FIFA23 is back for yet another A1 Adria League season!

The start of the new A1 Adria League season, the 11th iteration of this tournament, is just around the corner. We are back with more games, exciting matches, and more fun. As it was years before, FIFA23 is a constant game in our league. This year won’t be any different so all FIFA enjoyers, fans, and players get ready, because you can already sign up for the qualifiers, and start your journey to the throne!

Sign up for the FIFA23 qualifiers now!

Not much has changed in the format for this particular game. Old contestants in A1 Adria League are already familiar with its concepts, but here is how it works for all you new rookie players. Like the previous season, the FIFA23 competition will start off with four open qualifiers, where all the players will be able to gather as many points as they can and manage to go further in the tournament as a higher seed as possible. After the qualifiers, from all the signed-up players only eight will have a chance to continue their road to the big trophy. The competition will be tough, so don’t make many mistakes, and play your best style from the beginning of the tournament!

Eight qualified players will then enter the SWISS group stage, after which the best four will advance. That is when the final competition will take place, as will these best four players battle for the Champion title and the prize pool of 2,300€.

The qualifiers are scheduled to take place on April 7th, 14th, 21st, and 28th, so there is still time to perfect your tactics and game style.

Prepare for the most exciting FIFA23 tournament so far! Last year we got a new king on the throne and he is gonna be a tough one to beat. Can you be the one to defeat the young master of FIFA Gruby? Sign up and find out!


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