Novo: A1 Adria League is a place where I started my FIFA career

Once again the FIFA champion in A1 Adria League is Tarik “Novo” Novo. He defeated Marko “Mrky2402” Matančić in the finals after five intense matches and took his fourth consecutive title. We talked with Tarik about his title, his expectations, and his impressions, as well as his plans for the future.

First, congratulations on yet another A1 Adria League title. This is your fourth title in a row. What does it feel like to be at the top of the FIFA regional scene for two years now?

Thanks a lot. The feeling is the same as it was in the past seasons. It’s great and I am very proud of this fourth great success.

For the last couple of years, the same players have made the playoffs in A1AL. In which way do you improve and adapt your game in order to win, seeing that you, Brstimir, and Esad know each other well?

I have played many times with Brstimir, and with Esad even more. Because of that, I am familiar with their characteristic moves, but they are familiar with mine as well. It is really hard to play against them and every time I do my best to adapt my gameplay before meeting them.

Mrky made it to the finals in his first A1AL season, and you played all five matches. What is your opinion on your opponent’s gameplay and was it hard to play against him?

All I have to say about Mrky is that he is a great player, and I once again want to congratulate him. He didn’t make it to the top 4 for no reason. Playing against Mrky was very challenging, I think this FIFA suits him well.

You started the group stage with a 0:2 score and secured the playoff spot in the last round of the group stage. Did you make some changes in the playoff, and how do you explain your performance in the group stage, and in the playoffs? 

In the group stage, I didn’t have the team I wanted to play with, and I think that’s the main reason for the bad performance. Namely, I have made the team for the playoffs, and it paid off.

Did you expect to win this title, and will you compete in the 10th season in A1 Adria League as well?

I can’t say that I expected the title, but I was definitely looking forward to it and I gave my best to lift the trophy. A1 Adria League is a place where I started my FIFA career and it is very important to me. Because of that, I will sign up again because it’s a competition where I feel the most comfortable in.

What are your plans right now?

After plenty of competitions I played in the past few months, my plans for the summer are to rest and slowly start preparing for autumn and new tournaments, and hopefully new accomplishments.

DzonDzon: We are going to Salzburg to lift the trophy!

Salada de Frutas successfully defended the Brawl Stars title in the ninth A1 Adria League season. Without any trouble, they managed to reach the finals, defeat DOGS, and take their second consecutive title. We talked with the captain of the team DzonDzon about the season, Clash of Leagues, their plans, and more.

Congratulations on winning the title. How does it feel to be at the top of the regional Brawl Stars scene?

Firstly I would like to thank everyone for congratulating us. The feeling is great, it isn’t a small thing to be the best team in the region.

You finished the group stage, playoff, and the complete tournament without much trouble. In the playoffs, you didn’t lose a single match. What affected such good performance of the team? 

My personal opinion is that what influenced this performance is mostly knowledge about the draft. At the moment with six bans, if you do a good draft, that’s probably set in your favor.

What is your opinion about this year’s competition? Did someone at any point in the playoff come close to surprising you and would you single out some team as your hardest opponent? 

As I mentioned before, the competition this year was stronger than ever. Each team in the playoff was very good, but as I have said the lack of draft knowledge cost them the win against us. As the hardest opponent, I would single out DOGS. The guys from DOGS really made a noticeable improvement since last year.

You had successfully defended the title this season. Which one was harder to win, the eighth or this, the ninth season of the A1 Adria League, and why?

The eighth season was harder to win that’s for sure. Last season in the finals we were losing with a 1:2 score, our opponents were at match point, but we managed to reverse sweep and win the whole thing. So in my opinion that was the hardest and the most interesting final so far.

You don’t have much time to rest and gather impressions, seeing that the next month Clash of Leagues in Salzburg is starting. Have you already prepared for it?

We are always ready for new tournaments, especially if they involve a LAN event.

Last year you lost in the semifinals and you were really close to winning the tournament. What are your expectations and plans for the upcoming Clash of Leagues?

Yes, last year we weren’t lucky, because the first match that we played in Salzburg was against SK Gaming, and it is a known fact that SK was the best team in the EU, maybe even in the world. This year we are going there to lift the trophy.

Do you intend to be a part of the tenth A1AL season as well and once again try to defend the title? 

Of course, we are planning to sign up for the tenth season, and our plans are to win it again. Firstly though we would like to win Clash of Leagues, and then we are going to focus on the new A1AL season.

BLUEJAYS take the ninth CS:GO title in A1AL!

