Get ready for a new CS:GO tournament in the A1AL!

A couple of months ago, we crowned the best team in the league and the best CS:GO regional five-person squad, Zero Tenacity. The Serbian team took another trophy in the league, the third one in a row, making them a menace to anyone attempting to take them down from their throne.

Even though it seems like it was yesterday, the CS:GO finale of the 11th A1 Adria League was played in June, and now, in August, we are ready for new adventures. Sign up for CS:GO qualifiers and begin your climb to greatness.

The first qualifier is around the corner!

The new A1 Adria League season always brings something new, and this year isn’t different. The CS:GO competition of the 12th season will have three qualifiers instead of four like it was in the previous years. This doesn’t mean the competition won’t be interesting; it only means we are allowing the best two teams from last season a free pass. Namely, current champions Zero Tenacity and vice champions Jake Bube are the two invited teams who will wait for their opponents in the SWISS group stage.

The first chance for qualifying for the CS:GO group stage is September 3rd. Sign up now by clicking on the link below and secure a spot in the group stage!

First CS:GO Qualifier – September 3rd

If you don’t manage to qualify for the group stage in the first one, you will have two more opportunities, as there are three Qualifiers Cups overall. After the qualifiers, the best eight CS:GO teams will battle it out in the SWISS group stage, where we will have to say goodbye to four of those teams. The other four who proved their worth will advance to the Finals and have a chance to win some of the prize pool of 10,000 euros.

The stakes have never been higher, so don’t miss the chance to take the trophy and a whopping 5,000 euros home.

KATAI and Velez Mostar secured group stage in A1AL

The CS:GO competition officially started yesterday. A little less than 40 teams registered for this qualifier, and we have seen some interesting matches. The teams that were successful and already secured their spot in the group stage in the tenth A1 Adria League season are KATAI and Velez Mostar.

Two more chances remain

Not much has changed this season in the CS:GO competition. Unlike Brawl Stars and FIFA, CS:GO has the overall three qualifier cups. Two teams from each qualifier advance to the next stage of the competition. This week the two teams that came out victorious are KATAI and Velez Mostar. They showed the best performance and can now be at peace until the start of the league.

We have seen some familiar names yesterday during the qualifier such as Cyber Wolves, Jake Bube, KTRL, and many others. Cyber Wolves with their newly signed CS:GO roster managed to reach the 4th round or quarterfinals, before being eliminated by none other than KATAI. Jake Bube is a well-known team that’s being led by Mladen Jurić from Relog Media. This squad is very active lately, and we have had the opportunity to follow them in many tournaments.

KTRL is a Romanian organization that has great potential to make it to the top. Seeing as they acquired many talented players from the region such as Nemanja “sarenii” Šarenac. Sarenii is a familiar name in the region, he played for 4glory with whom he won many tournaments including Esport Adria Prvenstvo and Kuvo OneTap in 2021. An ex Zero Tenacity player Dejan “Katalić” Koprivica is also a member of KTRL, as well as Miloš “dEE” Marčeta. With this roster, we can expect a lot from KTRL.

Since the first qualifier is over, there are only two more chances to enter the league. Who will join KATAI and Velez Mostar we will see in our remaining two qualifiers. The second one is scheduled for next Sunday, September 18th, so don’t waste any time, and sign up HERE!

CS:GO qualifiers are starting on Sunday!

The first of three CS:GO qualifiers for the tenth season of the A1 Adria League will be played on Sunday 11th of September. Start earning points in time so you don’t miss your chance to advance to the group stage.

The first CS:GO qualifier

The CS:GO is the longest-standing title in the A1 Adria League. It’s been a part of the prestigious regional league since its start in 2017. In Season 10 we will have three open qualifiers through which you are able to earn points. The best teams from the qualifiers will advance to the SWISS group stage. The season will end with the playoffs. The format is the same as it was in Season 9 so there should be no surprises. We all remember the dominant performance that secured the BLUEJAYS their title several months ago. Who will be the new CS:GO champions?

You can sign up for the qualifier via the link below:

#1 CS:GO Qualifier – A1AL S10 (11.9.2022.)

If you are looking for all the details regarding CS:GO make sure to check the official game title page. While we are all waiting for the CS:GO to finally start don’t miss the Clash of Leagues in which team BLINK will compete against the best teams from the Bulgarian, Swiss and Austrian leagues.

The second CS:GO qualifier goes to Strive in chaos and bitboxks!

The second CS:GO qualifier is finished. We have seen many familiar teams again, some took their second chance to advance to the group stage of the A1 Adria League seriously, while others failed to qualify again. The best two teams from this qualifier are bitboxks and Strive in chaos who will now join the winner from the last week’s competition team BLINK and XTEAM.

