The Climber cup

The champions of A1 Adria League S4 ex-Bluejays will be competing for the spot in The Climber Cup

Packed with exciting moments, intense action and a handful of surprises, ESL SEC Season X and A1 Adria League Season 4 came to an end, but no end comes without a new beginning!

The Climber Cup

Taking place on December 3-5, 9 European champions from 9 different ESL National Championships will battle it out for a spot at the Final Four. This second rendition of the Climber Cup will lead its TOP4 finishers to the ESEA MDL Relegations!

Similarly to the previous season, A1 Adria League and ESL SEC will host a joint match where A1’s ex-BLUEJAYS Sports and SEC’s FATE Esports will face off each other for a spot at the Climber Cup.

Our region’s Champions will meet each other this Wednesday, 27/11/2019 at 20:00 CET on a breathtaking Best of Three. Root for your favorite team and show them your support by joining one of our main streams for the “Pre-Climber Cup”, as they will be available in both English and Croatian.

You can follow the live stream in Croatian on all of the A1 Adria League official channels:

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