A1 Adria League S6 - Clash Royale

BCBG Esports continue their win streak

Clash Royale headed into its third group stage round. After the first two rounds, Flayn eSports and BCBG Esports (ex Recast Gaming) were comfortably sitting at the top with two wins each. The third Clash Royale week brought us a clash of the titans, a one-sided match, and one in which the win was gifted.

The first match of the day was between Team KFC and Totem Esports. The game showed us how superior Totem was against KFC. Totem won 2v2 without breaking a sweat and in KotH only SharkG could give a little bit of hope to his team, but that wasn’t enough. Totem went home with a full prize and got their first win in the group stage.

Flayn eSports and BCBG Esports gave us quite a spectacle. The match was intense and even in some parts, but BCBG edged out Flayn in the 2v2 set. In KotH, BCBG took a two-point lead at the start and it seemed like the match was going to be over pretty quickly. However, Flayn’s Beast had something to say and he managed to make some good plays, which got him and his team back on their feet. In the end, it wasn’t enough because Neki Lik secured a win for BCBG Esports – their third in a row.

Crushers Esports and Tribe Academy were scheduled to play in a third match of the day. They never got to play because Crushers were disqualified and Tribe was given a free win.

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