Tin Škrgatić defeats Novo for 100 points in the 3rd FIFA qualifier!

The third FIFA23 qualifier in the A1 Adria League brought us the third different winner of 100 points and the bracket finals. So far Hara and Jakela both won one qualifier each and earned themselves 100 points and basically secured their spot in the group stage. On April 21st Tin “CLA_TH3Prod1gy” Škrgatić did the same.

Tin enters the top 3

Slow and steady we are getting closer to the start of the FIFA23 group stage in the 11th season of the A1 Adria League. Only one qualifier remains and judging by the points, some players are already securing their spots in the league. In the third qualifier, the best player was Tin “CLA_TH3Prod1gy” Škrgatić who defeated some well-known names in the regional A1AL. The first to fall under him was the winner of the first qualifier Harun “Hara” Parla, who was defeated in the second round. After Parla, he easily made his way to the finals where he battled with Tarik Novo, and successfully defeated the four-time champion of the league. With this performance, Tin reached the top three on the scoreboard, and his future in the A1 Adria League this season is looking bright.

On the other side, Tarik Novo also had a successful performance in this qualifier. He scored 70 points, as a runner-up, and now with 90 points overall is also in contention for a place in the group stage. Another name worth mentioning is Esad1memic who in two qualifiers secured third place, gathering 100 points overall (50+50). Hara and Jakela hold the first two places with 170, and 120 points respectively. In the top eight at this moment is the current FIFA champion Gruby. The youngster has 70 points, which he won in the first qualifier. Things are not looking good for last season’s runner-up Brstimir who only has 30 points, and needs to give his best in the last qualifier if he wants to advance further.

The last chance to earn points in FIFA23 qualifiers, players will have on April 28th. Sign up for that qualifier HERE!


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