One of the most successful A1AL qualifiers in the history of the League is behind us!

You have waited long enough. The new season of A1 Adria League is here. This weekend we have witnessed so many interesting games in the first qualifiers in CS2, EAFC24, and EAFC24 Mobile. These qualifiers, of the 13th season of A1AL, turn out to be the one of the most successful ones yet! And we’ve only just started! Imagine what the league is going to be like. Stay with us until the end!

Four CS2 teams secured the groups

Unlike last seasons where we had three of four qualifiers in CS2, this year there are only two opportunities to secure the group stage and your place among the best. With the first qualifier over, four teams advanced to the next stage and are awaiting their opponents. The winners of the first CS2 qualifiers, out of 42 signed-up teams, are:

  • KubiX
  • Spotify
  • Bagra
  • The Wild ones

As always, we have followed the most interesting matches on stream. We followed Clan RUR, which took its first match to overtime against the main lineup team. They managed to beat them at 16:14, but then they come to Anubis against the playful team Spotify, which won 13:3. After that, we followed the BO3 between Kosovar Kubix and the Cupava Veverica team. The latter picks Anubis and loses 13:9, but after that, they go to Dust 2 (Kibix’s pick) and win 13-11 in a tense map. At Vertigo, a slightly better performance by Kubix, where Cupava Veverica misses a lot of opportunities and again loses, this time with a 13-8.

EAFC24 games amounted to almost 400 players combined

Besides CS2, we’ve had our first A1AL qualifier cups in EAFC24 and its mobile counterpart. While in EAFC24 we had a full bracket of players, all 128, 210 people signed up for the mobile version. The competition has never been this fierce and this is only a preview of what the league will look like this season.

EAFC24 in A1AL wouldn’t be what it is without our veterans such as Novo, our six-time champion, Brstimir, Hara, Jasik, and many others. Some of the familiar names managed to score the first points while the other will have to wait for the next qualifier. Two rivals, Brstimir and Novo got to the semis, where one was defeated, while the other one moved on to the finals. Brstimir lost to Misko who then went on to win the whole thing. While on the other side Novo bested Jocko in the other semi.

Things were also explosive in the EAFC24 mobile qualifier. Out of 210 players, one managed to win the most points and put himself in the best position. Savazver showed his quality and secured 180 points. Fcsveta was the next most successful player of the qualifier with 100 points, while Bojce secured third place and earned 80.

In the mobile version of EAFC24, we also saw some familiar names such as our last season’s champion SHAQ. He, unfortunately, didn’t manage to go far up the ladder in the first qualifier, but he did earn 30 points and put himself on the table. Three more qualifiers are left in both EAFC24 and EAFC24 Mobile after which 16 players from each game will advance to the groups. We are waiting for you. Sign up NOW!

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