Novo: A1 Adria League is a place where I started my FIFA career

Once again the FIFA champion in A1 Adria League is Tarik “Novo” Novo. He defeated Marko “Mrky2402” Matančić in the finals after five intense matches and took his fourth consecutive title. We talked with Tarik about his title, his expectations, and his impressions, as well as his plans for the future.

First, congratulations on yet another A1 Adria League title. This is your fourth title in a row. What does it feel like to be at the top of the FIFA regional scene for two years now?

Thanks a lot. The feeling is the same as it was in the past seasons. It’s great and I am very proud of this fourth great success.

For the last couple of years, the same players have made the playoffs in A1AL. In which way do you improve and adapt your game in order to win, seeing that you, Brstimir, and Esad know each other well?

I have played many times with Brstimir, and with Esad even more. Because of that, I am familiar with their characteristic moves, but they are familiar with mine as well. It is really hard to play against them and every time I do my best to adapt my gameplay before meeting them.

Mrky made it to the finals in his first A1AL season, and you played all five matches. What is your opinion on your opponent’s gameplay and was it hard to play against him?

All I have to say about Mrky is that he is a great player, and I once again want to congratulate him. He didn’t make it to the top 4 for no reason. Playing against Mrky was very challenging, I think this FIFA suits him well.

You started the group stage with a 0:2 score and secured the playoff spot in the last round of the group stage. Did you make some changes in the playoff, and how do you explain your performance in the group stage, and in the playoffs? 

In the group stage, I didn’t have the team I wanted to play with, and I think that’s the main reason for the bad performance. Namely, I have made the team for the playoffs, and it paid off.

Did you expect to win this title, and will you compete in the 10th season in A1 Adria League as well?

I can’t say that I expected the title, but I was definitely looking forward to it and I gave my best to lift the trophy. A1 Adria League is a place where I started my FIFA career and it is very important to me. Because of that, I will sign up again because it’s a competition where I feel the most comfortable in.

What are your plans right now?

After plenty of competitions I played in the past few months, my plans for the summer are to rest and slowly start preparing for autumn and new tournaments, and hopefully new accomplishments.

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