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ONYX and PORTUGAL 2:0 their opponents in the first round!

ONYX and PORTUGAL were able to outplay their opponents and secure the first wins in this season’s CS:GO SWISS stage.

The day started with a match between Cobalt Esports and ONYX. The reigning champions picked Train, Cobalt decided to play Dust 2, and Mirage was left as the decider in case the teams tied the first two maps. ONYX, however, had other plans and didn’t let the match go to the third map. Even on Cobalt’s pick, they managed to secure a 16-5 win and go into their own map pick with a big advantage. Train wasn’t much different to Dust2, as Aleksa “Impulse” Stankić & co. ended the map 16-6.

Two new names played the second match on Sunday. The majority-Macedonian mix, PORTUGAL, and their opponents, Fullshock, clashed it out on two interesting maps that saw the former take the win 2-0. PORTUGAL‘s map pick was an amazing match that went to all 30 rounds. In the end, Andrej “Necrogenes1s” Mancheski and his team claimed the win. Map two was everything opposite of Nuke – Mirage was played out in only 19 rounds after the map one winners shocked Fullshock and beat them 16-03 on their own map pick.

You can check out the last two matches in the video below, and if you are interested in the current standings of the League, we have them posted and regularly updated HERE.

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