BCBG Esports continue their win streak

Clash Royale headed into its third group stage round. After the first two rounds, Flayn eSports and BCBG Esports (ex Recast Gaming) were comfortably sitting at the top with two wins each. The third Clash Royale week brought us a clash of the titans, a one-sided match, and one in which the win was gifted.

The first match of the day was between Team KFC and Totem Esports. The game showed us how superior Totem was against KFC. Totem won 2v2 without breaking a sweat and in KotH only SharkG could give a little bit of hope to his team, but that wasn’t enough. Totem went home with a full prize and got their first win in the group stage.

Flayn eSports and BCBG Esports gave us quite a spectacle. The match was intense and even in some parts, but BCBG edged out Flayn in the 2v2 set. In KotH, BCBG took a two-point lead at the start and it seemed like the match was going to be over pretty quickly. However, Flayn’s Beast had something to say and he managed to make some good plays, which got him and his team back on their feet. In the end, it wasn’t enough because Neki Lik secured a win for BCBG Esports – their third in a row.

Crushers Esports and Tribe Academy were scheduled to play in a third match of the day. They never got to play because Crushers were disqualified and Tribe was given a free win.

Don’t miss the only Clash Royale qualifier!

Yesterday, we marked the beginning of the new A1 Adria League season with the first of thirteen Brawl Stars qualifiers. Today, we are turning to our other mobile title, Clash Royale.

Clash Royale has been with us since the very beginnings of the A1 Adria League. Each and every season, the players show us just how talented this region is when it comes to Clash Royale and we are extremely happy that we are able to give the players a stepping stone in their careers with our League.

Crusher Esports stunned us in the last season’s playoffs. With teams like Emperiial that had a phenomenal Group Stage and talented squads like Totem Esports, Crusher really turned a lot of heads when they dominated Emperiial 3-0 in the Grand Finals of the League. 

Just like in the last season, five teams and one qualified side will face each other in a round-robin Group Stage. This time, it is actually a double round-robin format, so the team will have the chance to play against each other twice in their roads to the playoffs. The modes remain the same, which means that we will once again see high quality 1v1, 2v2 and KOTH matches every playday.

You still have time to sign up for the only Clash Royale qualifier by clicking here. The qualifier will be held on the FACEIT platform, and we encourage the players to read through the Clash Royale rules to ensure a smooth qualifier that will see the absolute best team win.

Crusher Esports crush the competition in the Clash Royale playoffs!

With Alpha Elite winning the Brawl Stars League, it was time to turn to our other mobile title, Clash Royale, and end yet another, fifth, season with an incredible playoffs night.

Our commentator, PvtMole, had the chance to watch the Crusher Esports vs LA Gaming game first. LA Gaming started the game strong with a 2-0 victory in the first 1v1 set. Crusher struck back and won both the 2v2 and KOTH modes, while Tocilovac and LA Gaming once again prevailed in the second 1v1 mode. In the end, ConeKorleone wasn’t able to outplay Bruno Blaze and LA Gaming were eliminated from the tournament.

Crusher went on and faced Totem Esports in the second match of the Gauntlet format playoffs. The first 1v1 set ended in favor of Crusher, while Totem bounced back during the 2v2 and KOTH sets. As Beast was playing the No Tilt league in the time of his match against Totem, the team had to surrender the last set and give the win to Crusher.

Crushter couldn’t be stopped in the finals. After two hard-fought victories, they still managed to keep their cool, stay focused and beat Emperiial-Flayn in the Grand Finals. After an amazing 4-1 Group Stage, Emperiial lost the finals without winning a single set. It was amazing to see Crusher win three out of the three series they played and win the fifth season of Clash Royale.


A1 Adria League S5 - Clash Royale Final

Are you ready for the Clash Royale playoffs?

With the group stage being done, it’s time to see which teams will compete in the playoffs for a chance to win awesome awards and be crowned champions of the fifth A1 Adria League Clash Royale season.

