Ivas: We always do our best in both European and regional tournaments

The last rotating game finished last weekend. The PUBG tournament in A1 Adria League went into the hands of a well-known team Entropiq, as was expected. We talked with one of the members of this team Jurica “ivas” Baronić about his experience in A1AL, PCS 6, and their future plans.

Congratulations on winning the title. What does it feel like to be the first champion of the PUBG tournament in the A1 Adria League?

It’s always a good feeling winning the first place, especially now because we played with a mixed roster and we didn’t even have two first-team members.

What were your expectations before the tournament and what other team played the best in your opinion?

Winning the title was expected, we always give our best to show what we can do whether it’s in the big European or regional tournament. The team that played the best was definitely Mforce.

This season we have seven games instead of four, from which three lasted two weekends, including PUBG. What do you think of this new format in A1AL?

It’s a great thing you did, adding PUBG as one of the titles in the A1 Adria League. Every new tournament is more than welcome.

Recently you won PCS 6 Europe. Did you expect to win that title and what did it feel like to overcome all the European teams and bring home the title?

We believed we have enough quality to make a great success and result. This is one of the biggest achievements for our regional esports scene. Winning the PCS 6 was the result of a two-year tough work, and becoming the champion of Europe against organizations such as FaZe Clan, Team Liquid, NAVI, Heroic, and others is indescribable.

Do you expect to qualify for Global Championship 2022, since you made a large number of points by winning PCS 6?

At the moment we are first with 475 PGC points. If we look at the statistics we have a 97% chance to qualify for PUBG Global Championship 2022. Our focus is to be prepared for every upcoming tournament and be ready for the world championship that will be held at the end of the year.

What are your plans after this tournament?

Our plan is to continue with a series of good results. There may be a new Entropiq bootcamp planning, but for more juicy details make sure to follow our socials!

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