Zero Tenacity and Infernus were successful in the first CS:GO qualifier!

The main game in the 11th season of the A1 Adria League and the tournament with a giant prize pool has started. On Sunday, April 9th more than 40 teams participated and competed for their spot in the group stage of the CS:GO competition. In the first qualifier, the winners were Zero Tenacity, last season’s champions, and Infernus NXT. They secured their spot in the next stage and are now awaiting their opponents.

Zero Tenacity on their way to defend the title

In the middle of November last year we crowned the CS:GO champions for the jubilee 10th season of the A1 Adria League, Zero Tenacity. And yet, they are already slowly making their way into the competition, for a chance at another title. Out of 42 teams, Zero Tenacity, alongside Infernus, was the best team in the qualifier. They swiped their opponents through the bracket and made their way to the decider best-of-three series where they took down Klan Rur. Nemanha and his team achieved wins on Anubis and Overpass. On Anubis their victory was as dominating as it can be, winning this map with only 2 lost rounds (16:2). On Overpass they were a force to be reckoned with as well, but the enemy got slightly more rounds in their pocket. That second map ended with a 16:6 score.

On the other side of the bracket, the best team was Infernus NXT. The team led by NEBO in the decider bo3 match defeated DopaminersGG. The first map was Inferno and it was a really close one, as we saw the match go into overtime, but in the end, Infernus was successful on Inferno with a 28:26 score. The next game was a lot easier and there Infernus won with a 16:5 on Anubis.

There are eight spots overall in the group stage, and two are already filled. More chances are offered in the three remained qualifiers. The second qualifier for CS:GO is scheduled for next week, April 16th. You can sign up for it HERE!

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