Second win for Salada de Frutas and Big F

Salada de Frutas and Big F showed their dominance in the second round of the Brawl Stars group stage. The competition is fierce in this year’s A1 Adria League and it remains to be seen who will make their way to the finals. So far, these two teams are in an excellent position.

Salada de Frutas dominant again

The first match of the second round was played between Big F who showed outstanding performance in qualifiers as in the first round, and Jazavci. Big F from the start showed a dominant playstyle on every map and had better picks overall. They secured their second win of the tournament, and now have a 2:0 score which puts them in a great position. The next game will decide whether they will advance to the playoff or not.

The second match was between two underdog teams 33 Esports and Balkan Kids. They both sought their first win in this tournament. It was Balkan Kids who in the end came out victorious. HakiEzz had an amazing performance and he was one of the most valuable players on the team. They now have a solid 1:1 score.

Salada de Frutas once again showed their dominant side in the third match of the day. They took on DOGS who last week won against their opponent, but in this matchup, they weren’t favorites. Salada, as expected easily won their match last night. Fast matches, burst damage, and excellent picks secured them the second win and a good position for the playoff. Even though DOGS played really well, they couldn’t defeat a team such as Salada de Frutas. They are after all the defending champions.

The fourth match was an automatic win for the team You Lose. Seeing as their opponent Skeleton Army didn’t have one of their players Adry, who couldn’t perform because of private issues, and didn’t have a confirmed sub, they got a loss by default. They are now at a 0:2 overall score, and next week they will play for staying in the league.

Brawl Stars round 2 standings


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