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Mayoi breeze past Lil Surprise; QSKE Gaming disqualified!

The second Brawl Stars SWISS round is now concluded and moving forward, the League will feature one less team for the remainder of the season.

To start off this week of A1 Adria League, Mayoi challenged Lil Surprise and pulled off a convincing win against their Croatian opponents. Mayoi was dominant since the very start of the game and didn’t let Lil Surprise get a single point, winning the match 3:0. This win now puts Mayoi on the top of the table along with Noble Elite BLK ahead of the third round. Lil Surprise, on the other hand, will enter round three with a 1-1 score.

The second match was forfeited by QSKE Gaming, again. They weren’t able to find three of their four players for the match and were forced to give up the match without even playing it. Seeing as this is their second forfeit in a row, QSKE Gaming is now disqualified from this season of the A1 Adria League. While this season is over for the organization, the players – Šaba, Skendo i need you, Golub, and MIKEKING, will not be allowed to participate in the eighth season as well. Furthermore, it seems that the players will not be representing QSKE in the future.

The Mayoi vs. Lil Surprise duel can be watched below:

Check out the round 2 Brawl Stars standings HERE!

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