A1 Adria League S6 - Clash Royale

Are you ready for the Clash Royale playoffs?

With the group stage being done, it’s time to see which teams will compete in the playoffs for a chance to win awesome awards and be crowned champions of the fifth A1 Adria League Clash Royale season.

A1 Adria League S5 - Clash Royale Standings 6

The playoffs will be played in The Gauntlet format. The fourth team from the Group Stage will face the third and the winner of that match will play against the runner-up from the Group Stage. Finally, the better team from that match will be able to play versus the first-placed team in the groups, Emperiial.

Every player may participate in two major sets (2v2 and 1v1) and 1 minor set (KOTH). The playoffs players are allowed to change a player in their roster, but the new player mustn’t have played this Group Stage of the league – thus excluding Underdogs and ERN Mobile’s players.

Make sure to tune in tonight at 8 pm and see the best that the regional Clash Royale scene has to offer. See you at the Arena!

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