Watch Stream UŽIVO in LoL, F1 and CS:GO!

Reboot Online Games Week will once again have a Stream Uživo segment. As you know last season we had two gamers featuring this segment, giGOD, and SupremeNexus. This year besides League of Legends and CS:GO, we will also have an F1 stream.

DoubleAim, Darrian Alfy, and Novke are streaming

First on the menu for our Stream Uživo segment is a well-known League of Legends pro player Aleksa “DoubleAim” Stanković. DoubleAim played for many regional teams, but he is most familiar from his time with Valiance and of course Crvena zvezda. Until recently he was a member of Crvena zvezda Esports, and he made an appearance in European Masters last split with this team. Serbian jungler will stream for two hours on the second ROGW day, and his stream will start just after My Story with Flegma finishes, at 15 o’clock.

The F1 fans are finally gonna enjoy a segment Stream Uživo featuring Darrian Alfy who will stream this game. Darrian Alfy is a well-known racer in F1 virtual leagues, as well as a familiar face in A1 Adria League. Namely, he has been a part of the F1 Adria League for most of the seasons. This year during ROGW F1 fans will be able to enjoy his stream which will last for two whole hours. The stream will contain an interesting and creative format of racing, so make sure not to miss it! (17.06 at 14 o’clock)

The popular Youtuber Novke will be the host of this year’s CS:GO Stream Uživo. The Serbian will be with the fans on Sunday (June 19th) from 13 o’clock and will do his best to entertain the viewers. That won’t be hard seeing how famous he is on Youtube, and how many followers he has. At the moment this number exceeds 100.000 viewers. And on his channel, you can see all the interesting content and clips related to the CS:GO.

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