A1 Adria League LAN Survival Guide

We’re slowly approaching the LAN finals, boys and girls. After months of competition in 4 different games, last online matches have been played and we’re all set to start looking towards the LAN finals that are being held next week. But we’re sure you have a lot of questions regarding how, where and what is going on, so we compiled this survival guide to help you, well, survive the LAN.


Well, first one up is pretty self-explanatory. All of the A1 Adria League LAN final matches will be held at this year’s edition of Reboot InfoGamer. One of Europe’s largest gaming conventions attracts more than 70,000 visitors every year, and the LAN will be held on a purpose-built stage in a special area inside of the InfoGamer grounds.

Reboot InfoGamer is being held at Zagrebački Velesajam in the New Zagreb area.


The Reboot InfoGamer will be held from 21. to 25. of November. The LAN finals start at friday, with Clash Royale and Hearthstone being played on the first day of competition, followed by CS:GO on Saturday and the big LoL final on Sunday.


The Clash Royale players that are advancing to the LAN finals are SASA, TrueAlpha ,Srbija, and BrunoBlaze, and one of them is bound to go home with both the prize of €·1000 and the bragging rights. We’ll first be watching the two semi finals, after which the winners will advance to the winner bracket final. The losers will compete in their own final, after which we will have the final all set up.

The same format is reserved for Hearthstone, with PeraHS, Lavvek, Djuka93 and Vulee being the top 4 players that will be fighting for the grand prize in the LAN finals. The Hearthstone finals are set to start in the late afternoon, but you’ll be watching live from the beginning, right?


Saturday is reserved for CS:GO, and the LAN finals of the extremely interesting part of the tournament. The first CS:GO semifinal will be played between Valiance&Co. and Locastic, and will start in the morning. The second semifinal, one between GamePub and KlikTech is set to start in the early afternoon and last up until 16:30. The big final match is set to start at 17:15 and is planned to be over a bit after 20:00. The third place decider match will be played off-stream at the same time as the grand final.

Note that we can’t affect the performance of the teams, so there is a possibility that the CS:GO finals end a couple hours earlier. As always, we’ll have all the info live on our social media channels.

Oh, and the winners go home with €10.000.

Sunday is for LoL and the wrap up of the season

The last day of competition will see the same format as CS:GO, but only for our League of Legends LAN finals. The show starts at 10:00 and the first match is scheduled to start soon after. KlikTech and x25 are opening the action in the first match of the day, followed by the second semifinal at 13:45 between Asus Rog Elite and Zagreb 360. The winners will secure the spot in the grand finals, and the losers get to fight for third place, but off stream.

The grand final will start shortly after 17:00 and will mark the official end of the second season of the A1 Adria League. We know it’s been quite a ride, and are itching to provide the best possible experience in the finals for you.

Of course, all of the games will be streamed live, and commentated by our very own commentary teams in each game. There’s also some surprises coming your way, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we?

Intense Hearthstone September

It’s October, my dudes! Aside from spooky memes and preparations for winter, we’re also preparing for the LAN finals of the A1 Adria League! There’s less and less spots available for potential finalists of the online qualifiers, so we must inform you once again – you need to be fast and good to go through to the next stage!

The september qualifiers in Hearthstone culminated in the finals held on 4.10., where the top placed players had one more chance to advance in the next leg of the competition, and thus secure their chances to get to the big stage at the LAN final this November. Still, it was not just fun and games. Well, it kind of was, but still.

After five rounds of open online qualifiers and collecting points, the best three players of September were Salebk, VuleVu and Blankieh, but even though Salebk did manage to win the series and advance in the next leg, the second and third place were taken by Vulee and Kikilator, players that were on places 6 and 7 after four rounds.

Warlock decks have proven to be the number 1 choice, with almost 50% of all decks in the finals being the ‘lock. They were followed by rogue, druid and hunter, and it’s interesting that only 3% of decks were paladin ones. Sorry.

Salebk will now start shuffling his decks for the next leg of the competition, and to the rest of the finalists – better luck next time and don’t forget to sign up for the spooky scary October qualifiers as we have only two more places left!


Monthly FInals Rule Changes

Buckle up, players – we have news to announce. After the first few rounds of games that have been played, we’ve come to realize that a slight rule change is in order, so that everyone that participates in the games has a better and more comfortable experience.

First of all, matches in the lower bracket will be decided by a best of 3 series. This is implemented in order that the players in the upper bracket are not required to wait.
There will also be no roping rule, which means that we will not be punishing players for taking their time.
The next new rule change will be the addition of the “Open Decklists” system, this requires that all of the top 8 players submit their decklists that they intend to play with at least 24h before the tournament starts. This is done so that every player will have insight into what the others are going to be able to choose from, which will stop players from being able to choose other decks in between rounds. One other advantage will be that it won’t matter who goes first on the stream since everyone will know everyone’s decklists.

