iNation and 4glory triumph in the first CS:GO playday!

In the SWISS stage debut for this season, iNation outplayed SKUAK, while 4glory defeated the second squad of their organization, Young Glorians.

Seeing as CS:GO ended its qualifying phase first, it was only natural for Valve’s FPS to enter the SWISS stage before our other titles. A long season is ahead of us. Every match in the SWISS stage will be played as a BO3 and only the very best will advance to the playoffs. Today, two of the four Round 1 matches were played out. iNation made their debut in the League in the first match of the eighth season. Their opponents were SKUAK, the only Albanian squad currently competing in the A1 Adria League. We watched two close maps and in the end, the Serbian powerhouse came out as the winners of this duel. Both Ancient and Dust2 ended after more than 25 rounds, and iNation deservedly earned their first point of the season.

4glory and Young Glorians started off on Nuke. While everyone expected 4glory to have an easy time against their juniors, Young Glorians had an amazing showing on the map. The match went to overtime, but in the end, 4glory’s experience reigned supreme and Miloš “dEE” Marčeta and his team closed off the first map with a victory. Inferno’s first half, however, was a whole other story. 4glory absolutely dominated their opponents in the first round, but later on, Young Glorians took the lead. Once again, the entire map was a nail-biter, once again, we reached overtime, and once again, 4glory defeated Young Glorians.



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