Sign up for the Croatian qualifiers for Red Bull Flick!

Qualifications for Red Bull Flick 2022 are starting! After two open Qualifier Cups, we will get the best six teams competing at the LAN finals for the grand prize pool of 4650€ and a chance to represent Croatia in Copenhagen.

Croatian qualifications for RBF 2022

Every player from the Republic of Croatia will have two chances to secure their spot at the LAN finals. The first open Qualifiers Cup will be played tomorrow, October 15th which is a Saturday, and the other will be held precisely a week after. The bracket will be single elimination. The best three teams from each qualifier will get a direct pass to the LAN event at Falkensteiner Punta Skala resort on the 29th and 30th of October. Besides their attendance at the LAN finals, the best three teams will share 150 thousand FACEIT points.

#1 Red Bull Flick Croatia Qualifier (15.10.2022.)

#2 Red Bull Flick Croatia Qualifier (22.10.2022.)

This is what the prize pool looks like for each of the Qualifier Cups:

1. place – Red Bull Flick Croatia LAN finals + 75000 FACEIT points
2. place – Red Bull Flick Croatia LAN finals + 50000 FACEIT points
3. place – Red Bull Flick Croatia LAN finals + 25000 FACEIT points

If you are in any case still thinking about whether you should sign up for the event, maybe the video from the last year’s event will help you decide. See how it was in 2021.

The best Flickers will get 4650€

The best teams will play at Falkensteiner Punta Skala resort for the rich prize pool and the title of being called the best. All the travel, food, and accommodation expenses for the players will be covered. The final stages of the Red Bull Flick Croatia 2022 event will be played in the double-elimination bracket. The winners of the qualifiers will move on to the semifinals right away, while the remaining four teams will have to play in the quarter-finals as well. This way the winners will be awarded for their good performance and each match-up will have at least two chances before elimination.

The prize pool for Red Bull Flick Croatia 2022: 

1. place – 15000 HRK (1992€) + attendance in Copenhagen at Red Bull Flick 2022 global finals
2. place – 10000 HRK (1329€)
3. place – 3500 HRK (465€)
4. place – 3500 HRK (465€)
5. place – 1500 HRK (199€)
6. place – 1500 HRK (199€)

No one will leave Zadar empty-handed! However, what you should know is that in Copenhagen additional qualifications will be played in order to compete at the LAN event. The best teams from those additional qualifiers will compete against players from teams like G2 Esports, FURIAHeroicBIGOG, Copenhagen FlamesTeam Spirit, and another one that has yet to be revealed.

Red Bull Flick HUB

There are plenty of reasons to compete in this year’s Red Bull Flick tournaments, as there were in previous years. In order to prepare better join us at Red Bull Flick Croatia FACEIT HUB where you can practice on official maps against other players who are preparing for national qualifications or other events. All the information about this event is always available HERE.

Maki and Šego are Croatia’s 2v2 champions!

In the LAN finals of Red Bull Flick 2021 Croatia, Marko “Maki” Mijatović and Gabrijel “Šego” Šego managed to outplay all three teams and win the main prize.

A LAN after a long time – Red Bull Flick had everything we needed!

The online transition caused by the COVID-19 pandemic made us nearly forget LAN tournaments, so the Red Bull Flick finals were a great change of scenery. Four pairs of players faced each other in Zadar’s Falkensteiner hotel with 35.000kn and many other rewards on the line. Of course, the winners will get the chance to represent Croatia in the regional qualifiers for the main event.

Maki and Šego’s team, TIGROVI, started out strong since the first match. Their victims in the upper bracket semis were ELOLOVILO Youngsters (consisting of Roko “rbfurious” Barišić and Zvonimir “zRose” Roso). After defeating the Youngsters, TIGROVI went on to outplay Filip “DEPRESHN” Jarkić and Ermin “revyy” Kardović (Dva Cilindra). In the lower bracket, Krunoslav “Salted” Katalinić and Luka “brky” Brkanac succeeded in eliminating ELOLOVILO YNG from the tournament.

ELOLOVILO Youngsters

ELOLOVILO Youngsters were the first team to leave the event!

A bit later, the lower bracket finals were played out. CKUKO and Dva Cilindra clashed in a BO5 duel that ended with a victory for Salted in brky, thus eliminating the losing side from Red Bull Flick 2021. The grand finals between TIGROVI and CKUKO were a clean sweep for the former duo. Both Šego and Maki had incredible performances during the whole match and secured the main prize for themselves.

The final Red Bull Flick 2021 Croatia placings are as follows:

1. hr TIGROVI – (Maki and Šego) – 15,000kn + ESHARK and Falkensteiner rewards
2. hr CKUKO – (Salted and brky) – 10,000kn + ESHARK and Falkensteiner rewards
3. hr Dva Cilindra – (DEPRESHN and revyy) – 7,000kn + ESHARK and Falkensteiner rewards
4. hr ELOLOVILO Youngsters – (rbfurious and zRose) – 3,000kn + ESHARK rewards