A1 Gaming Weekend - TEKKEN 7

Crashbanter crushes the A1 Gaming Weekend TEKKEN 7 competition!

After Roksa took the main prize in PES2021, QSKE Gaming’s Crashbanter was the player that outplayed the competition in our second A1 Gaming Weekend, featuring TEKKEN 7.

Our first TEKKEN 7 cup saw over 40 players sign up and battle it out for the grand prize of €200. The double-elimination bracket proved to be a great addition to the tournament as the actual winner of the tournament, Crashbanter, managed to climb back from the lower bracket and defeat his opponent in his second try.

After a couple of rounds of play, four players remained in the upper bracket. Crashbanter couldn’t stand up to Kalash, while Yamato defeated Chipmeister FiGi. Kalash continued his great streak with yet another win against Yamato who was relegated to the lower half of the bracket. Chipmeister FiGi and Crashbanter met in the lower bracket semis and while QSKE’s veteran was fighting for the win, Yamato was waiting for him in the lower bracket finals. Nevertheless, Yamato was powerless versus Crashbanter who calmly secured his place in the Grand Finals.

Kalash and Crashbanter faced each other for the main prize. Crashbanter was able to end Kalash’s winning streak and reset the score before taking one more 3-0 victory and leaving the Grand Finals and the whole tournament as the undisputed A1 Gaming Weekend TEKKEN 7 champion.

These were the top three A1 Gaming Weekend – TEKKEN 7 players:

1. QSKE Crashbanter – €200
2. Kalash – €100
3. RFD Yamato – €50

If you missed this edition of the A1 Gaming Weekend, you can check it out and catch all the great moments below:

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