, a drop in concentration or something else?

It was very tense and I can say that the little things made the difference, Esad coped much better in this match and I congratulate him once again on the match he played.

How was the decisive match against Fico in the final of the lower bracket? It was not an easy 2:0.

The match wasn’t easy, although it might not be so by the result, but I still managed to dominate the field and secure my way to Zagreb.

Despite Esad’s advantage, you are still the favorite to win the title. Considering that you have already done it four times in the past. Does that put a certain pressure on you, and do people have higher expectations for you to perform at the highest level in the finals because of your previous successes?

I would say that we are both favorites, considering that Eso has been present on the FIFA scene longer than me and for me he is the best player from Bosnia and Herzegovina. There is always a little pressure, but I think I function well under pressure. It is true that people expect a lot from me and that gives me even more motivation.

You and Esad have been meeting each other for many years in the A1 Adria League and you know each other’s playstyle very well. What do you expect from your opponent in the final? Maybe a change in tactics or a proven game plan?

I expect a very good game from Esad and I am sure that he will do his best. I believe that the final will be very tense and uncertain.

Finally, what do you want to say to Esad?

I wish Esad the best of luck in the final and may the better player win!

Trackmania is in the A1 Adria League for the first time!

The third mini-tournament in the 11th season of the A1 Adria League is here! So far we crowned the champions in Riot’s games, both League of Legends and VALORANT. What’s on the schedule next is a brand new A1 Adria League game. The third reveal is Trackmania, a racing endeavor, where the racers will drive their way to the prize pool of 500€.

Ready your engines and get into the race!

Finally, Trackmania is a part of the regional A1 Adria League, and the date of the final tournament is getting closer. The tournament will use the latest available version of Trackmania published by Ubisoft Nadeo. It’s mandatory to have a paid version of the game (Standard or Club). The best racers will have a chance to show the region their skill, become the best, and get their share of the prize pool worth 500€. The first place will get 300, the runner-up 150, while the third-placed racer will take home 50 euros.

1. SPRING 2023 – 21
2. WINTER 2023 – 17
3. WINTER 2023 – 21
4. SUMMER 2022 – 21
5. SPRING 2021 – 22

Eligible players (standard or club access) can find the A1 Adria League server in the LIVE server list (server name is “A1 Adria League” and password is “FUGWT7”). Setting a time on any track at any time makes the player a part of the competition. In the qualifier, which is held from the 15th of April to the 19th of April, players will be able to compete in a time attack mode on the A1AL campaign consisting of 5 official NADEO tracks. The top 8 Players with the best results on the 19th of April at 18:00h will be qualified for the finals that will happen the next day – 20th of April at 19:00h.

The top 8 players from qualifiers will be randomly separated into 2 groups of 4 players. Both groups will be competing in a CUP MODE format on the same tracks from the qualifiers. The top 2 from each group will be advancing to the finals. The top 4 players will be competing in a CUP mode for the prize money and a first-ever regional champion title.


Jakela takes the 2nd qualifier out of Parla’s hands!

What a night of FIFA23 competition we witnessed last night! Out of 135 players, the best ones earned points, and got closer to reaching the group stage of the 11th season in the A1 Adria League. The matches were never this exciting, and the fans had a blast. In the grand final, for one hundred points, Parla and Jasik went head to head in a best-of-three series. The latter came out as a winner overall gathering 110 points in two FIFA qualifiers.

Parla and Jasik leading the scoreboard

After winning the first qualifier and earning 100 points, Hara once again made it to the finals in the second qualifier and earned himself so many points, he is basically already in the group stage. After two qualifiers Harun “Hara” Parla has 170 points. The second-best player so far is Đorđe “Jakela” Cumbo with 110 points, who showed a magnificent performance on Friday, April 15th.

Jasik streamed his road to finals on his own channel, and even though his road wasn’t an easy one, he managed to defeat big names such as Esad1memic and reach the finals. There he celebrated with a 2:1 win against Parla. The finals didn’t lack any drama in a single moment of that match, and Jasik won his first qualifier title with a goal in 90. minute in the deciding match.

Esad1memic and Nemanja Misic were leading the battle for the third spot and 50 points. Even though Esad lost against Jasik, he took an easy and routine win against this opponent, ending the match with a 2:0 score. He is now in the top eight, having 50 points, alongside Nemanja Misic, who in two qualifiers also managed to gather the same amount of points. He successfully won points in both qualifiers, sending a message to his opponents, that it is not a good thing to have him on their side of the bracket.

The third qualifier will be played on April, 21st when the battle will continue. Sign up for it HERE!

Wintermint is the new VALORANT champion in A1AL!

Many familiar names showed up in this year’s VALORANT competition in the 11th season of the A1 Adria League. Wintermint won the second mini-tournament with a dominant performance and took home a part of the 1000€ prize pool.

Wintermint wins against caLLLamity in the finals

Out of 10 registered teams that competed in the VALORANT mini-tournament, the best who came on top and defeated the competition was Wintermint, with Wanhed as the most sounding name. Even though the finals were really exciting, the biggest surprise came early in the bracket. Namely, the team that was the biggest favorite to win this tournament, Extreme Esports failed to make it further than the first round. They were defeated by caLLLamity with a 13:11 score, who then went on to reach the grand finals.

In the top four, we saw all familiar teams and names such as caLLLamity, Wintermint, LINK, and Purpure. And as we know, caLLLamity won their opponents, while our new champions were better than Purpure.