The biggest competition in the A1 Adria League has finally gotten its champion for this season. Macedonian squad BLUEJAYS justified the role of favorite and took home the title and a 2500€ prize.

aidKiT led his team to success

The playoff stage of CS:GO this season was played for two days during ROGW, semifinals were scheduled for Saturday, while the decider for third place and the grand final we watched on Sunday.

In the first semifinals, our new champion BLUEJAYS took down Zero Tenacity without much trouble. BJ was a big favorite in this matchup, but Z10 gave their best. aidKiT was a leading protagonist on Inferno and Mirage, where BJ got their wins. Z10 managed to take only 14 rounds in two games (Inferno – 16:10, Mirage – 16:4).

The second semifinal matchup was between Blink and 0to100. It was an intense fight between these two teams, and Blink decided not to choose their favorite map Ancient because of an update and the changes on this map, so they had to adapt quickly. BledarD was the best player on the server with as many as 53 kills (Dust2 – 16:8, Inferno – 16:10).

On Sunday, the CS:GO competition opened with a bo1 decider for the third place and a 1000€ prize. depreshn and xicoz were the ones who took 0to100 to victory and secured them third place in this year’s competition. The game on Nuke was really close, but Zero Tenacity just wasn’t lucky.

The final itself was a fast one for BLUEJAYS. Even though Blink was one of the strongest teams this season, there was nothing they could do to this BJ roster. Both maps, Dust2 and Inferno, ended with the same score, 16:7 in favor of the Macedonian squad. The interesting thing is that BJ played this stage of the competition with a substitute. CacaNito couldn’t perform so his place took Necrogenes1s who in the past had already won the title twice in A1 Adria League.

  1. BLUEJAYS – (aidKiT, kyxsan, dan1, CacaNito, stYleEeZ, sub: Necrogenes1s) – 2500€
  2. Team Blink – (gulito, Caleyy, 2high, BledarD, vAloN) – 1500€
  3. 0to100 – (NENO, br0, Sterzig, DEPRESHN, HEv1x,, sub: xicoz) – 1000€
  4. Zero Tenacity – (simke, brutmonster, Cjoffo, nEMANHA, Katalic)


Novo is FIFA champion for the fourth time in a row!

FIFA22 championship this year in A1 Adria League was as intense as ever. In the group stage, it seemed as though the king of FIFA Tarik Novo won’t be able to secure the playoff. But he did it in the last round, and in the playoffs dominated everyone in his path, winning his fourth consecutive title.

Novo – The undisputed A1AL champion

Whoever comes to challenge Novo in A1 Adria League goes home empty-handed. History repeated itself this season, as we have seen Tarik Novo win the title once again. Even though the Bosnian struggled throughout the group stage, he showed impeccable performance in the playoffs.

In the semifinals, Tarik was against the rookie player Mrky, while Esad had to defeat brstimir. The winners of the semifinals were Novo and brstimir who went on to fight in the upper bracket final, while Esad and Mrky fell down to the lower bracket. Novo had no problem defeating the Serbian player, and he did it with a 2:0 score. This led Novo to the grand finals where he waited for his opponent.

In the lower bracket the first match was played between Esad and Mrky, and Mrky was the one to go into the next stage of the competition, or the lower bracket final. Esad “esad1memic” Memić with this defeat was eliminated and finished the competition as fourth. In the lower bracket final the rookie of the season Marko “Mrky” Matančić defeated brstimir and made a big upset, seeing that brstimir was a huge favorite in this matchup. Miloš “brstimir” Majdevac with the loss in the lower bracket final took third place.

The biggest surprise of the season Mrky had now reached the grand final and was about to go head to head with the three-time champion Novo. The matches were Bo5 and it was as intense as ever. Both players gave their best and never wavered. The final went to game 5, and in the end, the Bosnian player was just too good to be defeated. He justified the role of favorite, defended the title once again, and took his fourth in a row in the A1 Adria League.

  1. Tarik “Novo” Novo – 950€
  2. Marko “mrky2402” Matančić – 500€
  3. Miloš “brstimir” Majdevac – 300€

Will Salada de Frutas defend the title?

The final week of the ninth A1 Adria League season is just days away. Many Brawl Stars teams battled for the top 4 spots in the playoff stage but the teams that actually did it are Salada de Frutas, Big F, Jazavci, and DOGS.

Salada coming into the playoff as a favorite

The first team who actually went through the group stage and secured the playoffs is as expected Salada de Frutas. These guys are the defending champions, and it’s not a surprise we are seeing them here once again. Salada didn’t lose a single match in the group stage, and with the perfect 3:0 score advanced further. Their games mostly ended with Salada dominating and a lot is now expected from them.