These updates are based on the feedback we received from the community that has been nothing short of amazing during the League, and we’re tailoring them to make a better experience for everyone.

These rules are made by the administration team, and the streamers are not responsible for them in any way. If you wish to contact us regarding a problem or a complaint of your own, feel free to open up a ticket.

Remember, this week is double points week, which means you’ll get, well, double the points, obviously. The double points week is here so that everyone has the same chances to qualify for the monthly final, even though they have not participated actively in the previous qualifiers of a given month.


To everyone playing Hearthstone we wish the best of  luck and! Looking forward to seeing you all on the stream!

LemyBiB our july monthly hearthstone champion!

Can’t believe it’s been a month since we’ve announced Clash Royale and Hearthstone already, but it most certainly has, and we’re ready to tell you everything that happened in the three weeks of Hearthstone, as well as the monthly final.

As we’ve already announced, the format of the competition was slightly different than the other games in the League, mainly because both Hearthstone and Clash Royale are games that are played in a 1v1 format. That’s why we designed a special competition format to cater to the best players and make everything as fair as possible.

First up, let’s talk a bit more about Hearthstone!

Almost 150 unique Hearthstone players participated in the online qualifiers that were open for any and all Hearthstone players. The players were matched up against each other and played not only for the bragging rights, but for points as well. The best example is that no one single player won the online qualifier twice, and the double points week shook things up a bit, leaving us with the top 8 players that participated in the online finals.

After an entire month of games, these are the 8 players who advanced to the monthly final:

1. 230 CG Lavvek 2. 165 Riste 3. 140 LemyBiB 4. 135 Vulee
5. 115 Dusanbe 6. 110 Grimmjow 7. 95 Salebk 8. 90 OlyRIO

In the end there was Lavvek, LemyBiB and Grimmjow, who had both their fair share of luck and skill to place top 3 in the monthly finals. LemyBiB and Lavvek will advance directly to the online playoff, together with the best 2 players of the upcoming three months.

This leaves us with 6 more spots to be taken for the online playoffs that will be played just before the LAN tournament, and the best 4 players there advance to play Hearthstone in front of a live audience on the Reboot InfoGamer!

Make sure you apply for the first August qualifiers – there’s still a lot of time left for you to earn your place in the LAN finals now !

Good luck to everyone competing in future cups, and follow our socials for every new information regarding the league!

Hearthstone is becoming a part of the Vip Adria League!

You can’t stop progress, and it seems that’s apparent in the Vip Adria League as well. We’re expanding and announcing two more games that will be played in the League, and the first one is Hearthstone! We’ll pit the best regional Hearthstone players against each other in a series of online qualifiers and bring the best ones to the offline final at Reboot InfoGamer this year. The players will compete for a prize pool of more than 3,000 EUR, as well as other rewards on the way to the finals.

Since we’re sure you’d like to know more, here’s some in-depth information about how this will all play out. We’re going to hold online qualifiers every week from July through October, and the best 8 players each week will enter the monthly finals. We’ll determine the best 8 players via a point system that will reward players who play consistently and well. The last week of each month is dubbed the Double Points Week, where you’ll get, well, double the points. For all open qualifiers, check out the ESL Play portal page

The two best-placed players in the monthly finals will advance further, and after all, is said and done, we’ll have 8 players ready to dish it out in the online playoff. Only four players will advance to the offline playoff at Reboot InfoGamer. The road to the final and the structure is best explained in this graphic:

Now that you know what will happen, here are the dates for the July qualifiers:

  1. 14/07  – First qualifier in July – Sign up now!
  2. 21/07 – Second qualifier in July – Sign up now!
  3. 28/07 – Third qualifier in July – Sign up now! 

So, to make it clearer:

  • Starting in July, there will be an online Hearthstone qualifier held every Saturday, available for everyone to enter.
  • Every week, players will gather points that will determine the top 8 players at the end of the month. More victories – more points!
  • Every last week of the month is the “Double Points Week,” where players will be able to get double the points, so make sure not to miss that one.
  • The 8 best-placed players of each month compete in DE Bo5 matches, leaving us with 2 players every month.
  • After 4 months, the 8 best players will play the online playoff where 4 players will remain. The format remains: DE Bo5.
  • The best 4 players will advance to the offline playoff—with their accommodation costs covered—and get the opportunity to play Hearthstone on the big Reboot InfoGamer stage.

This format aims to give the best, most consistent and most deserving players the chance to show their worth in front of everyone on the grandiose stage at Reboot InfoGamer! Make sure you follow us on social media and keep track of all the cups in Hearthstone. Make sure you’re ready for the competition – it’s not going to be easy!

Good luck!