In the finals, which was in the form of best-of-three series, Wintermint showed supremacy and won the game with a 2:0 score, becoming the new VALORANT champions. kequeq, and bmblbe in caLLLamity were on the verge of winning the competition once again. As we remember they were also playing together last season when they won the VALORANT tournament with Grandmas Gambit. However this year, Wintermint stood in their way and with a dominant performance took home the title.

The first game was played on Ascent where Wintermint basically ran over their opponents with a 13:6, which was unexpected. The second map was Lotus, and there the battle was much closer, but in the end, the result was the same – Wintermint winning. The score on the second map was 13:11.

Harmony finally wins the trophy in the A1 Adria League!

On Thursday, April 6th, the first mini-tournament in the 11th season of the A1 Adria League was played. Through this one day, we have seen more than 20 teams compete for the top prize and a trophy in League of Legends. The battle was fierce and we saw some great and exciting games. In the end, the team who climbed all the way to the top and became the champion was Harmony.

Harmony dominated the tournament

After many brilliant performances from Harmony in A1 Adria League, the prize for this team has finally arrived. Harmony is a well-known name in A1AL, and we have seen them compete in the previous two seasons as well. The title was always near, but Harmony couldn’t get it. Twice they reached the grand finals, and twice they were on the verge of winning the whole thing. This year it finally happened, and it was deservedly.

Needless to say, the North Macedonian team was a force to be reckoned with in this tournament. Their first two matches didn’t even last 30 minutes, and their opponents kept surrendering even before losing an inhibitor! Up until the finals Harmony was stomping their opponents in the Bo1 match. In the grand finals, they took on team Elitni Odredi, but they weren’t a problem either, as Harmony became a champion with a 2:0 score.

As a winner Harmony received a 600€ prize, while the runner-up took home 300€. We also had a battle for third place and a 100€ prize between Panda Claus’ Party and SPIRITUAL ZERO – REFORMED, where the latter got the win.

The first mini-tournament is successfully over, but there is no reason to fret, as we have more of these coming soon. The next up is the VALORANT tournament, which will be played next week, April 13th. For Riot’s FPS game, you can sign up HERE!


A1 Adria League Season 11: Bigger, Better, and Bolder Than Ever

Get ready for an electrifying new chapter in the world of esports, as we proudly announce Season 11 of the A1 Adria League! This season is set to be the most ambitious and exhilarating yet, featuring three main games—CS:GO, Rainbow Six Siege, and FIFA 23—alongside six additional titles with shorter formats, which will be revealed at a later date.

Season 11 is shaping up to be a monumental milestone in the history of the A1 Adria League, boasting the largest prize pool to date, and offering intense competition for both established and aspiring esports athletes. Each of the three main games will follow an action-packed format, consisting of open qualifiers, a group stage, and playoffs, providing ample opportunities for players to showcase their skills and battle for supremacy.

Mark your calendars, as the open qualifiers kick off in April, setting the stage for a thrilling esports showdown. The competition heats up in May, with the group stage unfolding, where the best teams will face off in a bid to secure their place in the highly anticipated finals. Finally, in June, the playoffs will take center stage, culminating in a breathtaking finale that will crown the ultimate champions of the A1 Adria League.

This season promises to be a true celebration of esports excellence, as we continue to foster a vibrant and inclusive community for gamers across the Adria region. So, whether you’re a seasoned professional or an aspiring rookie, seize the opportunity to make your mark on the esports world and etch your name in the annals of A1 Adria League history.

Stay tuned for further updates on the additional six games and other exciting announcements, as we gear up for a truly unforgettable Season 11. With passion, skill, and determination, you too can be a part of this incredible journey. Are you ready to embrace the challenge and rise to the occasion? The A1 Adria League awaits!


Grandmas Gambit are the second VALORANT champions in A1AL!

VALORANT championship made its first appearance in the A1 Adria League in the ninth season. Then we crowned team Balkan Stars. A couple of months later here we are at the end of the second championship in Riot’s popular FPS and we already have a new champion. Team Grandmas Gambit took home the title after an amazing run throughout the competition.

Best regional players in Grandmas Gambit

Unlike last season, the VALORANT championship in the tenth A1 Adria League season was played for one whole day. There were a lot of good teams, but in the end, the team that was dominating the competition was Grandmas Gambit. They defeated everyone in their path without losing a single map which was impressive.

In the second round, the team that was eliminated first was Tokita. They were defeated with a 2:0 score since it was Bo3. After them, the champions swept away the team Why No Eco. In the finals, they were against CWE_WHITE which was the most successful on the other side of the bracket. They also didn’t have a loss before they came into the final match against Grandmas Gambit.

In the finals, the whole amount of two maps were played since that is all it took for Gambit to become champions. The final match-up started with CWE_WHITE banning Haven, while Gambit didn’t want to play on Breeze. The first map was picked by CWE and they chose Bind, while Gambit wanted to play on Ascent. Evidently, they won on both maps, securing the championship with a swift win.

Grandmas Gambit was the biggest favorite for winning the title. Many familiar names in the VALORANT pro scene are a part of that team such as qpert, elllement, tatzuki, kequeq, and bmblbe. Elllement and qpert are not just famous in the region but in Europe as well. Elllement used to play for Excel, while qpert signed for Cloud9 just a few days ago. However, the best man in the finals was bmblbe with the best KDA score. He got 32 kills in each game. Except qpert, the whole roster in Grandmas Gambit is looking for a team, so check out their performance!