A1 Adria League S5 - Clash Royale Standings 6

The playoffs will be played in The Gauntlet format. The fourth team from the Group Stage will face the third and the winner of that match will play against the runner-up from the Group Stage. Finally, the better team from that match will be able to play versus the first-placed team in the groups, Emperiial.

Every player may participate in two major sets (2v2 and 1v1) and 1 minor set (KOTH). The playoffs players are allowed to change a player in their roster, but the new player mustn’t have played this Group Stage of the league – thus excluding Underdogs and ERN Mobile’s players.

Make sure to tune in tonight at 8 pm and see the best that the regional Clash Royale scene has to offer. See you at the Arena!

LA Gaming upset Emperiial, Totem best ERN Mobile in the fifth round!

One more Clash Royale group round is behind us, and this time we finally saw Emperiial fall, while Underdogs managed to lose yet another game without winning a single set.

Emperiial faced the outsiders, Underdogs, in their first match of the fifth round. As everyone expected, Underdogs had no chance and lost the match without winning a single game or set. With this loss, Underdogs have no chance of finishing fifth and will finish this season of A1 Adria League at dead-last, as predicted by most of the regional Clash Royale scene.

The round continued with a duel between ERN Mobile and Totem Esports. We saw another 2-0 set victory with Totem Esports having a one-sided win in the 2v2 mode, and barely managing to squeeze past ERN in the KOTH mode. ERN are currently sitting at fifth while Totem are closely behind Emperiial.

We went all the way in the last game between Emperiial and LA Gaming. Emperiial started the match with a clean victory in the 2v2 games. LA Gaming struck back in the second mode and they became the first team to beat Emperiial after an intense win in the final 1v1 mode. Tocilovac outplayed Super and brought the victory to LA Gaming.

A1 Adria League S5 - Clash Royale Standings 5

Emperiial remain undefeated after the fourth Clash Royale round!

Before the start of the fifth Clash Royale round, let’s take a quick look at last week’s results and performances from all the teams.

This playday was a bit shorter than the previous ones and only two matches were played. We had the chance to see Totem Esports take on Crusher Esports in the first game of the night. The 2v2 games were one-sided in favor of Totem Esports who managed to get a set without any problems. The guys from Crusher won one game in the KOTH set, but Totem quickly closed out the set and the whole game with a clean 2-0 victory.

Emperiial who are currently leading the charts in Clash Royale faced ERN Mobile in the fourth round of Clash Royale. After Emperiial beat ERN in the 2v2 set, they were nearly able to win KOTH as well, but ERN denied their comeback in the last game of the KOTH set. In the end, Destroyer was ironically destroyed by Super who took the victory point for his team.

In the next round that is starting tonight, we will see Emperiial-Flayn play against Underdogs and LA Gaming, and ERN Mobile will face Totem Esports between the aforementioned two matches.

A1 Adria League S5 - Clash Royale Standings 5

Emperiial take the lead in the third Clash Royale round!

The third round of Clash Royale continued during the last week with most of the favourites securing more points on the leaderboard.

In the first match of the day we saw LA Gaming face the outsiders, Underdogs. Andreii’s Underdogs actually managed to win one match in the 2v2 game, but the set went to LA Gaming. After the 2v2 games, LA Gaming didn’t have much trouble versus Underdogs. They successfully secured the KOTH set and won the whole match.

Things were much more interesting in the duel between Emperiial and Totem Esports. Emperiial had a dominant start and won the 2v2 set with ease. Totem took the KOTH set after being down 1-2 at one point but even that wasn’t enough for them to win the whole match and the team lost the final 1v1 set.

LA Gaming played once again in the last match of the day. Their opponents, Crusher Esports easily bested LA Gaming when talking about 2v2, but LA Gaming managed to sweep KOTH and bring the game to the third and last set. After a tough 1v1 set, Bruno Blaze and Crusher Esports came out victorious and secured the second spot on the Clash Royale leaderboard.

A1 Adria League S5 Clash Royale - Standings 3