Entropiq is the first PUBG champion in A1AL!

The last rotating game in this season’s A1 Adria League is behind us. PUBG competition was the last out of the league’s four new games we implemented. As expected, the first PUBG tournament winner was no other than Entropiq.

Entropiq dominated the playoffs

Many teams competed yesterday on as many as five maps. As the fans could have seen two games were played on Miramar, and three on Erangel. Entropiq was a big favorite ever since the competition had started, and they justified that role last night in the PUBG playoffs.

The first map went into the hands of Entropiq as expected, while Mforce who was the most formidable opponent next to Entropiq finished the map in the third place. On the first map, the champions secured 17 kills which brought them 27 points. The second map was a peculiar one. We have seen only two kills from Reroot Gaming on the whole map, and those kills were for the win. Namely, two members of Reroot Gaming St1p1 and Velehos were left against ivas from Entropiq and Cro_L1DeRsrb_Ba from Sneaky Foxes. They managed to kill them and take the map for themselves.

The third and fifth maps also belonged to Entropiq, who secured 14 kills in each of them. The fourth map however went into the hand of an underdog team Fouward. In this map, our champions had only 5 kills, which was unusual for them.

In the end, all the wins last night, secured the Entropiq first place and gave them a great lead over the second-placed Mforce, with whom they also fought for the first place last weekend. The overall score for Entropiq in this tournament was 107 kills and 171 points. And after PCS 6 Europe, yet another, smaller tournament, respectively, was secured by this team. They now go home with the first PUBG A1 Adria League title and a 700€ prize. Congratulations!


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