Clash of Leagues

Omerta set to begin their Clash of Leagues journey!

In the opening matches of Clash of League’s group stage, one of the teams that represent the region, Omerta, will face their first opponents.

After some of Noble Elite’s players were deemed ineligible to play due to not fulfilling the age requirement for the international Brawl Stars tournament, the two NE squads merged their rosters and will play the Clash of Leagues with only one team. Omerta were called in to replace the ineligible Noble Elite roster and they are supposed to start their journey today.

Their first opponents are BIG. The organization which features a majority-German roster is a force to be reckoned with and Omerta will have to show their A-game in order to beat the German powerhouse. Lars, NeeDeeN, and Eqwaak are a scary trio of talented Brawl Stars players that are set to reach the very final stages of the tournament. On the other side, Omerta have impressed everyone in the region in recent months, and with two high-quality teams set to battle it out in the first round of the groups, we are excited to begin this tournament.

Make sure to follow and support Omerta tonight at 6 o’clock:


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