DzonDzon: This season the playoff is quite strong. The teams have improved a lot since last year. And that means that the playoff phase will be very interesting to watch and play. But our expectations remain the same, our goal is to win the 9th season of the A1 Adria League.”

Two teams that in the same round went through to the playoffs of the ninth season of the A1 Adria League are Big F and Jazavci. Big F had the best performance, right after Salada, and it was expected from them to reach the top 4. Jazavci also showed determination and will to be shortlisted, and as we have seen since the beginning of the tournament, they didn’t weaver. The winner of the first Brawl Stars qualifier secured the third spot in the playoff stage.

Ćiro: “As the captain of the team Jazavci, the expectations of me and my teammates are high and we hope for a better placement. For the competition, I would say that this year it is better than in any of the previous seasons.”

The last and the only team with the 3:2 score to reach the playoff stage is DOGS. They just recently acquired this spot by defeating the team You Lose. Both of these teams had the same chance of making it to the top 4 but in the end, it was DOGS. It remains to be seen if this team has what it takes to make an upset in the final week of the ninth A1AL season.

Everything you need to know about Reboot Online Games Week!

As you already know the end of the ninth season of A1 Adria League will be a part of Reboot Online Games Week in Osijek. We have already revealed some of the segments in this season’s program. Now we are bringing you a full ROGW schedule, so you can follow your favorite games or some other interesting content.

Five days of ROGW

A1 Adria League S9 finals will be spread out to five days at ROGW this season. The event will start on June the 15th, and it ends on the 19th. Brawl Stars, FIFA22, and CS:GO are waiting for their champions. On Wednesday Salada de Frutas will try to defend the Brawl Stars title, FIFA22 semifinals and the grand final will be played on Thursday and Friday where Novo will seek to find his fourth consecutive title, while the weekend will be reserved for the CS:GO competition.

Apart from the finals and semifinals in these games, Reboot Online Games Week is bringing a lot of different and interesting content. As always My Story segment is making its appearance, and we will hear Sacre, Flegma, and dEE tell theirs. Next week also fans will be able to watch streams from some of the regional stars, such as DoubleAim who will play League of Legends, Darrian Alfy who will have a creative racing stream in F1, and Novke as our CS:GO guest streamer.

On the more serious subject, ROGW is bringing some interesting panel discussions where a variety of guests will talk about different problems, pros, and cons in gaming, such as toxicity and cyberbullying, and many more. At that same time, Osijek will be the host of a Pannonian Challenge, the world-famous competition in extreme sports, and a couple of extreme athletes will also be the guests in our panel segment.

The most important part of the Reboot Online Games Week is the humanitarian segment, where the regional gamers will join in and try to gather as much money for a blind boy Luka, who needs a certain device to be able to normally follow classes and develop without many obstacles.

Here is the full Reboot Online Games Week schedule!

Reboot Online Games Week schedule

Let us be humane and help Luka!

Reboot Online Games Week is getting closer, as well as the end of the ninth season in the A1 Adria League. The end of the season will be a part of the ROGW once again. ROGW is offering a lot of interesting segments, and the most important one is for humanitarian purposes.

This season all the gamers in the region and further have joined in to help a boy named Luka receive a device that will help him. Namely, Luka is an eleven-year-old boy who can’t see. Luka needs the said device so he can follow classes without any difficulties. Everyone from A1 Adria League and Reboot Online Games Week is inviting people with goodwill to help this young boy develop and grow without obstacles. And for that, he needs the Basic Braille 40 PLUS. The value of the device is HRK 32,500.00.

Basic Braille is a simple and portable braille string. Its standard version contains 40 characters. The case is made of aluminum, the side parts are made of plastic, and the braille needles are extremely strong. The weight of the device, regardless of the letters, is a little more than 1 kg. It allows the user access to a computer system, but also portable communication devices such as mobile phones. When connected to a mobile phone, it allows the user to read and write SMS messages, and phone numbers, and even use the Internet.

The parents have already opened up a PayPal account where you can donate as much as you can for Luka. There are also other ways where you can donate, which include Internet banking.

When paying the donation, please be sure to state in the payment description “donation for the purchase of a device for the blind”. You can donate by scanning the barcode you can find HERE, as well as all the information about this humanitarian cause, payment slip, or via internet banking to the account number HR7523400091110771681, reference number HR01-2020.

Many interesting panel discussions are back at ROGW!

One of the usual segments at Reboot Online Games Week (ROGW) panel discussions is back yet again. This year in A1 Adria League we have many interesting topics, as well as our guest who will tell us more about toxicity, responsibilities in gaming, extreme sports, and more.

