A1 Adria League S6 - Clash Royale

BCBG Esports extend their lead

The fourth round of Clash Royale’s group stage came to an end. No surprises happened, all of the favorites respectively won their matches. The race for the top spot continues to be one-sided, while others maintain their eagerness to catch up with the leader.

Crushers Esports and Totem Esports were the first ones to set foot on Clash Royale’s battlefield. After last week’s disqualification, Crushers were left with only two players for the fourth round – Oresti and Anthony_16. Even though they gave everything in their power to try and win it, Totem didn’t let their guard down and won the match.

Next up were BCBG Esports and Tribe Academy. BCBG won 2v2 faster than it was expected. Tribe took the lead in KotH, but then BCBG’s ConeKorleone appeared on the stage and showed everyone how good of a player he is. He managed to win the next three games and secured him and his team their fourth win in a row.

The last match of the day was played between Team KFC and Flayn eSports. Flayn were clear favorites, given the position from which they came into this round. They showed exactly why they are where they are with a clear win in the 2v2 set and later in KotH.

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