PUBG playoffs

The biggest favorites for winning the PUBG championship are Entropiq and Mfroce!

The last rotating game in the ninth season of the A1 Adria League is PUBG. Last night we have seen 19 teams compete for the highest number of points. Seeing as we had this many teams they all automatically secured their spot in the playoff which will be played next Saturday, or May 28th.

Entropiq and Mforce at the top of the table

Last night we have seen the overall five maps which were played, as well as it will be next week. The biggest favorite before the competition started was of course Entropiq. This team is a well-known PUBG name in the region and in the world. Recently they won the sixth PUBG Continental Series tournament for Europe. And even though in A1 Adria League this team didn’t come with completely the same roster, the core and heart of the team are still there. Entropiq was dominant on the first two maps, which they won.

The third map went into the hands of the team TaTu HuniEs, while the victorious team on the last two maps was Mforce. Up until the last map, Entropiq was in first place on the table with the highest number of points. However, after the fifth map was over they had fallen to second place while Mforce took the lead. Mforce secured the top of the table with 47 kills and 83 points, while Entropiq sits in second place with 43 kills and 68 points. The most valuable player that can be singled out was Entropiq’s CROMAN86 who had an amazing performance throughout all five maps.

Next week we can expect a fierce fight from these teams when the best regional PUBG squad will take home the prize and the prestige title. Some of the other teams who still have a chance for the title and are the favorites are TaTu HuniEs, Sneaky Foxes, and Replay, besides the two mentioned above.

Top 5 PUBG teams after the qualifier:

  1. Mforce (47 kills, 83 points)
  2. Entropiq (43 kills, 68 points)
  3. TaTu HuniEs (39 kills, 56 points)
  4. Sneaky Foxes (25 kills, 47 points)
  5. Replay (26 kills, 45 points)


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