FIFA22 qualifiers

Sign up for the second FIFA22 qualifier!

The 10th season of the A1 Adria League officially started last week. As the Brawl Stars qualifier was delayed, the new season opened with the FIFA22 qualifiers.

Get ready!

The first FIFA qualifier is already finished. The winner of the first one was last year’s champion Tarik “Amke” Novo who secured 100 points.

There is no time to waste. If you want to be the one to take Amke down from his throne as the FIFA champion, sign up for the second qualifier. It’s still not too late to secure a group stage and have a chance to compete with the best regional FIFA22 players. And this season, like the last, we have four qualifiers before the group stage start. If you missed out on the first qualifier or you didn’t manage to achieve any points, don’t worry. There are three more chances to earn points, and if you followed last season of A1AL you know that you don’t have to win the qualifier to get to the group stage. Last season Amke didn’t manage to win a single qualifier, and yet he climbed all the way to the top of the league.

We have already seen many familiar faces in the first qualifier, such as esad1memic, Amke, Encika, Mrky, and many others. If you want to test your skill against them and have a chance at the prize pool sign up HERE! The second FIFA22 qualifier will take place on September 9th, which is a Friday.

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