This week in A1AL

This week in A1AL: FIFA & Brawl Stars qualifiers continue!

The battle for points gets more and more intense as the number of remaining qualifiers declines. Meanwhile, CS:GO’s team list is completed and the SWISS stage starts this Sunday.

Brawl Stars

After they didn’t earn points in the first qualifier, DzonDzon and Salada de Frutas dominated everyone in Week 2. Three teams are currently fighting for the first spot, which is now occupied by Omert4. They have 120 points, while Lightning Strike and Salada de Frutas have 100 points each. The third qualifier that will be played this Thursday will decide a lot of things. Will one of these teams increase their lead on the leaderboard, or will a new name take the first place. With Mayoi and Winx Club owning 70 points, it is entirely possible to see a major turnaround on the table by the end of our third playday.

Click HERE to sign up for the upcoming qualifier, or HERE to read everything you need to know about this season of Brawl Stars. You can also check the current Brawl Stars standings.


The only individual title for the season, FIFA, completed the second qualifier with a blast. Đorđe “Jasik” Cumbo made a great return to the A1 Adria League stadiums by winning the qualifier over Petar “DrPecho” Šušnjar. The latter is an up-and-coming name on the scene, and after recently qualifying for the FIFA21 Adria Prvenstvo tournament, he is here to make sure he becomes a part of A1 Adria League’s story as well. We have a total of four players with 70 points, while the top two spots are tied between Jasik and Miloš “brstimir” Majdevac, who both have 110 points so far.

Click HERE to sign up for the upcoming qualifier, or HERE to read everything you need to know about this season of FIFA. You can also check the current FIFA standings.


It wasn’t until this Sunday that we got to know the names of all eight CS:GO teams for this season. AIRLYA, Young Glorians and SKUAK Gaming filled our three vacant spots and now we are ready to begin with the SWISS phase of our league. Besides the three aforementioned teams, we will get the chance to watch five more teams compete for the €5.000 prize pool. The invited teams, PORTUGAL and 4glory, will be joined by some familiar names. Namely, Marko “Maki” Mijatović and Marten Gaming, the new iNation squad as well as JESTE will play on our servers in the upcoming months.

We also took the time to talk to one of the qualified players. Jane “aidKiT” Apostoloski from AIRLYA shared a short statement about the recent qualifiers and the team’s expectations for the league:

“We played out the qualifiers pretty good, without many hardships. But, of course, we are always looking to improve in every aspect and to fix our mistakes. We are expecting to finally win first place this season after fighting for it for more than a year. Our biggest rivals for the season will be our frequent opponents 4glory, Marten Gaming, and iNation. We play against them often and I am sure that we know how to counter them now. As I said, we are expecting an intense league with a lot of interesting matches and us ending on the very top.”

Interested in our format, prize pool, and other relevant information about the CS:GO A1 Adria League? THIS is what you are looking for!

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