Many interesting panel discussions are back at ROGW!

One of the usual segments at Reboot Online Games Week (ROGW) panel discussions is back yet again. This year in A1 Adria League we have many interesting topics, as well as our guest who will tell us more about toxicity, responsibilities in gaming, extreme sports, and more.

Pougljeni Mrav hosting three panels

The panels for this year are gonna have some very interesting subjects gamers around the world are facing, such as toxicity in gaming, as well as cyberbullying. Our host Baro Barukčić, better known as Pougljeni Mrav is also going to talk about responsibilities in gaming. The panel segment is scheduled for next week, namely on June 15th and 17th.

In the first panel named “Toxicity and cyberbullying” Pougljeni Mrav will welcome Ana Veočić, a social worker who works with abused kids, and the main organizer of Reroot Ivan Škojo. They are going to tell us more about the difference between toxicity online and in real life, meaning in school or work. Another interesting question they will pose is “Do gamers judge the abilities of another player by their gender?”, and many more.

On the 17th the second panel will put more light on the subject “Health in gaming and esports“. His guests this time will be Tomislav Ramljak from the Center for a safer internet, Sonja Iža, who has a magister degree in physiotherapy, and Iva Dorić with the same degree in nutrition. They will focus on the situation that resulted from the COVID which is the bigger usage of computers and how is this affecting the normal way of life.

That same day two extreme athletes Marin Ranteš and Joe Atkinson will discuss about the similarities between extreme sports and esports, as well as if extreme athletes play a lot of video games, and the possibility of esports becoming a part of the Olympics.

Stay tuned and follow our social media for more information on ROGW and the segments you enjoy the most, as we will release more information soon!

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