A1 Adria League Season 10 PUBG

PUBG is back on the menu!

PUBG Battlegrounds is back in Season 10! Two playdays, qualifiers and playoffs, and a 1000€ prize pool await the best PUBG players in the region. Here is what you need to know.

A1 Adria League Season 10 PUBG Battlegrounds

Last season Entropiq managed to claim the title in PUBG Battlegrounds. One of the most popular battle royale games is back for another season. The format will stay the same. In the qualifiers, two lobbies of 16 teams will be competing for a spot in the playoffs. Five maps will be played in each lobby. The Top 8 teams from each lobby will qualify for the playoffs and have a chance to win most of the 1000€ prize pool.

Qualifiers and playoffs will be played over the course of two days! You can sign up for the qualifiers until the 16th of October! And below you can find the schedule for both playdays.

SIGN UP FOR THE PUBG Battlgrounds Qualifier HERE

PUBG Qualifiers – 17.10.2022
PUBG Playoffs – 18.10.2022

Streaming is allowed if you follow these simple rules:

**IMPORTANT**  If you will be streaming – the stream delay must be 12 min (the official stream will have a 10 min delay).

Follow these important stream rules:
– No rights of third parties are violated (these include copyrights, trademark rights, etc.)
– No content is shown that is racist, homophobic, defamatory, obscene, libelous, or glorifies violence
– No applicable laws are violated (especially criminal law and youth protection)
– No advertising for the following products or services is actively integrated: nicotine, alcohol, cannabis, and other addictive substances party politics, especially election advertising, pornography gambling, lotteries, casino, poker, sports betting, or comparable item or in-game currency trading outside of first-party platforms or official offerings online key sales, insofar as these do not involve licensed dealers automated pop-ups, upon which the streamer exercises no influence, are principally permitted and are excluded from the criteria for exclusion listed above.

For additional info, you can check the PUBG page.

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