Strive in chaos and bitboxks made the cut

Many great regional teams qualified for the second CS:GO qualifier. Again many familiar names such as Zero Tenacity, Marten Rising, MONAD eSports which we have seen last week as well. They are one of the most familiar and best teams in the region, but they yet again didn’t live up to the expectations and failed to qualify today. However, these teams will have one more chance to enter the A1 Adria League this season.

We have also seen team ghoulsW who were again close to the finish line. They lost in the quarterfinals. The other interesting team in this qualifier was Aftermath NXT, the team of the well-known owner of Relog Media, Mladen Juric. His team did an amazing work today, but they were unsuccessful in the Bo3 semifinals where they lost to Strive in chaos with a 2:0 score.

The teams that qualified for the group stage of the League today Strive in chaos and bitboxks had a great run, going defeatless in the second qualifier. Many players from these two teams are very well-known in the region and our own A1 Adria League. Some like Maki and jkxy even made it to the finals in some of the previous seasons, except they didn’t play in the same team at the time.

Strive in chaos and bitboxks will now join BLINK and XTEAM as well as the two invited teams 4gLory and BLUEJAYS. There are 2 more spots in the group stage of A1AL, so don’t waste any time and sign up for the third and last qualifier HERE. It will be held next week, April 24th.


BLINK and XTEAM first to secure group stage in A1 Adria League!

After a long Sunday, the first qualifier for CS:GO is over. We have seen almost 50 teams competing, but only the best two could advance to the group stage of our A1 Adria League. The first two teams that secured their spot in the regular season in CS:GO are BLINK and XTEAM.

The great return of BLINK

We have been the witnesses of yet another great start of the season in CS:GO. Many familiar faces, and a lot of new talented teams. In the very beginning two, well-known teams were very unlucky to meet each other in the first round. It was Zero Tenacity that was drafted versus BLINK. Zero Tenacity didn’t succeed in defeating their opponents and their journey ended even before it started. BLINK is a familiar team in A1 Adria League, even though they didn’t compete for a few previous seasons, when they did, they always showed great skill. The dominant force in the form of BLINK is back for the ninth season and they made a statement in the first qualifier.

BLINK defeated many teams today, as well as another well-known team in the region Martin Rising. They faced each other in the quarterfinals and BLINK came out victorious. In the Bo3 semifinals, they defeated Seychelles 2:1 and secured a spot in the group stage.

On the other side of the bracket, it was XTEAM that dominated. They had a long way to the finals and beat many familiar teams such as MONAD eSports which are also a very good regional CS:GO team. In the quarterfinals, they took down ghoulsW with the same result as BLINK, 2:1.

Gejmzilla on the side of XTEAM and gulito for BLINK did a great job today leading their teams to the group stage of A1AL.

The second qualifier, where we will see another two teams join the ones who already qualified, is going to be held next Sunday, April 17th. Sign up here if you want to compete with the best regional CS:GO teams and have a chance at the 5000€ prize pool!


The time to become the next CS:GO champion is now!

As the A1 Adria League is returning so is the oldest game in this tournament – CS:GO. The most popular FPS in the world is back with the ninth A1AL season. CS:GO has been our core game since the beginning of the league, and this year we are giving you another chance to start your CS:GO career and climb to the top.

Begin your CS:GO adventure

For the ninth time A1 Adria League is bringing CS:GO into your houses. The time has come to sign up for the qualifiers and test your luck on Inferno, Mirage, Nuke, and others. The qualifiers begin on April 10th when the battle for the best CS:GO regional team commences.

During the years we have seen many players and teams make a name for themselves while playing in A1 Adria League. You all remember Valiance&CO which was the champion in seasons one and two. The team was made out of one of the now best regional CS:GO players who went on and created such great careers. Hunter- and nexa both started their careers in A1AL and now they are playing for some of the most famous teams in the world, competing at the most prestigious CS:GO tournaments there are.

This year’s prize pool for CS:GO is 5,000€ while the best Adriatic team will be awarded 2,500€.

Unlike Brawl Stars and FIFA22, CS:GO will have three Qualifier cups where the top 2 teams from each qualifier will advance to the next stage making it 6 teams in total. Best teams from qualifications will be joined by the two invited teams. They will battle in SWISS group stage for 4 slots in the finals. In the finals, we will have the opportunity to see the best 4 regional CS:GO teams compete for the title in the single-elimination bracket. The matches are Bo1, apart from the decider matches which are going to be Bo3.

If you want to become the next hunter-, sign up now and start your journey to greatness! The links for qualifiers can be found down below.

  • A1 Adria League Season 9 – CSGO – Qualifier 1
  • A1 Adria League Season 9 – CSGO – Qualifier 2
  • A1 Adria League Season 9 – CSGO – Qualifier 3

All the information about the upcoming games you can find on our social media, so make sure to follow us. All social media links can be found below.