Clash of Leagues

Omerta split the prey in Clash of Leagues: Super Week!

Two rounds of the Clash of Leagues came to an end in only one day filled with action-packed Brawl Stars action.

Each team played two matches today. BIG once again proved their worth with two 2-0 victories. Their victims were Crystal Gaming Red and FreeWin. Crystal Gaming Red were better than KMRGMR, and the latter lost their second match as well. This time, their opponent was our regional squad, Omerta. While they said that KMRGMR were going to be the tougher opponents, Omerta actually achieved a better result versus this team.

Omerta were placed against Bulgarian Pros in their other match. This time, they weren’t so successful and the Bulgarian side beat them without losing a set. A loss and a win for Omerta now puts the team in 5th place on the Clash of Leagues leaderboard. In order to advance to the playoffs, Omerta have a difficult task ahead of them. To place among the best three teams, Omerta would have to win every match until the end of the group stage.


You can watch this Clash of Leagues playday that included two rounds below:

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