Pougljeni Mrav hosting three panels

The panels for this year are gonna have some very interesting subjects gamers around the world are facing, such as toxicity in gaming, as well as cyberbullying. Our host Baro Barukčić, better known as Pougljeni Mrav is also going to talk about responsibilities in gaming. The panel segment is scheduled for next week, namely on June 15th and 17th.

In the first panel named “Toxicity and cyberbullying” Pougljeni Mrav will welcome Ana Veočić, a social worker who works with abused kids, and the main organizer of Reroot Ivan Škojo. They are going to tell us more about the difference between toxicity online and in real life, meaning in school or work. Another interesting question they will pose is “Do gamers judge the abilities of another player by their gender?”, and many more.

On the 17th the second panel will put more light on the subject “Health in gaming and esports“. His guests this time will be Tomislav Ramljak from the Center for a safer internet, Sonja Iža, who has a magister degree in physiotherapy, and Iva Dorić with the same degree in nutrition. They will focus on the situation that resulted from the COVID which is the bigger usage of computers and how is this affecting the normal way of life.

That same day two extreme athletes Marin Ranteš and Joe Atkinson will discuss about the similarities between extreme sports and esports, as well as if extreme athletes play a lot of video games, and the possibility of esports becoming a part of the Olympics.

Stay tuned and follow our social media for more information on ROGW and the segments you enjoy the most, as we will release more information soon!

Watch Stream UŽIVO in LoL, F1 and CS:GO!

Reboot Online Games Week will once again have a Stream Uživo segment. As you know last season we had two gamers featuring this segment, giGOD, and SupremeNexus. This year besides League of Legends and CS:GO, we will also have an F1 stream.

DoubleAim, Darrian Alfy, and Novke are streaming

First on the menu for our Stream Uživo segment is a well-known League of Legends pro player Aleksa “DoubleAim” Stanković. DoubleAim played for many regional teams, but he is most familiar from his time with Valiance and of course Crvena zvezda. Until recently he was a member of Crvena zvezda Esports, and he made an appearance in European Masters last split with this team. Serbian jungler will stream for two hours on the second ROGW day, and his stream will start just after My Story with Flegma finishes, at 15 o’clock.

The F1 fans are finally gonna enjoy a segment Stream Uživo featuring Darrian Alfy who will stream this game. Darrian Alfy is a well-known racer in F1 virtual leagues, as well as a familiar face in A1 Adria League. Namely, he has been a part of the F1 Adria League for most of the seasons. This year during ROGW F1 fans will be able to enjoy his stream which will last for two whole hours. The stream will contain an interesting and creative format of racing, so make sure not to miss it! (17.06 at 14 o’clock)

The popular Youtuber Novke will be the host of this year’s CS:GO Stream Uživo. The Serbian will be with the fans on Sunday (June 19th) from 13 o’clock and will do his best to entertain the viewers. That won’t be hard seeing how famous he is on Youtube, and how many followers he has. At the moment this number exceeds 100.000 viewers. And on his channel, you can see all the interesting content and clips related to the CS:GO.

DOGS defeated You Lose for the last playoff spot!

Brawl Stars group stage in A1 Adria League is finally finished and we have gotten the fourth team that will compete for the title. In the last round, it was DOGS against You Lose, and DOGS in the end prevailed.

DOGS eliminated You Lose

After the last round where two teams joined Salada de Frutas, we received the last, fourth team that will play in the next stage of the tournament. Salada de Frutas was as expected the first to reach this stage, while Big F and Jazavci followed in the last round of the Brawl Stars competition.

While DOGS defeated their opponent in the last round, You Lose lost and were left to fight for a playoff yet again. DOGS came out victorious against Balkan Kids, while on the other side You Lose was defeated by the side of Jazavci. With these results, DOGS and You Lose were the only two teams left in the group stage who had a chance to reach the playoff.

This is what we witnessed tonight, a fight for the last spot in the playoff stage of the A1 Adria League, and a chance at the title. Before this match, both teams had an overall score of 2:2, and a fair and tough fight was expected before the start. In the end, the exact opposite happened. DOGS were the dominant force and they swiped the floor with their opponents. The whole match lasted only 25 minutes, and DOGS secured the next stage with a 3:0 score. It was clear who was gonna go further in the competition right after the first match, but You Lose didn’t just want to surrender.

DOGS will now join Salada de Frutas, Jazavci and Big F. The Brawl Stars playoff is scheduled for June the 15th. Make sure to follow our social media for more information on the final week of the ninth A1AL season and the end of the tournament at ROGW!

DOGS are in the playoffs