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Ghisou, Harmony: “Winning the title will be our main goal”

The Macedonian squad Harmony was one of the first four teams to qualify for the A1 Adria League. As we are approaching the beginning of the playoffs, we took the time to contact the team’s captain, Ghisou, and talk about the qualifiers and the upcoming season.

First of all, congratulations on qualifying for this A1 Adria League season. Let’s go back to the first qualifier. How did the match against Metamoon go and what were the main mistakes that caused you to lose this deciding match?

Thank you, the match we played against Metamoon in the first qualifier was not the best for us, we made a lot of individual mistakes in the games we lost and maybe our biggest mistake was the draft we had in those games which made us lose the series 2-1.

You managed to qualify in the second qualifier. How did your game improve this time around? How good was the competition? Was the bracket easier than in the first qualifier or was your team in better form?

In the second qualifier we made a lot better drafts and less mistakes both as individuals and as a team which helped us qualify. About the competition and the bracket, I would say that they were around on the same level as the first qualifier.

Do you prefer this season’s format, which has regional qualifiers, or the one that we used in the previous season, with the national qualifying phase? Why?

I can say that this format is probably better since it allows teams from all countries of this region to try their luck to qualify, while on the other hand the format from the last season was strict on how many teams needed to be registered in the national qualifier in order for a team from that country to be able to compete.

You reached the grand finals in Season 7. Can you repeat the success in this season and even win the title? What are your expectations as a team?

Yes, we managed to reach the finals in Season 7, but we don’t see our grind stopping there. We will try to repeat the success from last season and try to improve it in this season by winning the title as that will be our main goal.

The League of Legends qualifying phase is still going on and our next cup will be played on Saturday. SIGN UP and become one of the next two teams to join the 4.000€ worth eighth season.

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