Let us be humane and help Luka!

Reboot Online Games Week is getting closer, as well as the end of the ninth season in the A1 Adria League. The end of the season will be a part of the ROGW once again. ROGW is offering a lot of interesting segments, and the most important one is for humanitarian purposes.

This season all the gamers in the region and further have joined in to help a boy named Luka receive a device that will help him. Namely, Luka is an eleven-year-old boy who can’t see. Luka needs the said device so he can follow classes without any difficulties. Everyone from A1 Adria League and Reboot Online Games Week is inviting people with goodwill to help this young boy develop and grow without obstacles. And for that, he needs the Basic Braille 40 PLUS. The value of the device is HRK 32,500.00.

Basic Braille is a simple and portable braille string. Its standard version contains 40 characters. The case is made of aluminum, the side parts are made of plastic, and the braille needles are extremely strong. The weight of the device, regardless of the letters, is a little more than 1 kg. It allows the user access to a computer system, but also portable communication devices such as mobile phones. When connected to a mobile phone, it allows the user to read and write SMS messages, and phone numbers, and even use the Internet.

The parents have already opened up a PayPal account where you can donate as much as you can for Luka. There are also other ways where you can donate, which include Internet banking.

When paying the donation, please be sure to state in the payment description “donation for the purchase of a device for the blind”. You can donate by scanning the barcode you can find HERE, as well as all the information about this humanitarian cause, payment slip, or via internet banking to the account number HR7523400091110771681, reference number HR01-2020.

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