Organizing a tournament – Behind the scenes

New Season of A1 Adria League is near and we are working hard on making it work from season to season. After 6 successful years and 12 seasons in total, with 13th around the corner, you probably wonder how we managed to keep things running smoothly. It takes a lot of hard work, great people, commitment, and a positive environment to start with. Here is what you need to know if you maybe one day want to organize your tournament.

Make your esports tournament

The Esports industry is rising and is already on par with sports competitions regarding marketing, success, viewership, and so on. There’s no doubt that this is the future. So how can you be a part of it? Before you can start creating your own tournament, you need to sit down with your team and talk logistics. It takes a lot of planning to get the show on the road, including the venue, where it will take place, equipment, and staff.

Venue: make sure you find a place big enough to fit your team, the whole equipment, the stage, all the people attending, booths, etc.

Equipment: For a LAN event for your tournament you will need many PCs, consoles, monitors, and other gaming gear.

Staff: Whether it’s on LAN or online you need people who will help you with the tournament. You should have broadcasting talents, admins who record the outcomes of matches, make sure players are following rules, give out penalties when those are broken, technical staff who will make sure the sound and video are in order, officiators, security, etc.

Another important thing is rules and regulations, as well as the type of the tournament, will it be a single or a double elimination, round-robin format, etc? It goes without saying but you need to be familiar with the games you are hosting, what they require from equipment, and know the players and teams. This ensures no hiccups during the planning and the event itself.

Take a look at the video below to see how we did it in season 7.

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