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brstimir, FIFA: “When I was losing 0-3 I wanted to forfeit the match”


Miloš “brstimir” Majdevac is the first FIFA player to secure a spot in the LAN finals. He showed a great form throughout the entire season and earned his place fair and square. After an exhausting final against amke2001 in our first playoffs tournament, the Serbian player kindly accepted our invitation to do an interview.

After winning the first two qualifiers, your luck ran out in the third one. Did you slow down a bit, knowing you’ve already secured a spot in the playoffs?

I always give my maximum in every match at any competition. I won the first two qualifiers and got a spot in the playoffs, but luck wasn’t on my side and I failed to reach the final for the third time in a row by ending up in third place.

An intense final match between you and amke2001 made everyone bite their nails. What went through your head when you were losing 0-3 before you made a comeback?

When I was losing 0-3 I paused the game and the only thing that came to my mind was to forfeit the match and leave. However, I decided to stay and try something new with my tactics, which helped me in the end, and I managed to turn the odds in my favor.

Your form is picking up in this season of A1 Adria League as opposed to the last season, which can be seen by your current standing. How much off-season preparations contributed to where you are now?

I think that me being in Greece had a big impact on the way I played in season five. Mostly because my Internet connection wasn’t the best.

You’re the first player who secured a spot at the upcoming LAN event. What will you do now before it starts?

First, I want to take a break from this FIFA season and then turn my focus on university until the next FIFA season starts.

Did any of your rival players surprise you, whether negatively or positively?

I don’t want to mention anyone in particular, everybody played great in season 5 and did the same in this season. They established themselves as serious competitors.

Who do you predict will join you in the LAN finals?

I think that esad1memic or amke2001 will win the next playoffs because, in my opinion, those two have more quality than anyone else.

Considering that everybody is affected by the coronavirus pandemic, are you happy with the organization of a competition?

Given the limited options, the organization is really well managed and I hope that pandemic won’t stop us to come to the LAN event in Zagreb.

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