VALORANT A1AL season 11

VALORANT is the second mini-tournament that A1AL is hosting!

As we have announced recently the 11th A1 Adria League season is gonna be more exciting and with way more games. So far, we have introduced three standard games that will be played during this season. Apart from that, six more mini-tournaments are coming to A1 Adria League. After League of Legends, which was already revealed, we are here to present you the second mini-tournament in Riot’s other game, VALORANT!

Sign up and become the third-ever VALORANT champion in A1AL

This is the first season where we will have tournaments played for and throughout only one day. There will be fierce competition, and if you want to win the prize and become the new VALORANT champion sign up and get ready to clutch your way to the title. The VALORANT mini-tournament will be held on April 13th so there is still plenty of time to gather your team and prepare for the legendary battle that awaits you.

There will be no qualifiers for this tournament, so all you have to do is sign up and start competing. The bracket will be single elimination so there is no place for mistakes. The matches will be bo1, while the grand finale will be played in a best-of-three format. The prize pool for VALORANT will be 1000 euros, and the winner will get his share of 600, while the second and third place will win 300 and 100 euros, respectively.

To sign up click on the link below!


We just introduced VALORANT in A1 Adria League last year, and during the previous two seasons, we have seen a lot of exciting and tense matches. So far in our league, two champions have been crowned, Balkan Stars and Grandma’s Gambit. Be the third champion in the region in this growing FPS game! Don’t miss out on this epic opportunity to showcase your skills and compete against some of the best gamers in the region!

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